President Trump At Walter Reed For Tests; Treatment; Work

October 2, 2020
President Trump addresses the nation Friday night in a brief video tweet linked below. October 2, 2020
President Trump addresses the nation Friday night in a brief video tweet linked below. October 2, 2020

The President, following his diagnosis of COVID-19, went to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center Friday evening. According to his physicians, this was out of “an abundance of caution.” At Walter Reed he will have a full suite of Presidential offices which have been set up at the facility to allow all Presidents of the United States to keep working while undergoing medical procedures.

According to postings on the White House website, he did sign disaster and emergency declarations and make appointments Friday as well as talking to staff, and Senators about the economy and progress on the stimulus bill which Nancy Pelosi holds hostage in the House of Representatives. Prior to leaving for Walter Reed, the President tweeted a short video of himself, thanking the public for their messages of support. He noted that he thought he was doing very well and the move to Walter Reed was precautionary to “make sure everything works out.”

First Lady Melania Trump, who also has COVID-19, remained at the White House. Both the President and the First Lady were said to be experiencing “mild symptoms,” by White House doctors. The primary symptom cited by the President’s doctor, Dr. Sean Conley, was “fatigue,” a common symptom. The President was also said to have a fever and a slight cough. The President received a dose of Regeneron's polyclonal antibody cocktail, an experimental drug which has shown promise in initial trials in improving symptoms and reducing virus levels in the body.

The people who would assume the Presidency, the Democrats, led by Nancy Pelosi, and their media allies led by such as CNN said, in effect, and repeatedly, that the President deserved it because he had not taken COVID-19 seriously. This sentiment was echoed by the debate snake, Democrat Chris Wallace on Fox. Senator Chris Murphy said that since Trump couldn’t campaign, he would have to rely on his surrogate Vladimir Putin. Zara Rahim, a spokeswoman for both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, tweeted that she hoped the President and First Lady die, a sentiment echoed to such an extent by numerous deranged Democrats that Twitter, for once, recognized a violation of its rules. The New York Times opined that it was really questionable whether Trump should remain on the ballot. All of the Never Trump haters drummed on the President being overweight and old and therefore at maximum risk for death.

Joe Biden used the President’s illness to rally people to wear masks and “take the virus seriously” while attacking the President’s economic program on the grounds that “he,” Joe was a working class hero. Biden of course never mentioned the millions his family made while he was Vice-President by selling influence in Ukraine, China, and other locations, or as the result of his numerous usurious undertakings for Delaware’s credit card companies. The Biden campaign has removed all of its negative ads. This was not done out of benevolence, but out of concern for sparking a backlash.

This deranged demonstration should demonstrate for anyone sitting on the political fence exactly the character of these cretins. President Trump is a warrior. If his supporters actually mobilize their intellect and their passion to rebirth the American Revolution and the spirit of Abraham Lincoln as the President has talked about repeatedly recently, his enemies will forever rue the inhumanity they displayed Friday when the vote is counted from November 3rd forward.


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