Censorship Will Be Permanent Under Biden/Harris; Prevent It By Ending All Classifications Based On “Sources And Methods”

October 30, 2020

The Biden family is a bunch of corrupt grifters who sold the office of Vice-President of the United States to a bunch of foreign oligarchs for millions in personal profit, oligarchs chiefly from China and Ukraine. We will be writing about that in an article to be published in the coming days.

But, that is not controlling dynamic of the story which will be told about this election. The story is about a systemic and thoroughly evil and treasonous effort by our Anglophilic intelligence community and their allies in Silicon Valley, the Democratic Party, and the main stream media, funded by billions from Wall Street and the City of London oligarchs, to install an empty and legally compromised hollow man as President of the United States. That hollow man is the senile and sundowning Joe Biden whose family is now reportedly under investigation for money laundering by the FBI.

The reason someone might vote for this absurd and catastrophic result is pure irrational hatred of Donald Trump, based on the belief that most of what is said about this president in the national media is true. But most everything said about this president has been a completely controlled narrative, a sequenced series of emotionally charged, false, and inflammatory memes based on psychological profiles and targeted to women, minorities, and others. Any contrary views or perspectives on this President have been censored and suppressed.

Suburban women, for example, have been fed a steady diet of completely fake drivel concerning “Donald Trump, the toxic white male” who brutally separated “mothers from their children at the border” and enjoys “dividing the country.” This fake, lying narrative fails to account for the continuous war which has been waged on this President ever since he took office or to account for the fact that he has fought back against the brutal military industrial complex which targeted him. Do they really think that taking on the corrupt and violent men and women in sections of our intelligence community is a job for the milquetoasts among us?

We are experiencing the full spectrum information warfare the intelligence community uses in regime change operations overseas. It is supposed to be illegal here. To stop it now, intelligence community assets in the news media must be exposed to the public; all overseas and U.S. assets deployed in information warfare against Donald Trump must be exposed; all links between the intelligence community and Silicon Valley must be exposed. No more hiding the imposition of fascism because exposing it might reveal “sources and methods.” Classification because “sources and methods” might be revealed has been the means used repeatedly by the intelligence mandarins to conceal completely illegal activities. If this declassification is done, Silicon Valley will be revealed to be hugely subsidized by U.S. government agencies and defense contractors. Their “private” corporate auspices, which allows them to censor speech, will be revealed to be significantly fraudulent.

Not acting on this means letting the Constitution’s free speech and free press provisions be destroyed before your very eyes just as the Fourth Amendment was destroyed in launching the current national security surveillance state in the wake of 9/11. If you allow this and think that this bitter toothpaste will be put back in the tube after the election, you are dangerously naïve. This is how fascism consolidates itself and that is their ideology and their plan.

If you are a classic liberal or progressive Democrat, or an independent, please look at what just happened to Glenn Greenwald, a process which has also happened to Matt Taibbi and others, and before them Seymour Hersh and like-minded honest journalists guilty only of publicly exposing inconvenient facts. In addition, in the last two weeks, many, many, independent platforms on social media hosted by Trump supporters, have been summarily de-platformed and taken off-line in a censorship operation worthy of the former East German intelligence services. It was the activities of these independent social media platforms which allowed Donald Trump to get around mass media censorship in 2016.

Glenn Greenwald resigned yesterday from a publication he founded, The Intercept, because they censored a story he wished to write about the Biden family’s corruption. Greenwald is the man who published Edward Snowden’s revelations about how every American has been targeted for surveillance by the intelligence community and he endured years of abuse from the intelligence community, in the form of John Brennan, James Clapper, Michael Hayden and others, for that public service. Greenwald founded The Intercept to allow for free and open investigations by journalists seeking the truth -- investigations free from intelligence agency and corporate media abuse. Now, his own publication used claptrap from John Brennan, James Clapper, and Michael Hayden to successfully censor its founder. Please read the accounts of this incident here and wake up.

Biden’s government would be a government of the same “experts” who shipped all of our manufacturing and their supply chains overseas (throwing thousands of skilled laborers and production managers on the scrapheap), financialized both our healthcare and education systems, (making life and death decisions based on financial algorithms, rationing medical care, and dumbing everyone down), instigated a flood of opioids into former manufacturing towns and cities, imprisoned thousands of young black men, engaged this country in endless wars on behalf of British imperial goals (killing Americans but also a multitude of other human beings for no good reason), would not know how to run a productive economy if the idea smacked them in the face, and recently killed thousands in the pandemic while blaming Donald Trump for their own incompetence.

Biden, who is both legally and mentally compromised, will exit in short order to be replaced by Kamala Harris a/k/a Barack Obama 2.0. Harris is a ruthless prosecutor and political opportunist who climbed to political prominence by romancing California power broker Willy Brown and by throwing black and Hispanic men and women, charged with minor crimes like drug possession, into prison for long terms. Kamala will defer also to the same “experts,” who will proceed to deindustrialize the remaining physical economic assets of the United States by implementing the Green New Deal and integrating this country into the new globalist empire. She was the favored candidate of the Obamas until her campaign self-destructed. She equals Barack Obama’s destructive prowess, but exceeds him, apparently, in the amount of dope she has smoked. That, at best, is what is behind her reflexive giggling when asked any serious question.

By contrast, Donald Trump has fought to end regime change and other endless wars, make the United States a manufacturing superpower again, is focused on economic programs to actually advance poor communities, is investigating large scale infrastructure projects to power an economic revival, has set the nation on a course to colonize the Moon and go to Mars, and has implemented a crash program for vaccines and therapeutics for the corona virus which will soon allow us to defeat this scourge scientifically. The economic spinoffs from such crash programs are the proven means to reigniting an economy. The mission orientation central to such groundbreaking and frontier programs also is the cultural means to ignite the minds and imaginations of a new generation of young people, reintroducing science into our presently decadent culture. Many of you don’t know this because you have been victimized by an intelligence operation which sees you as so much manipulated fodder in an effort to finally destroy and subvert the United States. Uniting the country means nothing less than fully exposing that operation and jailing its perpetrators.


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