The Strategic Importance of Overturning the Vote Fraud

November 11, 2020

The Strategic Importance of Overturning the Vote Fraud

While Biden's controllers are on a rampage against the investigation underway of the fraud committed on Biden's behalf, President Trump is moving ahead, insisting on a full accounting of the fraud, in defense of the integrity of our election process. At the same time, he is removing some Swamp dwellers, beginning with Defense Secretary Esper. While Biden pledges to bring the U.S. back into the fake science Paris Climate Accord—which Trump pulled us out of—Trump is firing Greenies in key government agencies who are committed to taking down America's energy sector. And take note of who Biden appointed to his COVID Transition team—Obama's health care guru, Ezekiel Emanuel, the author of the "death panel" provisions in Obamacare, who believes in rationing health care for those over 75 years old!

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