Schiller Institute Conference [Complete]: The Future of Humanity as a Creative Species in the Universe

November 17, 2019

A Time of Strategic Upheaval: Will Europe Be Able to Help Shape the New Paradigm? — Panel 1

This Schiller Institute conference is dedicated to the memory of Lyndon LaRouche. His ideas, his economic method, and his optimistic outlook about the potentials of human creativity for the lasting existence of humanity in the universe, are more relevant than ever. Today, the New Silk Road, joined by more than 130 nations, is the first opportunity for developing countries to overcome poverty and underdevelopment and is the achievement of his vision of a new, more just, world economic order. The core of his program for a new Bretton Woods system, in which the world’s strongest nations must work together to replace the oligarchic system, was, from the beginning, the industrialization of Africa, Asia and Latin America — the realization of the solidarity-building World Land-Bridge.

Panel 2 — The Fundamental Scientific Issues of our Future and the Space Silk Road

Jacques Cheminade, President of Solidarité et Progrès, former Presidential Candidate

The Moon Village: Next step toward a New Era for Mankind
Sébastien Drochon: Space Policy Director, French Schiller Institute

LaRouche’s Discoveries: Educating a New Generation
Megan Beets and Jason Ross, the “Basement Team” of Lyndon LaRouche

Panel 3 — Who is Lyndon LaRouche?

Diogène Senny, President of the Panafrican League Umoja
In defense of African sovereignty

Josef Miklosko, Former vice Prime Minister of Czechoslovakia
The Frontier of Space: Fulfilling Mankind’s Destiny as Man in the Universe

Dennis Small, Coordinator for Latin America of the Schiller Institute: The Power of Reason: The Living Legacy of Lyndon LaRouche

Theo Mitchell, former State Senator of South Carolina
The man who should have been President of the United States

Nino Galloni, former director general of the Budget and Labor Ministries, Fatherland
Nation and State as seen by progressive Catholics and by Lyndon LaRouche

Hussein Askary, Southwest Asia Coordinator for the International Schiller Institut
LaRouche, The importance of Lyndon LaRouche’s ideas for the Arab world

Claudio Giudici, Chairman, Uritaxi (National Taxi Trade-Union), Florence, Italy
LaRouche, A “Florentine” Mind

Harley Schlanger, Former spokesman for Lyndon LaRouche, Board Member of the Schiller Institute
Where Is America headed? The LaRouchian solution as the way out of chaos

Panel 4 — Beauty and Classical Art as Mankind’s Vocation: The Cultural Silk Road

Diane Sare, Director of the Manhattan Chorus Project, The Necessity of a classical Renaissance for the youth

Antonella Banaudi, Soprano and singing teacher, expert on Verdi tuning , LaRouche and the unity of art and science

Elvira Green, Mezzo-soprano, 30-year member of the Metropolitan Opera, Founder of the Spiritual Renaissance Singers of Greensboro/North Carolina: True freedom through true art: The Negro Spiritual’s unique contribution to classical literacy in America



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