International Day of Action for a Unique Solution: Build Peace via Emergency Trump-Putin-Xi Summit

January 16, 2020
LaRouchePAC organizing in New York City during the international day of action. Jan. 15, 2020 (LaRouchePAC)
LaRouchePAC organizing in New York City during the international day of action. Jan. 15, 2020 (LaRouchePAC)

The Schiller Institute, founded by Helga Zepp-LaRouche, organized an international Day of Action, which LaRouchePAC participated in, on Jan. 15 to call for an emergency summit meeting among Presidents Trump, Putin and Xi to find a solution to the pressing danger of regional and world war, as reflected in the recent Iran developments. That Day of Action was held yesterday in dozens of cities in five continents, to awaken the population to the danger of war, its causes, and the needed solutions.

As the activities were being held, Helga Zepp-LaRouche stated in her weekly international webcast that “such a summit must occur, to get out of the danger of confrontation which is now clearly escalating, and not really resolved at all between the United States and Iran.” Many people are befuddled, disoriented, and/or fatalistic, as they try to make sense of the strategic danger following the assassination of Iranian leader Qasem Soleimani. The Schiller Institute mobilization, she said, is to “create a chorus, a chorus of people demanding that we absolutely must change the agenda” defined by the dominant trans-Atlantic financial system and British imperial geopolitics, because if things are left as they are, the situation could go completely out of control.

“This is not only our view,” Zepp-LaRouche elaborated. “Today, Russian President Vladimir Putin gave his state of the nation address before the Federal Assembly, and there he stated that we are in a situation where a regional conflict very clearly could become something affecting the whole global security situation”—a clear reference to the recent Iran crisis. Putin then called for a meeting of the five founding nations of the United Nations—the U.S., Russia, China, France and the U.K.—to “establish a new order which makes these dangers impossible, and start to discuss the principles on which such a new order has to be built.”

“I don’t disagree with that,” Zepp-LaRouche said. If you have a meeting of these five permanent members of the UN Security Council, the important thing is that you have the three most powerful nations sitting already at the table—namely, the United States, Russia, and China.”

The assassination of Iran’s Gen. Qasem Soleimani brought the world to the brink, she said. This had a very erosive effect on the international strategic situation, and it had a bad effect immediately on other nations, such as Kim Jong Un in North Korea, “because he will now remember what former National Security Adviser John Bolton had said about Kim receiving the treatment that was given to Saddam Hussein and Muammar Qaddafi.”

“And I’m not blaming Trump,” Zepp-LaRouche continued, “because Trump is in a completely difficult situation, because he’s surrounded by the same people whom he had attacked not very long ago as ‘the military-industrial complex.’ And the Articles of Impeachment will be introduced against him in the Senate today,” all of which is designed to box him into the British agenda for global showdown. Contrary to the British plan, Trump yesterday held a positive signing of Phase One of a trade agreement with China, which strengthened his personal working relationship with President Xi—although it still leaves much to be resolved between the two nations.

The center of the problem, Zepp-LaRouche reiterated, is British geopolitics. “It all goes back to the doctrine of geopolitics, of absolutely preventing the countries of the so-called Eurasian land-mass to cooperate economically; it goes back to the ‘Great Game’ of the 19th century against Russia; it goes back to the Bernard Lewis doctrine, the Samuel Huntington ‘Clash of Civilizations,’ Brzezinski playing the Islamic card, There is a long historical tradition of trying to manipulate this region.”

The driving force behind this British geopolitical drive for war is the collapsing trans-Atlantic financial system, which even the major financial media and market gurus are finally admitting is about to fully collapse—which EIR, LaRouchePAC, and the Schiller Institute has been telling you for years. The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday that the Federal Reserve is so panicked that its latest round of repos on top of renewed quantitative easing is simply not working, that they are looking into “new tools, new paths to liquidity” to try to forestall a blowout. The London Telegraph fretted that “the party’s over for the biggest equities bubble in history,” and that “Some now fear the stimulus that stopped the economy sliding into an economic depression could sow the seeds of the next market crash.”




House Votes To Send Impeachment to Senate

The U.S. House of Representatives voted 228-193 to send its impeachment articles to the Senate. In a tweet yesterday and in her speech before the House today, Speaker Pelosi announced the two themes: Trump is a pawn of the Russians who stole the 2016 election for him, and “dismissal” is coverup. On Tuesday, Pelosi tweeted, “American elections should be decided by the American people, not by the Russian Government. Retweet if you agree!”

In her House speech, Pelosi defended her delay in sending the impeachment articles to the Senate by making claims that internal emails expressing “concerns” about Trump’s holdup on lethal aid to Ukraine to “fight the Russians” were new dynamic “evidence,” that John Bolton had come forward to offer testimony in the interim, and that Lev Parnas had significant information implicating the President directly in Rudy Giuliani’s investigation of the Bidens. Most importantly, however, she railed on about the new fake claims about the Russian GRU hacking Burisma, the Ukrainian firm where Hunter Biden’s name netted millions for the Biden family.

This writer has spent some time over the last 24 hours surveying the Democratic Party literature about how to defeat Donald Trump. The consensus view is a three-pronged attack: (1) prolonged impeachment proceedings with 24-hour media spin, (2) an intractable foreign war, (3) a billion-dollar negative ad campaign. All three prongs of this strategy are now in motion, but can be defeated if their interrelationship is recognized and attacked.

With respect to impeachment, the upshot is not in doubt, but “never Trump” Senators will provide room for plenty of mischief and prolonged proceedings. Those Senators are Susan Collins, Cory Gardner, Lisa Murkowski, Mitt Romney, Lamar Alexander, and Ben Sasse. While former never-Trumpers Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell have recently pledged allegiance, they are hardly trustworthy. Lev Parnas, Rudy Giuliani’s former translator, and source of the new grand evidence cited by Pelosi and Adam Schiff, is a joke. He has dangled his “information” about Trump and Giuliani endlessly before his prosecutors in the Southern District of New York in order to make a deal, but to no avail. They obviously view him as untrustworthy, which is quite something, given these prosecutors’ prior perfidious behavior with such as Michael Cohen.

It is obvious that driving a wedge between Trump and Putin furthers the second prong, an intractable war, brought about by actions which will be attributed to the President but which are, in reality, the continued machinations of the irregular and hybrid warfare introduced most prominently with the Iraq War of George W. Bush and the Arab Spring of Barack Obama, all at the behest of a British imperial apparatus which has no compunction about killing millions to reach its strategic goals. If you ask yourself the question, what has changed in terms of the American end of the British establishment, both Democratic and what Trump supporters call RINO Republicans since Trump took office, the only thing you can say is that they remain in a permanent war to remove him. The answer here is an educated mass movement, including the President’s base, demanding that the American military leave Southwest Asia and that the United States cooperate with Russia, Israel, China, and other players in the region to bring an end to killing and foster immediate economic development. An immediate summit of Presidents Trump, Putin, and Xi is key to bringing about that change.

Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire shill for Mark Carney and the international central bankers out to destroy this President and impose a new feudal green order upon the world, is providing the billion-dollar negative ad campaign. Carney has replaced Bloomberg now as the UN Climate envoy, in a scripted transition following years of “collaboration” between the two on their grand project of denying millions of people access to energy and the means of life. Carney recently announced the latest iteration of the “green project” by demanding that central bankers and technocrats take over governing the world before the next inevitable financial collapse. Bloomberg’s funding has not only paid for an unprecedented $180 million in negative ads targeted at battleground states. He has also put campaign offices and campaign workers on the ground in the same battleground states, bent on profiling the weaknesses of the President with his core voters and exploiting them. Bloomberg has been a shill for Wall Street and the City of London throughout his entire political career and is simply performing to type. This is the very fertile field for reintroducing Lyndon LaRouche’s Four Laws for Economic Recovery into the electoral battlefield.