The Necessary Countercoup In Full Strategic Dimension

June 25, 2020
President Donald J. Trump is escorted by Col. Stephen Snelson, Commander of the 89th Airlift Wing, as he walks from Marine One at Joint Base Andrews, Md., Saturday, June 20, 2020, to Air Force One to begin his trip to Tulsa, Okla. (Official WH Photo)
President Donald J. Trump is escorted by Col. Stephen Snelson, Commander of the 89th Airlift Wing, as he walks from Marine One at Joint Base Andrews, Md., Saturday, June 20, 2020, to Air Force One to begin his trip to Tulsa, Okla. (Official WH Photo)

The entire world now confronts the collapse of the financial and political system put into place in 1989 following the demise of the Soviet Union. That old order has disintegrated, and can never be restored. The question is whether a new, just, economically advanced and peaceful world, will be born now, this one founded on the assumption that every human participates in the divine and has been endowed with creative powers, as Lyndon LaRouche so often said, for doing good, for ensuring that the next generation enjoys a more prosperous and economic future than the one which preceded it. Here is where we stood, as of yesterday, June 24th.

• The trans-Atlantic financial system, centered in the City of London and Wall Street, continued to crater as both the Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank now have over $7 trillion dollars/euros onto their books, most of it in the past few months. This is a frantic effort to paper over the nearly $2 quadrillion derivative bubble and the rapidly collapsing corporate bond and mortgage markets. This situation, of course, can only be resolved by an agreement between the the Four Powers, Russia, China, India, and the United States, to reorganize the world’s financial system, bankrupting the City of London and Wall Street, and issuing credit for the massive international development projects outlined in LaRouche PAC’s program to create 1.4 billion productive jobs.

• The coronavirus continues to spike across the United States, while Brazil, Chile, and India are threatened with the collapse of their public health systems. Other countries, especially in Africa, face a holocaust from the combination of the virus, the broken food supply chains, and a locust plague. President Putin has called for an urgent summit of Russia, China, the United States, Britain, and France to address this crisis. This could be the basis upon which to initiate the necessary New Bretton Woods Four Powers agreement called for by Lyndon LaRouche.

• The internal anarchist chaos in the United States, a Jacobin mobilization funded by Soros, the Ford Foundation and other Wall Street entities, has openly declared itself to be aimed at removing the President from office, before the November election—i.e., this is phase three of the coup attempt against President Donald Trump, as LaRouche PAC has documented from the beginning.

• Thursday’s s release of notes taken by the FBI’s Peter Strzok, demonstrate that President Barack Obama and Vice-President Biden directly ordered the illegal use of the Department of Justice to manufacture dirt on Trump National Security Advisor Gen. Michael Flynn. A major victory in the war against the ongoing coup against Donald Trump also occurred on Wednesday when the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals ordered that the charges against Flynn be dropped. At the same time, the Democratic Party’s Jacobins in Congress orchestrated a hearing aimed at discrediting Attorney General William Barr ahead of expected charges later this summer against the Obama coup apparatus. One of their claims, that Barr intervened illegally in the prosecution of Roger Stone, is aimed at creating a climate in which Stone can be jailed on Monday, a mortal danger in the COVID epidemic.

• Secretary of State Pompeo is speaking daily about China as an evil empire trying to take over the world, accusing Beijing of the fully disproven lie that they intentionally deployed planeloads of infected people around the world to cause mass death and economic collapse. Despite Pompeo’s reckless efforts to incite war, President Trump deployed him to meet China’s leading foreign policy official Yang Jiechi last week, a meeting which lasted over seven hours and was called “constructive” by the Chinese. In a similar manner, Trump deployed the new U.S. arms negotiator Marshall Billingslea to meet Russia’s Deputy Defense Minister Sergei Ryabkov on Monday, a meeting lasting 10 hours, which led to plans for U.S.-Russian working groups to begin regular consultations on arms control, space, and other strategic issues, within the next month.

The message is clear—despite the war-like rhetoric from some in his Cabinet and overwhelmingly from the Democratic Party and Republicans in Congress, Donald Trump is telling Russia and China that he wants negotiations, continuing his antiwar policies in defiance of those running the coup against him.

President Vladimir Putin’s released last week his long-awaited study on the causes and consequences of World War II. He addressed that War with concepts closely reflecting the analysis of Lyndon LaRouche over the past fifty years. The British imposed deadly reparations on Germany after World War I, creating the conditions for fanatics like Hitler to mobilize the impoverished and enraged population into Nazi killers. The British and their Wall Street allies, then rejected Stalin’s effort to form an anti-Nazi pact with the British and French, choosing instead to appease Hitler’s seizure of Czechoslovakia, inducing the Nazis to “direct their attention eastward so that Germany and the Soviet Union would inevitably clash and bleed each other white.” Now, Putin warns, the lessons learned from that war, the “greatest tragedy in the history of mankind,” may be squandered by the ongoing breakdown of collective security.

On Wednesday, the Russians celebrated the Allied victory over the Nazis 75 years ago with a military parade through Red Square. Soldiers from China and India joined the parade, while the foreign ministers of the three great nations met to assert their joint support for the necessary collective security required to prevent a new world war, this one using nuclear weapons.

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