The Real Ukraine Scandal Story: Maidan Coup Was a British-Obama-Nazi Regime Change Operation

November 21, 2019
Then Assistant Secretary Nuland, Ambassador Pyatt Greet Former Ukrainian President-elect Poroshenko, before he met with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry in Warsaw, Poland, on June 4, 2014. [State Department photo/Public Domain]
Then Assistant Secretary Nuland, Ambassador Pyatt Greet Former Ukrainian President-elect Poroshenko, before he met with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry in Warsaw, Poland, on June 4, 2014. [State Department photo/Public Domain]

In Washington, D.C., as the hours and hours rack-up of House Intelligence Committee impeachment hearings on President Donald Trump, what remains constant is that the real “issue” regarding events in Ukraine in recent years, is that British and traitorous networks in the Obama Administration staged an operation to topple the elected Ukrainian government of Viktor Yanukovych in 2013-2014, and worked with well-known Nazi elements to accomplish their goal. The very same British-U.S. networks are conducting the attempted coup in the United States, and using the fake impeachment to cover up their actual crimes in sponsoring the Nazi coup in 2014.

U.S. operatives included Victoria Nuland, Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs (2013-2017), Vice President Joe Biden, money-bags George Soros, Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt, for starters. Among the British names, that of Christopher Steele, MI6, stands out. The Svoboda and Right Sector thugs included such figures as Andriy Parubiy, who acted as Commandant of the Maidan; and Yuriy Lutsenko, who founded the government overthrow movement called the Third Ukrainian Republic. They conducted deadly street violence, individual assaults, property seizure and destruction.

This story was exposed in real time, with calls for international intervention, in EIR articles from Fall 2013 through the February 2014 Maidan coup, and afterward; for example, “After Ukraine’s EU Refusal: Eurasian Development vs. Collapse and Chaos” (EIR, Dec. 6, 2013), as well as the original coverage of Ukraine’s rejection of the EU Association Agreement (see EIR, Nov. 29, 2013).

Then, at the third anniversary of Maidan, EIR issued a special report, released simultaneously in Washington, D.C., Berlin, Germany, at the United Nations in New York City, and elsewhere, titled, “Obama and Soros—Nazis in Ukraine, 2014—U.S.A., 2017?”

Since then, many more specifics have come out, ranging from, for example, how snipers were hired to turn the Maidan demonstrations deadly, to such sordid details as how Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden was positioned to receive multi-millions in payola, from the shady Ukrainian company Burisma. It is all part of the same ugly package.

EIR and LaRouchePAC has also published a series of articles by Barbara Boyd on who is behind the coup operation against Trump.

For President Donald Trump to have referred to any of this as “corruption” is a badge of honor, not grounds for impeachment.

The Ukraine story is one of the biggest scandals in political history. It is clearly aimed at destabilizing Russia, and could well lead to thermonuclear war between Russia and the United States.

But the significance of this scandal at present is not at all confined to revealing its murderous particulars. It has now come to pass, that Ukraine affairs blamed on Trump are the latest phase in the three-year coup attempt in the United States to topple our elected government. It is staged by the very same British-American geopolitical crowd staging destabilizations at key points the world over. This is the meaning of the Maidan-style uprisings taking place at present in Hong Kong against China—and in Bolivia.

Getting out the truth on Ukraine can mean breaking up the entire British, global geopolitical axis. Schiller Institute President Helga Zepp-LaRouche pointed out yesterday, in discussions with associates in Europe, that the Dec. 9 Normandy Four meeting (leaders of Russia, Ukraine, France, and Germany), which will be the first such international forum for the newly elected, pro-peace President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, is the initiation of the discussion process on Ukraine that has the potential to solve the problems in the situation. Informed public debate is essential.

This week’s issue of EIR, dated Nov. 22, 2019, carries an important report on Ukraine by economist Dr. Natalia Vitrenko, former Member of Parliament and former candidate for President from the Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine. In the speech she gave Nov. 16 in Germany, titled, “LaRouche’s Science of Physical Economy as the Key To Solving the Problems of the World, Eurasia, and Ukraine,” at the Nov. 16-17 Schiller Institute international conference, she states: “It was the Nazi, Russophobic coloration of the Euromaidan, that led to the loss of Crimea and set the stage for the fighting in Slavyansk and the monstrous attack on the anti-fascists in the Odessa House of Trade Unions, and brought on the fratricidal war in the Donbas. This war has continued for five and a half years. Even the official statistics say that 13,000 lives have been lost.... Millions became refugees.... All Ukraine is afflicted by the Nazi militants.”

It is urgent to get the real scandal out. Zepp-LaRouche stressed today that “the Ukraine issue—as discussed by Vitrenko, a prime witness and activist in the situation—has as its key premise what happened November 2013 until the coup in February 2014. This cuts through the entire impeachment operation against President Donald Trump.”

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