Fireside Chat: A Critical Inflection Point in the Coup Against Trump; Do We Know How to Stop It?

December 5, 2019

A Critical Inflection Point in the Coup Against Trump; Do We Know How to Stop It?

Live at 9pm Eastern on Thursday. This week's Fireside Chat includes special guests Larry C Johnson Former CIA Analyst, and Barbara Boyd, Author and Treasurer of LaRouchePAC. Monday, the long awaited report of Inspector General Horowitz, examining the FBI and DOJ subversion of the Constitution to defeat Donald Trump’s 2016 insurgent candidacy and Presidency will be released. For a preview, don’t read the press, read this article by tonight’s guest, Larry Johnson. You see, Senators Lindsay Graham and Chuck Grassley already know much of what happened. They are the ones who asked for Horowitz’ investigation in the first place and they have demanded answers to crucial questions about how the Obama Justice Department and surveillance state operated against Trump. On Tuesday, they will be examining the DOJ Inspector General in a hearing chaired by Senator Graham in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Yesterday, Wednesday, the nation witnessed more insanity from the House. The event itself was noteworthy because it put the degraded idea of our Constitution by Resist professors of law up against the standard of reason self-consciously expressed by Professor John Turley in the name of the founders and one of their inspirations, Sir Thomas More. It is this standard of reason, best expressed in our time by the statesman and genius Lyndon LaRouche, which is the key to ending this national nightmare and opening the doors to building this nation’s and the world’s future.



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