Pattern of Lies, Fraud and Coverup Must Be Investigated

November 26, 2020

Pattern of Lies, Fraud and Coverup Must Be Investigated

The media coverage of the effort to get an honest count of the votes cast in the 2020 election follows a familiar refrain. Whatever President Trump says is dismissed as false and self-serving, an attempt to defend "baseless" allegations. A similar pattern prevailed in the coverage of Russiagate—any allegation against Trump and his associates was given full, uncritical, favorable coverage, but as evidence emerged to disprove the charges, the media stuck to its fabricated narrative. Two events yesterday conform to this pattern, when it comes to the media. Can we expect honest coverage of the evidence of fraud in the election, as presented in Gettysburg, Pa., or of the corruption involved in the case against Michael Flynn, who was pardoned by Trump? Hmm, we're still waiting...

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