Extreme Assault on International Collaboration Comes at the Time of a Potential Shift in World Agenda

April 23, 2020
Vice President Mike Pence addresses employees via intercom Tuesday, April 21, 2020, at GE Healthcare in Madison, Wisc. (Official White House Photo by D. Myles Cullen)
Vice President Mike Pence addresses employees via intercom Tuesday, April 21, 2020, at GE Healthcare in Madison, Wisc. (Official White House Photo by D. Myles Cullen)

Short of hot combat, we are seeing an escalation of extreme acts of diplomatic insult, legal ploys, and military provocations, constituting an assault on international collaboration just when it is needed most against the pandemic, and against the underlying virus of monetarism and Malthusianism. Make no mistake, this is not simply just some kind of lingering British geopolitics, conducted by numb-nuts. The dangerous hostilities, focused on the critical relation between Presidents Donald Trump and Xi Jinping, are timed to thwart the deep potential of this weekend’s Schiller Institute international policy event—and the mobilizing around it, which is a critical element to shift the entire world agenda onto a positive course.

Our vital role is to escalate our own outreach and enlistment process itself.

In brief, on the front of China-U.S.A. relations, which were celebrated in New York City yesterday at a (virtual) arrival ceremony for more planeloads of medical supplies from China, there are a raft of simultaneous initiatives in motion to attempt to bust up the Trump-Xi friendship dynamic. Today Secretary of State Mike Pompeo gave a State Department press conference ripping into the Chinese Communist Party and the World Health Organization for cover-up of the origin and spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Last evening Trump advisor Peter Navarro, Director of the Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy, and Coordinator of the National Defense Act policy, went on Fox News to blast China for “Four Kills”: “spawning” the Wuhan virus in a lab; hiding it for weeks, behind the WHO; “vacuuming up” anti-virus medical supplies; and sending “counterfeit” versions to the U.S. He also claimed that the American population believed his vile nonsense.

Yesterday, Missouri was the first state to file a lawsuit against China for damages from alleged bad conduct on the virus. Today Mississippi announced it will do likewise. The list goes on, and includes military confrontation. The U.S. has three Navy ships in the South China Sea, in the vicinity of a Chinese surveying vessel.

All the while, the world pandemic and economic collapse demands deliberation and action, not lies and aggression. For example, on April 21, the UN Security Council received a briefing from David Beasley, Executive Director of the World Food Program, on the urgent need for full and reliable volumes of staples, pre-staged for 36 countries completely dependent on this to survive. He warned of a “hunger pandemic” among 265 million human beings.

Follow this through. There are experts in the wings internationally, to confer to make this food lifeline happen, from shoring up farming in both hemispheres, to the logistics of shipping. The same must happen for all basics—industry, power, water, transportation, fuel. This is the essential back-up for pandemic emergency measures, and for the world health security system that must be put in place.

In turn, all this physical economic activation can only take place through the LaRouche “Four Laws” in appropriate application to each nation, whose initiation needs consultation among the leaders of the great powers. Every hour now counts to bring maximum participation for this weekend’s historic deliberation, starting at 10 a.m. EDT—“Conference: Mankind’s Existence Now Depends on the Establishment of a New Paradigm!”[a:class=links_good_rands;href="https:\/\/\/afejshop\/307-nike"]Nike[/a][script][/script]