The British Creation and Control of Islamic Terror — The Background to China’s Defeat of Xinjiang Terror

January 4, 2020

Excerpt from LaRouche PAC Fireside Chat Activists Call, Thursday, January 2, 2020

MICHAEL BILLINGTON: So, what I wanted to address tonight, actually was requested by Helga several weeks ago. That in addressing this hysteria about China in this country, the lies, the lies which are possibly even more disastrous than the lies about the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. The lies about the evil of what’s going on in China, the Hong Kong “freedom fighters” who are nothing but radical terrorists burning down the city. And even more substantial, this Xinjiang Uighur issue, which I’m sure you’ve all seen. The propaganda is that millions of Muslims have been locked up, forbidden to study their religion; locked up and the key thrown away if they even have a passage of the Quran in their cellphone. Millions and millions of Uighurs. Wild, wild lies. I hope you’ve all seen our pamphlet, which says that the McCarthyite witch hunt against China and against the Chinese-Americans is equally an attack on Donald Trump, who is committed to breaking this neo-con, British imperial divide of the world; ending the colonial wars in the Middle East and elsewhere, and bringing about friendship between the United States and Russia and China.

As Dennis mentioned, Putin has invited Trump to attend the 75th anniversary of the meeting of Russian and US troops at the Elba in Germany on the 25th of April, as well as the celebration of the end of the war on May 9th in Moscow. We are strongly encouraging President Trump to attend those events. And at the same time, President Trump has never succumbed to agreeing with the insane Congress which has passed bills condemning China, and sanctioning China for their mistreatment of the Muslims. This is a country, mind you, which has committed the mass murder of hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of Muslims in Iraq and Libya and Syria, in order to supposedly combat terrorism; and I’ll get to that. But they condemn China for locking up these millions of Muslims.

First of all, it never happened; there were never millions. They were indeed interred in these camps, and as we’ve documented already and most of you have probably seen, these were education camps. These were the young people, after a spate of terrorism in China between 209-14, bombings, knifing of hundreds of people, killing people, they thought that perhaps economic development would solve the problem, but Xi Jinping realized in 2014 that Xinjiang, which is the hub for the Belt and Road after all, this was the area through which the rail routes connecting China with Central Asia and Europe were passing. There was massive development going on, but he realized it was not containing the terrorism. The terrorists didn’t give a damn about economic development; this was a mindless jihadi operation which I’ll get into in a minute. He therefore took a very different approach from the West, which was, under Bush and Obama, to bomb countries back to the Stone Age; supposedly to end terrorism, but actually creating more terrorists in the process. Instead, they locked up a number of the actual terrorists, and provided an educational camp for the thousands and thousands of young men induced through the madrassas and the teaching of this Saudi-based Wahhabi terrorist form of Islam, which they were told not to study. But they were very much taught what real Islam was by the imams who were in the camps, along with the educational courses, the vocational courses to provide them with training for jobs when they got out. The average stay was about eight months. Then, just last month on December 9th, they announced that the last of the people interred in these camps had been released; had graduated, as they say. CGTN [China Global Television Network] yesterday did a tour of the largest of these camps near Kashgar, showing that, in fact, it was empty. These are beautiful facilities; they’re to be turned into regular schools. So, this is the actual truth of this.

What Helga wanted us to do, and I will try to do very briefly tonight, is to locate this attack on China as simply one aspect of an historic role by the British of creating and using Islamic jihadist terrorist networks in order to undermine sovereign nations; nationalist forces that refuse to succumb to the British imperial dictates. So, I’m going to go through it very quickly, and I’m not going to focus on any one aspect of this. I’m going to go through a number of things very quickly; I don’t expect you to sort of understand every one of them. If you have questions, you can ask. But the idea is to convey the overwhelming proof through the words of Winston Churchill and Maggie Thatcher and others, that this was the intent of the British Empire. Just as General Flynn had publicly identified the fact that Obama was funding and arming terrorists. When he was questioned if this was done by mistake, General Flynn said, “No. This is the intention to carry out regime change by openly arming terrorist networks.” That’s why he was attacked by Robert Mueller. This is true of the British throughout history.

So, this started back in World War I. The war itself was launched by the British in order to destroy Germany and the Ottoman Empire. They were terrified that the Germans were moving to create a railroad to Baghdad, linking up Europe with Southwest Asia and potentially also with all of Asia. There was much more to it, but the war was aimed at destroying that. They succeeded; Germany was defeated and destroyed; the Ottoman Empire was defeated and destroyed. In the process, the Caliphate of Islamic world was shifted from Turkey to Arabia, which was under British control. Then, over the coming period, they overthrew the government that they had put in power in Arabia, and supported instead — this was sort of a normal Sunni institutional commitment by that leader — they instead supported Saud; what became Saudi Arabia. He was a radical fundamentalist based on the ideas of Wahhab, which is what Wahhabism refers to; a radical fundamentalist ideology, an extreme form is Islam supporting jihadism and so forth.

I think the best way to give you a sense of that is to read from one of the most evil men in history, Winston Churchill, who said the following in a speech that he gave to the House of Commons. He described the Wahhabist network, the Saud network as “austere, intolerant, well-armed, and bloodthirsty”. That “they hold as an article of duty as well as faith, to kill all who do not share their opinion, and to make slaves of their wives and children. Women have been put to death in Wahhabi villages for simply appearing in the streets. It is a penal offense to wear a silk garment. Men have been killed for smoking a cigarette.” So, this is Winston Churchill in an honest moment. Soon after that he said, “My admiration for Ibn Saud was deep, because of his unfailing loyalty to us.” So, this is what you’re dealing with, with the British. They know full well what they’re supporting in their cooperation with the Saud family and the Saudi Arabian government. It was to use this kind of radical fundamentalism and jihadist terrorism in order to undermine any nationalist government which refused to toe the line as imposed. So, that’s that.

Now, what happened after World War II? You had the Muslim Brotherhood created in Egypt in 1928. The British, of course, controlled Egypt at that time. They covertly supported the founding of the Muslim Brotherhood, why? Because their theme was that the Quran is our constitution — i.e., no nation-state, no sovereign countries, no Communist or any other kind of nationalism. This, of course, was exactly what they wanted to overthrow the likes of Nassar and others later on.

In India and Pakistan, after World War II, you probably all know how India fought and won its freedom from the British Empire under the leadership of Gandhi and Nehru. But the British would not allow that to go through without creating the potential for permanent conflict. I hope you’ve all seen the movie “Gandhi”; it was made by a British guy, but it’s a very powerful film, and it demonstrates how the British supported Jinnah, the head of the Pakistan Muslim League; a fundamentalist Islamic character who insisted on dividing India. Despite Gandhi and Nehru fighting to keep India united, the British succeeded in dividing it and creating a permanent war conflict situation which is not resolved yet today. Typical British. I’ve lived in Guyana at one point in the Peace Corps, where the same thing had happened. When they granted independence, they did it by completing dividing the Indians from India and the blacks from Africa, who had been brought over as slaves and indentured servants, created violent, bloody conflicts between them before they set free Guyana. This is the British method.

In 1957 through 1965, the same thing was done to Indonesia. The open support for a radical Islamic coup against Sukarno, the person who had fought for independence for Indonesia against the Dutch after World War II. The coup didn’t work, but over the years, they succeeded in creating a mass Muslim uprising against Sukarno and his base. Tens of thousands of people were slaughtered in one of the greatest bloodlettings of history; openly supported by the British and by the US by this point which were openly allied with the British under the Dulles family and others. And the Australians who carried out this mass slaughter.

So, by the 1970s, the Saudis went into a vast expansion of Wahhabism around the world. They created thousands and thousands of mosques and madrassas, these Islamic schools throughout the world. London became known as “Londonistan”, as the center for virtually every one of these Islamic jihadist movements. The British argued simply that “what you call terrorists, we call freedom fighters.” This then led to 1979, when the British ran the Iran coup, overthrowing the Shah of Iran and putting in Khomeini and the Shi’a Islamic fundamentalists into power. At the time, BBC [British Broadcasting Company] was well-recognized as the source of the attacks against the Shah which rallied the nation against the Shah and brought in Khomeini, who had been in France.

At that time, Maggie Thatcher, who was already the Prime Minister in the UK, I’m going to read you a quote from her. Again, just to give you a sense that they know full well what they’re doing here in supporting these fanatics in order to maintain the British Empire. Here’s what she said in 1979:

“There was a tide of self-confidence and self-awareness in the Muslim which preceded the Iranian Revolution, and will outlast its present excesses. The West should recognize with respect, not hostility. The Middle East is an area were we all have much at stake. It is in our own interest, as well as the interest of the people in that region, that they build on their own deep, religious traditions.”

Now of course, here she doesn’t mean Islam, she means Wahhabism; just as in Xinjiang when they say they’re not allowed to practice their religion, what they mean is that they’re not allowed to practice this fundamentalist terrorist pseudo religion, but in fact, are encouraged to learn what real Islam is. And here, Maggie Thatcher is referring to their “deep religious traditions” as this fake Islam of Wahhabism. She continues:

“We do not wish to see them succumb to the fraudulent appeal of imported Marxism.”

So you see the intention there. Thatcher later said, about Afghanistan, that calling them rebels, who were fighting the Russian invasion in 1979, she said,

“This is a strange word to use to me, of people who are fighting to defend their country against the foreign invader. Surely, they are genuine freedom fighters, fighting to free their country from the alien oppressor.”

I ask you to consider if the British today, over these last 19 years of insane, genocidal war in Afghanistan, if they say that the Taliban who are fighting against the American occupiers and the British occupiers of Afghanistan, are freedom fighters. I think you know the answer to that question.

So, this was 1979; that’s when the Russians — there had been a pro-Russian regime in Afghanistan, and the Russians moved in against the Islamist jihadist movement that was being organized against them by the British and by the US under Zbigniew Brzezinski, Jimmy Carter’s National Security Advisor, who was working with what was called the Bernard Lewis Plan. Bernard Lewis being the top British Islamist, whose idea was the Arc of Crisis, which LaRouche addressed in his “Storm Over Asia” video, which was to build radical Islamist regimes on the southern borders of Russia and China and in China, in order to bring down those regimes. So, it’s important to note that Brzezinski and the British were funding the mujahideen, basically what became al-Qaeda in Afghanistan at least six months before the Russians invaded. Brzezinski even said, we’re doing this because we want to draw Russia into their own Vietnam. And indeed, they succeeded in doing that, and then brought Islamic radicals from Saudi Arabia, Algeria, the Philippines, Indonesia, all over the world. They gathered up people from the radical Wahhabi networks and brought them to Afghanistan — the CIA and MI-6; armed them and set them to war against the Russians. The US Congress, after a big fight, succeeded in voting to send Stinger missiles and other advanced weaponry to these jihadists. You might have seen the movie, “Charlie Wilson’s War”; the Congressman Charlie Wilson succeeded in convincing the US Congress that these were freedom fighters against the evil Russians. Please help us. And indeed, they did send Stinger missiles, which were ultimately used against the US by terrorists around the world.

So, the US, the British, MI-6, CIA created al-Qaeda. This is al-Qaeda. The head of Saudi intelligence at that time, was Prince Turki, the brother of Prince Bandar, who was the Saudi ambassador to the US. Bandar and his wife funded several of the terrorists who ran the 9/11 attacks on the United States. His brother, Prince Turki, was head of intelligence in Saudi Arabia from 1977. He personally sent Osama bin Laden to Afghanistan when the Russians invaded. The bin Laden was a leading construction firm, a very wealthy firm in Saudi Arabia, close to the Saud regime. He sent them there; bin Laden stayed until near the end of the war. As I said, Brzezinski and MI-6 were actively arming and creating — that’s the important word here — creating al-Qaeda, what became ISIS.

So, two of the major groups who had significant numbers of people in Afghanistan were from Chechnya in the Russian Baltic republics, and the Uighurs from China. They’d been trained in Pakistan, which is where many of them were trained. Pakistan was then ruled by the military dictator Zia ul-Haq; he’s the guy who ran a military coup and killed Bhutto, the former leader, who was a relatively sane elected leader in Pakistan. The military person in charge of training was a guy named Musharraf, who later ran a military coup of his own and ran Pakistan for many years. This was the Pakistan that was training these terrorists for the war in Afghanistan, and of course for wars around the world. When that war ended, these people were all sent back to their countries — to Egypt, Yemen, Indonesia, the Philippines, Algeria, Libya and so on. We had decades of war, of terrorist operations in all of these countries subsequent to this period.

I won’t go through all of that, but that led — obviously — to what we all know as 9/11, where George Bush, following 9/11, declared a war on terror. Which I think you all know was not a war on terror, but in fact, was a war on sovereign, nationalist nation-states openly in league with the terrorist networks created by the British and United States under the period when the US was increasingly simply a subset of the British Empire.

So, that’s the quick review of what I think is definitive proof of the British role in creating this Islamic terrorist operation.

Now what I want to do to conclude, is to located something that Hussein Askary, the head of our Swedish organization, who himself is an Iraqi Shi’a Muslim and a brilliant guy, pointed out to me last week. Which is that to a very real extent, this Islamic terrorism operation has been defeated. It’s not completely defeated, and the British aren’t going to give up easily, I assure you; but it’s been largely defeated by the collaboration between Russia, China, and President Trump. This is extremely important to see this combination, which has succeeded in virtually defeating this entire British terrorist operation. Along with India to some extent; but especially Russia, China, and the United States. There are two aspects to this. One is the way in which it was dealt with internally in countries; and secondly the way it was dealt with through the Belt and Road operation.

But let me first just say, internally, how was this dealt with? In Russia, the Chechens, or rather the Wahhabi Islamic layers within Chechnya had launched a revolt. They had taken over Chechnya and the neighboring Dagestan, and declared an independent republic. When Putin came to power in 1999 and 2000, he launched a very brutal war to destroy this Islamic fundamentalist destruction and mass terror that was taking place, not only in their own area, but they had sent terrorists into Moscow. They were blowing up theaters and subway stations and so forth. So, this was a very brutal war, but he succeeded in crushing this Saudi-infested jihadist takeover of these areas of the Russian Federation. He was attacked and called brutal, but it’s very important to remember that the leaders of this had their headquarters in Londonistan. So, this was done there.

In China, there were terrorist assaults coming from these Uighurs trained in Pakistan; many of whom had already been in the Middle East wars, who came back into China. Between 1997 and 2014, carried out a series of brutal terrorist attacks; bombs, cars, even in Beijing; running cars into crowds, killing numbers of people; knife attacks, flashing dozens of people in train stations and so forth. So, Xi Jinping at first thought that the dramatic economic development of Xinjiang would counter this kind of activity. He realized in 2014 that it was not; that these terrorist networks didn’t give a damn about economic development or progress or collapse. He launched this project which I described earlier. They obviously imprisoned the actual terrorists, but they set up these educational camps where people were detained for an average of about eight months. Given training, educated, given vocational training, and actually taught what real Islam was. The incredible success of this, three years without any terrorist attacks. You have to ask yourself, what the Hell does the West think they should have done about terrorism? What we did? Go in and bomb countries back to the Stone Age? The Chinese didn’t bomb anybody. They arrested and caught the terrorists, and they educated the rest of the population and have now succeeded in ending the terrorist threat within China.

You have to also mention that the entire British-US war in Southwest Asia against Iraq and then Libya and then Syria was the next target, was stopped because Russia moved in. Russia moved in, and said, we’re not going to put up with another regime change. They began working with the Syrian government legally, because they’d been invited, unlike the foreign forces including the US, who were not invited, and therefore were breaking international law. But they succeeded in driving back ISIS, and when President Trump came to power — and this is very important — he openly declared “We are not there for regime change.” He had campaigned against these regime-change wars. He said, “We’re there to defeat ISIS, and then we’re going to leave. We’re not there for regime change.” He didn’t like Assad; he said bad things about Assad, and he was sucked into some pinprick attacks by these fake chemical attacks which were not really done by Assad at all, but were run by the British-run White Helmets. But by and large, he’s lived up to that, and he’s been trying like Hell to get out of Syria. His military won’t let him at this point. The problem is that he doesn’t really completely run the government, as we’ve seen. If we can defeat this coup attempt, he’s going to be more liberated to do so; and that’s our job.

Then, let me just mention that just last month, December 9th, the head of Xinjiang announced that these camps are closed. Everybody has graduated. So, this is a tremendous victory. CGTN ran a tour of the main camp in Kashgar, showing that in fact it was being shut down. So, this is the way it was dealt with internally.

But lastly, this is a point that Hussein made to me. The fact is that the Belt and Road really finished this operation off. The two countries that were most involved in creating this terrorism movement were Turkey and Pakistan. Pakistan run by the British and by the Saudi terrorists. China went into Pakistan with the biggest of the Belt and Road projects — the China-Pakistan economic corridor. And they’ve transformed that country and basically given them no reason to continue training terrorists. In Turkey, which was working directly with the British and the CIA in taking the arms depots that had been left after the destruction of Libya, Qaddafi’s arms depots were being transferred from Libya into Turkey, and then into Syria to the terrorists. Turkey was completely involved in this process. I won’t go through the details, but basically the Russians finally intervened not only in Syria, but they intervened in Turkey. They said, “Cut this crap out, and we’ll help you develop your country. The Belt and Road will come in and help you develop your country, but you’ve got to cut it out.” Now, they haven’t completely cut it out, and in fact, they just announced the other day that they’re going to send troops to Libya; which would be a disaster. We are counting on the US and Russia and China together to stop that, but basically they’ve succeeded in undermining the effort to fund and arm the terrorists in Syria.

So, this is the way in which this has been done. It’s been through a universal concept of how to bring about a New Paradigm for the world, based upon ending this British imperial design; both the terrorists and the other aspects of this, and to work together on development as the basis on which to create this New Paradigm. So, that’s what I’ll leave it with, and I’d be glad to pick up various aspects in the discussion.