Judge In Flynn Cases Goes Full Resist Wacko As Pressure Builds On Barack Hussein Obama

May 14, 2020
meme: original source, unknown
meme: original source, unknown

by Barbara Boyd, [email protected]

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May 13th. U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan has gone full RESIST as the result of the United States Department of Justice moving to dismiss the case before him concerning former Lt. General Michael Flynn. The clown show now being proposed by Judge Sullivan would have retired U.S. District Judge and fellow RESIST member John Gleeson argue to Sullivan why Flynn should be dragged into court for a contempt hearing and charged with perjury for attempting to withdraw his guilty plea.

The “lie” according to Emmet Sullivan? Since Flynn is now proclaiming his innocence, he must have lied when he pled guilty under murderous pressure from former Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Judge Gleeson had just published an oped in the Washington Post on May 11th saying that the Department of Justice’s motion to dismiss in the Flynn case, “reeked of political interference.”

The Department of Justice moved to dismiss all charges against Flynn with prejudice last week, because of proof, set forth in it motion, and formerly concealed by the FBI and DOJ, that Flynn was walked into a deliberate perjury trap by the top levels of Comey’s FBI. This gambit was adopted after the FBI itself had found absolutely no derogatory information about Flynn, after a several month investigation, which it was ready to close. The primary evidence against Flynn, the original 302 recording his statements to the FBI at the White House on January 24, 2017, had disappeared, to be replaced by edited versions worked on at the top levels of the FBI.

George Washington University constitutional scholar Jonathan Turley tweeted his profound dismay concerning Judge Sullivan’s shocking moves:

“Judge Sullivan has now appointed a retired judge to look into ‘whether the Court should issue an Order to Show Cause why Mr. Flynn should not be held in criminal contempt for perjury.’ Consider the implications for many cases where defendants seek to withdraw pleas due to prosecutorial abuse. It would create a threat of a judicial charge even when prosecutors agree with defendants. These extraordinary moves by the court are increasingly discomforting. This is a single charge where significant jail time was neither warranted nor expected. . . there comes a point where the Court appears too invested in the punishment of a defendant and too active in creating alternatives to dismissal. As a criminal defense attorney, I find these moves unnerving, particularly when prosecutorial abuse has been raised by DOJ and others.”

Judge Sullivan is, in effect, attempting to appoint a prosecutor he likes, from the bench, to replace the prosecutor he hates because of his relationship to Donald Trump, a complete violation of the separation of powers which rests the prosecutorial power with the Executive Branch. His duties when the prosecutor moves to dismiss a case are, for the most part, ministerial.

This outrageous and constitutionally dangerous turn occurs as the Trump Administration is exposing the actions of the Obama White House in using the classified surveillance powers of the United States against the Trump campaign and the Trump transition.

The first shoe to drop, which dropped Wednesday afternoon, was the list of Obama officials who unmasked Michael Flynn’s name in a surveillance of Flynn which, according to the documents, lasted from November 8, 2016 through January 31, 2017. Joe Biden is included on the list of Flynn “unmaskers,” making his request on January 12, 2017. 16 Obama officials are on the list seeking to unmask Flynn’s name in NSA surveillance reports. They include serial unmasker and then UN Ambassador Samantha Power, DNI James Clapper, CIA Director John Brennan, numerous Treasury Department officials, NATO officials too numerous to reference, and White House Chief of Staff Dennis McDonough.

Obama and his wingman, former Attorney General Eric Holder, have been freaking out ever since Attorney General Bill Barr pulled the plug on the Flynn case, a case very personal to Obama since Flynn blew the whistle on Obama’s support of ISIS and Al-Qaeda in the U.S./British effort to overthrow Assad in Syria. Obama, Holder, and Joe Biden all knew that Flynn would know how to find their illegal operations based on his experience in military intelligence and as head of the DIA. He had to be gotten out of the way and the orders to frame him came from the top. As Peter Strzok and Lisa Page tweeted, “Potus wants to know everything we are doing.”

Obama and Holder have organized various ex-prosecutor groups in their ambit over the past week to declaim against Attorney General Barr and call for his dismissal in published press statements. They claim that the “rule of law” is at stake because Barr dismissed the Flynn charges and is otherwise seeking to discover the illegalities they committed against Trump.

Judge Sullivan, a close friend of Eric Holder, first exposed his bias against Flynn in December of 2018, at the scheduled sentencing on Flynn’s guilty plea for making false statements to the FBI. Prosecutors had proposed a plea of probation based on Flynn’s cooperation with them and the nature of the offense, but Sullivan went completely off the rails. He raged that he was not going to hide his personal disdain and disgust for Flynn. He accused Flynn of “treason” and “selling out the country.” He said he was going to send Flynn to jail.

Many compared Sullivan’s bizarre rage fit to similar comments made by crazed MSNBC host Rachel Maddow the night before the aborted sentencing hearing, a comparison which demonstrated exactly identical content. After his fit, Sullivan took a brief recess to compose himself and offered Flynn the opportunity not to be sentenced on December 18th, but instead to cooperate further with the government to avoid jail time. Flynn took Sullivan up on his offer.

Since then, Flynn’s new attorney, Sidney Powell has badgered the Department of Justice to produce the obviously hidden exculpatory evidence which was never produced to Michael Flynn. She has largely succeeded in this quest, much to the irritation of Judge Sullivan. Flynn, prior to the Justice Department’s motion to dismiss, was seeking to withdraw his guilty plea based on outrageous prosecutorial misconduct.

Sidney Powell has also exposed and litigated a conflict of interest by Flynn’s former attorneys, Covington and Burling, which corrupted their representation of Michael Flynn. Prior to his recent departure from sanity, Judge Sullivan seemed to be taking this conflict quite seriously. Covington had repeatedly failed to fully produce the full Flynn client files to Powell and pursuant to orders by Judge Sullivan. Eric Holder is a partner at Covington and Burling.

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