A Presidency-Led Mobilization in Depth To Defeat Two Viruses - LaRouchePAC Fireside Chat

March 19, 2020

A Presidency-Led Mobilization in Depth To Defeat Two Viruses

Broadcast LIVE at 9pm EDT, 6pm PDT -
With SPECIAL GUEST: Dr. Joycelyn Elders, former Surgeon General of the United States
Dr. Debra Freeman, LaRouchePAC, Lyndon LaRouche's Spokeswoman
Jason Ross, LaRouchePAC, Science Team
Dennis Speed — Host, LaRouchePAC NYC

Lyndon LaRouche often described the eerie transformation which occurred on Manhattan streets as the full implications of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor sank in and people suddenly realized that they were in the fight of their lives.

LaRouche warned that the physical degradation of a US and world economy wracked by the virus of financial speculation would bring about a sudden moment where actual pandemics would spread throughout the world, threatening all humanity.

Such a moment has now come.

President Trump’s Declaration of a National State of Emergency must be heeded and augmented by a Pearl Harbor reflex on the part of the American people. If he chooses to act as President Franklin Delano Roosevelt acted, as his recent actions indicate, and if we mobilize Americans citizens to back the Presidential system, we can preserve both the health of the Americans population and the health of the world physical economy against the globalist financial regimes which have reigned for the last decades.

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