Great Re-Set Will Consolidate a Global Banker's Dictatorship

December 8, 2020

Great Re-Set Will Consolidate a Global Banker's Dictatorship

A look at Biden's would-be economic team points to an unmistakable intent to impose a "financial regime change", in which central banks—acting on behalf of the largest banks and financial institutions—will usurp the rights of sovereign governments, by taking control of fiscal policy from elected governments. In other words, the swindlers who now control monetary/credit policy—and have created the largest unpayable debt bubbles in history—want to also determine who gets credit. Given the role of BlackRock, which is placing numerous former officials within a Biden administration, and with Janet Yellen as Treasury Secretary, this means credit will go to a new, super, Green financial bubble, while the productive goods sector will be starved of credit.

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