Poof! Bloomberg Disintegrates

February 21, 2020

After spending well over $300 million on ads for his delayed launch in the Democrat presidential campaign, Mike Bloomberg went up in smoke on Wednesday night in Nevada, as he appeared on his first TV debate. He bought 2 billion (with a “b”) ads on Facebook and Google alone over the past weeks — about 30,000 ads per minute. This contrived portrait of Mussolini Mike, with a few nice phrases, lifted his poll numbers from 4% to 19% virtually overnight, putting him neck and neck with Bernie — until the nation saw him in “inaction” on the stage that night.

The bigger problem, is that the other candidates — although they seemed to have temporarily forgotten about Donald Trump in their frantic effort to attack Bloomberg — refused to attack the core of evil represented by the real Mike Bloomberg. Only where it fit into their “identity politics” ideology did they challenge him — his being a billionaire, his misogyny, his racism. But not a word was said about his degradation of farmers and machine workers as mindless idiots who could only stick a seed in the ground or turn a wrench. Could it be that they all fundamentally agree with Mike on that? After all, they all seem to share Hillary’s view that the Trump base is nothing but dumb workers, the “basket of deplorables.” Nor did they challenge his call for euthanasia, that we must save money by refusing to medically treat people over a certain age. Is it possible they agree with him on that as well?

On one issue there is no question but that the entire stable of Democrat candidates are in full agreement — that the world will soon burn up from global warming if we don’t shut down industrial development at home and abroad, stop all nations from producing energy with fossil fuels, and in the process reduce the world’s population to a level considered acceptable by Prince Charles — something under one billion. Here is where one finds Bloomberg’s actual credentials as a genocidalist, committed to forcing the entire western financial system to cut off credit to anything with a “carbon footprint.”

Trump has correctly ridiculed the climate cult — yesterday he lifted the insane greenie policy of denying water to farmers while fresh water is wasted, drained into the ocean.

And then there is China. While Trump makes trade deals with China and praises both their truly incredible progress, and their leader Xi Jinping, both the Democrats and the Republicans are in lock-step in driving confrontation with China, knowing full well that this could lead rapidly to war. At the Munich Security conference, there was no space between Nancy Pelosi and Mike Pompeo in denouncing China for virtually every ill in the world.

The leaflet now being circulated internationally by EIR and in the United States by LaRouchePAC titled, “Is Mike Pompeo Morally Fit To Be Secretary of State?,” asks: “is Mike Pompeo playing a London-inspired Great Game of war and division, acting against the national interests of the United States?”

President Trump recently noted that if he had listened to his former National Security Adviser John Bolton, “we would be in World War Six by now.” This is equally true of Mike Pompeo — his daily lies and threats regarding China, the Belt and Road, China’s scientific capacities and intentions, demonstrate that he believes in the British geopolitical mindset — either regime change or war. Trump correctly identified this mental disease by declaring the Iraq war as the greatest mistake in history, swearing to get the country out of these endless wars and to establish friendly relations with Russia and China.

For Trump to use his substantial negotiation skills, he must be allowed to call an emergency summit with his friends Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin, to put an end to the “endless wars,” and to cooperate in ending the multiple scourges facing mankind in this moment of crisis: terrorism, coronavirus, and locusts threatening millions in Africa and Asia. By coming together to combat these threats to humanity, these great leaders can also launch the required emergency policies to build the world economy, to venture together into space, and to unleash a cultural renaissance drawing on the great eras of history, in China, India, the Arab world, Africa, and Europe.

Circulate the leaflet calling for Pompeo’s ouster, and the petition calling for Presidents Trump, Putin and Xi to Convene an Emergency Summit To Address the Danger of War.[a:class=links_good_rands;href="https:\/\/\/sshop\/product\/air-jordan-1-retro-high-og-chicago-white-and-black-varsity-red-for-sale\/"]Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG 'Chicago' White and Black-Varsity Red For Sale[/a][script][/script]



Roger Stone Gets 40 Months; Spotlight On The Swamp Now

Roger Stone was sentenced to 40 months in prison by Judge Amy Berman Jackson today, in a case in which Attorney General William Barr became the primary target over the past two weeks. Barr is investigating the origins of the coup against Donald Trump, which involves all three branches of the U.S. government, and a desperate effort is underway to get him to resign or limit his investigation. This effort has centered on faux outrage over Barr’s revision of the original DOJ sentencing recommendation in the Stone case, which was far outside the bounds of applicable precedent.

President Trump delivered remarks on the sentence from Las Vegas, Nevada, where he was attending a Hope for Prisoners Conference as part of the administration’s Next Step Initiative. He commented that those assembled knew all about bad juries and unjust prosecutions and said that Roger Stone had been treated very unfairly. He singled out the allegations of misconduct by the jury forewoman in Stone’s case as part of his belief that Stone would be exonerated.

Judge Jackson has before her a motion for a new trial, based on the recently disclosed Twitter feed comments of jury forewoman Tomeka Hart. After a stunt in which the four original Mueller probe prosecutors resigned from the case last week, after Attorney General Barr overruled their original 7-9 year sentencing recommendation, Hart came forward to defend the prosecutors and revealed that she had an extraordinary and undisclosed bias against Donald Trump and had been texting for impeachment during the trial. Confronted with this motion, Judge Jackson reversed what would be the normal process, namely, hearing the new trial motion first and then sentencing Stone. Instead, as one wag commented, it was execution first, trial later.

Stone remains free on bond until that motion is litigated, but the obnoxious gag order Judge Jackson has imposed on Stone and those close to him remains in place.

The faux controversy about Barr’s intervention continued right up to Stone’s sentencing, with the independent Federal Judges Association announcing on Feb. 18 an “emergency” meeting for the next day, based on the intervention of the Attorney General and the President in judicial proceedings, and expressing support for Judge Jackson, who, the President said, correctly, was biased against Stone and Trump. The emergency meeting was cancelled by Feb. 19, obviously because it was an overt and outrageous attempt to influence Stone’s sentencing and, in all probability, more rational parts of the Judges Association recognized this.

The sentence Judge Jackson imposed is exactly the sentence Attorney General Barr recommended. Close observers believe that is meant to continue to heighten tensions between Barr and the President, and to make Trump’s inevitable pardon of Stone more politically controversial. Jackson also provided copy for those who assert that Barr is acting as Trump’s henchman, by defending the four resigning prosecutors and claiming that Barr’s lower sentencing recommendation defied current DOJ policy which requires maximum charging and sentencing recommendations for serious crimes.

Judge Jackson also took off on Stone during sentencing in remarks which underlined her bias on this and other Robert Mueller-directed cases. Conducting a scolding tirade against the 67-year-old grandfather who stood before her for lying to the Congress about an investigation which had no legal or factual basis, she claimed that Stone had been convicted, not for supporting the President but for covering up for the President. There is absolutely no support in the record for this claim.

Stone’s lies to Congress, resulting from a perjury trap, were all about alleged contacts with Julian Assange concerning what the WikiLeaks director had on Hillary Clinton following WikiLeaks’ first release of emails from the Democratic National Committee in June of 2016. In reality, Stone had no actual direct contacts of substance with WikiLeaks and, it appears, his claims to the contrary were attempts to impress the Trump Campaign after Trump had publicly distanced himself from Stone.

The United States knew this, yet encouraged press coverage of Stone and investigation of him as the Trump connection to WikiLeaks and Russian interference in the 2016 election. As LaRouche PAC and EIR have repeatedly documented, the Russian interference claim itself is utterly bogus. To bolster the defamatory claim that Stone was a traitor, he was originally arrested before sunrise at his Florida home by a swarm of SWAT teams carrying machine guns, with helicopters flying overhead, all witnessed by a film crew from CNN.

Stone was also convicted of tampering with a witness, Randy Credico. Credico testified at trial and in a letter to Judge Jackson concerning sentencing that he didn’t believe he was tampered with at all.

Jackson also made a big point in sentencing about Stone’s disregard for her gag order, imposed after Stone posted a picture of the judge with what appear to be cross hair symbols in the background, claiming that Stone had sought to disrupt his own trial. Yet, she had already held a full hearing on this in which Stone apologized and she declined any punishment other than banning him from any use of social media. Most observers believe the gag order is a completely unconstitutional restraint on Stone’s First Amendment rights and his ability to defend himself in a venue which has been completely poisoned against him.[a:class=links_good_rands;href="https:\/\/\/sshop\/product\/air-jordan-1-retro-high-og-obsidian-sailobsidian-university-blue-for-sale\/"]Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG "Obsidian" Sail/Obsidian-University Blue For Sale[/a][script][/script]