Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing Video II: We excerpted the best parts for you

December 11, 2019
Justice Department IG Testifies on FISA Abuse Allegations (CSPAN)
Justice Department IG Testifies on FISA Abuse Allegations (CSPAN)

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Here are the clips we have chosen for our audience as summarizing the disturbing facts presented by Inspector General Horowitz. This is our second video of the day. We thought Lindsey Graham’s opening was a fair statement of the contents of the report and have posted that separately. The Democrats had a strategy toward this report: cite President Trump’s tweets, attack Attorney General Barr, attack Rudy Giuliani, continue the promote the myth of Russiagate and Ukrainian non-intervention in the 2016 election, promote their phony impeachment articles, embrace fully the police state tactics employed against Donald Trump. The reason for this was obvious: they were and are part of the seditious operation against candidate and then President Trump partially put on public view in Inspector General Horowitz’ report. With that, here’s our summary of the all day hearing.

Senator Cornyn

Senator Lee

Senator Cruz

Senator Grassley