The President’s Corona Virus Task Force Says the Cavalry is Coming Due to Donald Trump; Did Pfizer Act to Throw the Election?

November 20, 2020

November 19th, White House Corona Virus Task Force

On Thursday, November 19th, the White House Corona Virus Task Force held a press conference centered on the announcements that both Pfizer and Moderna have produced vaccines against COVID-19 which are 95% effective and which are ready to be shipped in millions of doses as soon as the FDA signs off on their safety. This was done in unprecedented time, all due to President Trump, Operation Warp Speed, and the genius of the scientists who made the medical breakthroughs. The first doses of the vaccines will go to the most vulnerable: the elderly, first responders, and medical personnel.

Multiple commentators asked the obvious question: What if this press conference had occurred before the election since Pfizer already knew its results then? Indeed, President Trump suspected exactly as much as Joe Biden and his health advisors, including the killer of the elderly, Ezekiel Emmanuel, hammered the President with wildly false claims that he had killed 250,000 people, single handedly, day in, day out. Hyping COVID and Trump’s alleged incompetence concerning it was the central Democratic campaign strategy. It was also their central vote fraud strategy as they engineered the mass use of uncheckable and fraud prone mail in voting as a response to the pandemic despite the advice of health experts that there was absolutely no danger in in person voting.