Schiller Institute Conference This Weekend To Mobilize for Summits, and Economic and Cultural Renaissance

April 24, 2020

The Schiller Institute’s two-day online international conference Saturday and Sunday will fully rehearse what must immediately be launched at summits of the leaders of the major economic and technological powers to create a new economic and cultural paradigm from this crisis. Schiller Institute President Helga Zepp-LaRouche, between Jan. 4 and March 8, issued three urgent appeals for summits of the leaders of at least the United States, China, Russia, and India to initiate a “New Bretton Woods” credit system like the one intended by Franklin Roosevelt’s post-War Bretton Woods conference. Ending the British system of financial speculation and returning to the American System of economy, is the way to solve this existential crisis.

The third appeal included an addendum, an unpostponable first task for the new paradigm: Create a new, world health system building modern hospitals throughout the developing countries and all the infrastructure and equipment to support them.

This weekend’s Schiller Institute conference came from the need to realize those appeals for a new system, beginning with that act of love toward the developing nations. Without it, pandemic experts are clear that the COVID-19 pandemic will devastate unprepared and underdeveloped nations of the world and then return upon the industrial countries.

In this pandemic, the “treatment” is to put people first in a new economic order, protect human life and seek to eliminate poverty. The 50 years of the “floating exchange rate” casino monetary system which came from the City of London’s destruction of Bretton Woods in the early 1970s, has left a bubble economy, a financialized and deindustrialized world completely unprepared for this emergency. And this will not be the only such disaster, or even the only such new pandemic we face.

Professionals from the ranks of diplomacy and governments; productive economy and physical economics; frontiers of science and engineering; and Classical music and culture, will present four panels spanning what must be a new Renaissance, coming from a grave threat to humanity. They will discuss questions from among an online audience expected in the thousands across the world.

The system of increasingly unbridled Wall Street-City of London speculation, bailed out by governments in every crisis, has collapsed under the blow of the pandemic. The policies of Lyndon LaRouche, who never tolerated that system and 50 years ago called it a system of deadly austerity and eventually pandemics of new and recurring old diseases, motivate this meeting—including his proposals for a New Bretton Woods.