The Key Weapon Trump Didn't Use: Biden Will Kill Artemis and your Future

October 1, 2020

Apollo to Artemis The Fight for The Future

Step outside the noise for a second and think about Earth's Next 50 years. NASA has just produced a study which shows that for every dollar invested in Artemis—President Trump's Moon Mars mission—three dollars come back into the economy in terms of new technologies and productive jobs. That does not take into account the triggering of the imaginations of younger people as they look toward a vast new frontier of scientific study. Joe Biden and Barack Obama killed this program and will do it again. Instead, they would base the future on the myth of climate change, producing solar panels and windmills, which cannot produce enough energy to support even present populations. Just look at California, on fire and blacked out, with the homeless filling the streets. This video shows you the vast and optimistic horizon opened by the Artemis program.

Campaign: We Commit to the Moon-Mars Mission



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