Breaking: British Intelligence And The Coup Against Trump; How Much Will Be Revealed?

August 11, 2020
Watch the interview:
Watch the interview:

Updated version posted Aug. 8, 2020, 9:40am EDT. Included more details and minor corrections.

By Barbara Boyd

Sunday, August 9th, a man by the name of Steven Schrage came forward in an appearance on Maria Bartiromo’s widely watched Sunday Morning Futures, and in two features on Matt Taibbi’s Blog (1 / 2). He shined a bright light on four British spies central to the coup d’etat against President Donald Trump: Sir Richard Dearlove, Sir Christopher Andrew, Christopher Steele, and Stefan Halper, a/k/a the Walrus.

Halper, a longtime FBI, CIA, and MI6 asset, was Schrage’s thesis advisor at Cambridge and Schrage was engaged by Halper in his spy activities against Trump and his associates, particularly targeting Michael Flynn, George Papadopoulos, and Carter Page. Schrage has been cooperating with prosecutor John Durham in Durham’s investigation of illegal spying on Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and transition. Schrage told Maria Bartiromo that there were a lot of Republicans involved in the Russiagate smear campaign against Trump, in addition to the Democrats and the Clinton Campaign, which have been the focus to date.

Based on years of study of the methods of the British Empire, under the tutelage of Lyndon LaRouche, this website has insisted since early 2017, that the reasons for the coup must be sought in the personages and strategy of the modern global British Empire, with its capitals on Wall Street and the City of London. We have published extensively about the roles of the Cambridge Four, so-named by Schrage, in the coup against Donald Trump.

The British House of Lords themselves confessed the reasons for the coup in their December 2018 report entitled “British Foreign Policy in a Shifting World Order.” In that report, the Lords inveighed against any Trump second term as an existential threat to them, and targeted Russia, China, India, and the United States for destabilization and strife and wars with each other. These divide and conquer techniques have been the strategy of Empire for centuries. These four economies are exactly those named by Lyndon LaRouche as having the economic potential, under a New Bretton Woods monetary stabilization and development credit program, to overcome the collapse of the post-1971 globalist imperial arrangement which we are now experiencing.

Schrage has worked at senior levels in the State Department, the Center for Security and International Studies in Washington, D.C. (known to insiders as the British Foreign Office abroad), the U.S. Senate, and on the political campaigns of George W. Bush, Mitt Romney, and Scott Brown. His résumé is aptly characterized by Taibbi as appropriate for “Team America: World Police.” Due to his secretarial and other duties for Halper, he has been a target of the House Intelligence Committee under Devin Nunes since Stefan Halper’s spy operations against Trump were first revealed back in May 2018. Despite numerous requests, Schrage never came forward. Nunes discusses this in a Fox TV interview.

On the one hand, Schrage portrays the four British Trump coup plotters as of extraordinary significance. He goes so far as to compare them to the infamous Cambridge Five circle led by Kim Philby and Guy Burgess which thoroughly penetrated the U.S. and British Secret Services on behalf of the Soviet Union from the 1930s until the early 1950s. This coheres with our conclusion: This spy ring penetrated our vapid and corrupted intelligence community on behalf of British interests and created, with the assistance of the Obama Administration and Democratic Party, our present state of near civil war.

But at the same time, Schrage claims that the Cambridge Four are very clumsy and dumb spy masters, who waged a coup in the United States while being completely outside the current trans-Atlantic loop of top-secret intelligence. In the Schrage and Taibbi account, the Four operated with all of the tradecraft and elegance of a Three Stooges episode. A subhead in Schrage’s account is, “A Conspiracy of Dunces.”

This portrayal, largely damage control, is not accurate regarding the evil which lurks here. Richard Dearlove headed MI6 and from that post provided the key faked intelligence which led to the disastrous Iraq War. Dearlove was and is Christopher Steele’s mentor in the long-running “Russia! Russia! Russia!” campaign in Britain which escalated in 2012, became frantic with the 2014 coup in Ukraine, and was imported, whole, into the U.S. for the 2016 presidential election. Steele headed MI6’s Russia desk for years. Christopher Andrew is MI6’s official historian, a man who knows many, many, horrible things. In the imperial spook world, doing evil gets you plaudits. It is a realm populated with sociopaths. Getting noticed doing evil gets you more plaudits and is particularly critical for career advancement. The earlier Cambridge Five, to cite an example of the breed, accomplished their espionage while living, for the most part, in an alcoholic and drug-induced stupor.

Halper, an intimate of the other three through the Cambridge Intelligence Seminar and other associations, spied on Trump volunteers Carter Page, George Papadopoulos, and, according to Schrage, Michael Flynn, for the FBI, MI6 and other agencies. He was paid almost a half-million dollars for this work through the Defense Department’s Office of Net Assessments despite, according to Schrage, a previous arrest for crack cocaine and a mercurial disposition which resulted in the FBI recommending his termination as an informant. His handler, FBI Agent Stephen Somma, saved Halper’s “job,” according to Schrage. Somma, it is claimed by multiple sources, has been referred for disciplinary action by DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz, for his actions concerning the Carter Page FISA warrant.

So, the strange ambiguity which permeates Schrage’s account is typical of someone trying to cast the best light on his own involvement in something very, very dirty. He claims that it was total happenstance that Carter Page ever arrived at the Cambridge University conference about the security implications of U.S. presidential campaigns where Page first met Halper. Schrage organized that conference in July 2016. Schrage says he sought to recruit members of Trump’s team to provide balance to an all-star cast led on the Democratic side by Madeleine Albright. Page, he says, a volunteer member of Trump’s hastily constructed foreign policy team, was the only person he managed to scrape up, for balance, at the very last minute.

But, wait a second. A conference on the security implications of U.S. presidential campaigns in July 2016 given what we now know about the entire spygate campaign against Trump? Happenstance?

According to Schrage, on July 12, the last day of the conference, Sir Richard Dearlove swept in to aggressively attack Trump as a security threat right in front of Page. Halper, who had expressed no interest in Page previous to Dearlove’s attack, began his courtship of the Trump Campaign volunteer right then and there. Page, of course, was the target of the falsified FBI/DOJ FISA warrants which allowed widespread spying on the Trump Campaign. Where did Sir Richard sweep in from? Nothing less than the annual Sun Valley conference of the Silicon Valley and media elite sponsored by the venerable, secretive, and highly intelligence-connected Allen & Company investment bank. Out of the loop? Hardly.

Otherwise, Schrage claims some personal responsibility for the targeting of Michael Flynn by the British. It was Schrage who told Halper that Flynn was the only intelligence pro trusted by Trump and that going after Flynn would effectively “behead” the incoming Administration. He recounts a conversation with Halper, which he recorded, in which Halper predicted, prior to the January events which would lead to Flynn’s ouster and prosecution, that Flynn was not going to be around very long as the result of setups by his enemies and Flynn’s tendency to get angry about such things. Where did this profile come from since Halper had never met Flynn?

Margot Cleveland, writing at The Federalist, underscores the significance of this by comparing what Schrage says about Halper’s initial encounters with Carter Page and with what the DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz says Halper told the FBI about this encounter. Here is Horowitz: “Halper told the agents in mid-July 2016, Carter Page attended a three-day conference, during which Page had approached [halper] and asked [halper] to be a foreign policy advisor for the Trump campaign. Given Halper’s connection to Page, the FBI tasked him to spy on Page as well as Papadopoulos, leading to Halper recording multiple conversations with the Trump advisor.” Cleveland notes, “If Schrage’s version is accurate, Halper purposefully connected to Page and then sold that connection to the FBI to spy on him. Also, under the scenario Schrage presents, Halper did so at Dearlove’s behest. But why? What was Dearlove’s interest?”

Cleveland then hones in on another bombshell: What Schrage reports about Halper and David Ignatius of the Washington Post. Ignatius, it will be recalled, publicized conversations between Michael Flynn and Russian Ambassador Kisylak based on a leak to him of the classified intercepts. Flynn’s lawyer, Sidney Powell, has urged that this leak and the Ignatius article provided the pretext for the FBI to set up the interview of Flynn at the White House, on his second day in office. This carefully constructed perjury trap followed a Jan. 5 strategy meeting in the Oval Office with President Obama, Joe Biden, James Comey, Sally Yates, and Susan Rice.

Whoever leaked the transcripts to Ignatius is guilty of a federal felony. According to Schrage, Stefan Halper is a long-time source of Ignatius. Ignatius’s colleague at the Washington Post, Robert Costa, was a student of Halper’s.

Schrage recounts how Halper, Dearlove, and Christopher Andrew all conspired, provably, to smear Michael Flynn by claiming, completely falsely, that he had an affair with a Russian historian, Svetlana Lokhova, who they claimed was a Russian agent. Lokhova was a student mentored by Christopher Andrew. She is currently attempting to sue Halper for defamation in Virginia.

Flynn also had been invited to a conference at Cambridge involving the Cambridge Four, this one in 2014, at which he was introduced to Lokhova by Christopher Andrew. The two talked briefly about Russian intelligence history. The Cambridge Four then circulated their bogus claims about a Flynn/Lokhova affair repeatedly from 2014-2016. According to what Svetlana Lokhova reported to Margot Cleveland, Christopher Andrew is also a major source for David Ignatius. As Cleveland observes, when looking for the intelligence service behind all of this, it is now most appropriate to ask, which intelligence service?

Hopefully, Schrage’s recent revelations mean that John Durham is over the right British target.


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