Trump vs. Bloomberg: Our Responsibility To Ensure the World Has Enough To Eat

February 20, 2020
President Trump as he walks onto the stage to his campaign rally in Phoenix, AZ on Feb. 19, 2020. (Real Donald Trump Twitter)
President Trump as he walks onto the stage to his campaign rally in Phoenix, AZ on Feb. 19, 2020. (Real Donald Trump Twitter)

President Donald Trump is in California’s Central Valley, where more than half of the nation’s vegetables, fruit and nuts are produced by some of the world’s most advanced farmers, using the most sophisticated computerized technology, GPS mapping and guidance systems. This is not the mindless work described by the green fascist Sir Mike Bloomberg, who said farming is nothing more than, “you dig a hole, you put a seed in, you put dirt on top, add water, up comes the corn.” Any fool, he said, could be taught to farm.

Nonetheless, all that technology won’t produce food if there is no water. Trump is again fulfilling a campaign pledge, this time to assure water to the Valley, lifting certain restrictions placed on moving water from the river basins in the north to the south—a process severely restricted by fake science during the Obama Administration, which claimed that the salmon and the whales’ habitat must not be tampered with.

In 1988, LaRouche’s EIR founded an organization in Chicago called “Food for Peace,” described as an “international action group, pledged to battle world hunger.” Represented were 30 states, and 10 nations; the largest group of participants were farmers from all locations. The event was sparked by severe drought in the U.S. and Canadian grain producing regions, catastrophic floods in Bangladesh and China’s Yangtze Valley, and locust swarms in Africa. As EIR reported: “Diplomats from Sudan and Senegal reported to the conference on the state of emergency posed by locust swarms in northern Africa, and by the lack of food and devastating floods. Agil Elmanan, economic counselor of the embassy of Sudan in Washington, stressed that his nation could be the breadbasket of Africa but for the debt crisis, which has halted all infrastructure improvements. The needed Jonglei Canal sits 65% finished. It could control flood drainage and create enormous irrigation potential.”

But the “wise words of Lyndon LaRouche” and his associates were ignored by the Lords of the City of London and Wall Street. While China built the infrastructure required to stop the annual Yangtze floods, including the great Three Gorges Dam, the scientific research and infrastructure required elsewhere in the world was put on permanent hold, as a Malthusian psychosis was imposed on mankind by those same Lords. The Club of Rome, the World Wildlife Fund, and other genocidal institutions run by the world’s richest (including the British Royals) launched their evil plans, claiming that the only problem was “overpopulation,” and that to save the Earth and wildlife, industrial production and population growth must be stopped. When that wasn’t enough to brainwash everyone, the “anthropogenic global warming” myth was created, and the Lords again took charge—today, Bank of England Governor Mark Carney and Wall Street guru Mike Bloomberg have served as the UN Special Envoy for Climate Action, insisting that both private and government banks must cut off credit to industries and power plants which have a “carbon footprint,” despite the millions of lives that will be lost as a result.

Look around the world today: The locust swarms are back in Africa, destroying tens of thousands of hectares of farmland in Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia; the coronavirus is being contained in China, but if it spreads to Africa and other poor regions, it could become a pandemic; African swine fever has wiped out a quarter of the world’s pigs, especially in East and Southeast Asia.

Is Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s current tour of Africa calling for all nations of the world to collaborate in building the infrastructure needed to prevent a biological holocaust? Quite the opposite. He is demanding that all ties to China be cut off, including participation in the historic Belt and Road Initiative, which is bringing Chinese infrastructure expertise to 160 nations around the world. China and Russia are the enemy, Pompeo preaches, like John Bolton before him, even while President Trump insists that we must be friends of both Russia and China.

It is time for Pompeo to end his reign of terror, to follow his pal John Bolton, to sink back into the swamp. A leaflet aimed at bringing about that desired end, freeing President Trump to act on his best impulses, was released today for mass distribution.[a:class=links_good_rands;href="http:\/\/\/index.php\/eeacioshop\/the-sneaker-bulletin"]THE SNEAKER BULLETIN[/a][script][/script]