Emergency Summit More Urgent than Ever to Address Impact of Coronavirus, Financial Collapse & War

February 26, 2020

20191215 webcast 26 February 2020 05 08 02 PM

It is essential, Helga Zepp LaRouche said today in her Schiller Institute webcast, to address, without panic, the looming danger of a possible pandemic of Corona Virus, coming as we face a potential financial crash and a continuing danger of war. In addressing these dangers, don't fall for the line that the Corona Virus might cause a financial crash; while it could be a trigger, in reality, the danger of a pandemic outbreak has been made possible by the destructive neoliberal economic policies which were brought in with the paradigm shift of 1971.

Just as Lyndon LaRouche forecast that shift, and the damages it could inflict on mankind, he consistently presented an alternative. Today, that requires a mobilization to use an emergency summit to introduce a New Bretton Woods, backed by a 4 Power agreement; and his Four Laws, which represent a "precondition" to realize a successful transition to a New Paradigm. In reviewing the challenges ahead, she called on Schiller Institute members and supporters to act to stop the locust swarms in east Africa and southwest Asia, which threaten to produce "food insecurity" for 30 million people⁠—meaning starvation conditions⁠—as this is the test of moral fitness for survival.

This means defeating the racist, colonial mindset which still dominates the West, along with the anti-Russia, anti-China frenzy, pushed by the same networks which are responsible for the "endless wars" that President Trump is working to end.



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