To Defeat the Coup Against President Trump, Think Like LaRouche

November 12, 2019
Lyndon LaRouche speaks during a webcast. May 14, 2014 (LaRouchePAC)
Lyndon LaRouche speaks during a webcast. May 14, 2014 (LaRouchePAC)

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In 1999, Lyndon LaRouche reflected on the impeachment of President Bill Clinton, an operation undertaken by the British directly after Clinton declared the world needed a "new financial architecture." He stated: "For us, in the United States, the central feature of our war is a fight against treason in our nation’s political establishment, like that treason that led to the Civil War of 1861-1865." Treason perpetrated by President Lincoln’s London-centered and Wall Street-centered enemies. The British aim, in the Clinton impeachment, abetted by the so-called Washington permanent bureaucracy which thrived in the wake of the fall of the Berlin Wall, was, in his view, to "tear up the Constitution and Declaration of Independence," and then to integrate a shattered United States as a vassal state into the British Commonwealth under conditions of the economic collapse of the world’s economy, then in motion. This was the same enemy faced by Lincoln.

LaRouche emphasized that if the President were to be impeached and removed from office, this would create such horrific conditions, that it would be as if the United States lost the Civil War. Under these circumstances, LaRouche stated, the U.S. would either fight a war against that treason or it would be finished as a nation.

The enemy now and the consequences of an impeachment and removal of Donald Trump are no different. LaRouche cautioned then, sternly, that once again, this is a war against the British Empire, which functions throughout the world. Their leaders, while evil, have the advantage, at times, of thinking strategically in the long term. They have the ability to strike from historic points of penetration and colonization throughout the globe. He noted that, generally, people who fight one battle at a time are usually outflanked, and lose the battle and probably the war, too. He asserted that this is not an internal U.S. political affair; it is a global affair in which every leading government of the world is vitally interested and will be playing a hand of its own for its own vital strategic reasons.

It is not a battle that can be won unless American citizens abandon their "little me" identities and fixation on local bread-and-butter issues. And, one might add, as Helga Zepp-LaRouche did yesterday, losing the Manichean and almost cartoonish world view provoked by the information warfare being used against populations throughout the world. Pick sides on this or that "issue," don’t think in a way which demands that you participate, at the highest level possible, both in saving this nation and developing the entire planet at the highest possible levels of human culture.

Zepp-LaRouche noted in a discussion with colleagues, that the failure of the neo-liberal economic model, the inability of the so-called elites to produce an economy without massive wealth disparities, has resulted in turmoil and popular revolts throughout the world. In order to win the battle in the U.S., the geopolitical mindset, the state of mind which has led to forever wars in the United States and is the mindset of those now coming forward to "testify" against Donald Trump must be overcome. "The best way to bring the United States into this New Paradigm is that the United States reminds itself of its own great tradition of the American Revolution, the American System of economy, the great presidents from George Washington, John Quincy Adams, Lincoln, FDR, Kennedy. And now, you have a President Trump who absolutely has proven an enormous amount of guts to oppose this system. And therefore, the coup-plotters should really be the ones who are gone afterwards, if the United States is supposed to survive."

Americans must learn to think again, Zepp-LaRouche, said, like Lyndon LaRouche, in terms of "big, epochal change which is taking place already. . . like in a Classical drama, the actual story is not what each actor says in every moment, but it is the larger play which is unfolding and which characterizes the dynamic of this whole play in real life, and on the stage of history, it determines the outcome of historical periods. And people have to rise up to think strategically, to think historically, to think as world historical individuals who take responsibility for the outcome of this historical period."

The very same "new financial architecture," at issue of the Clinton impeachment, is now at issue throughout the world. The British openly target four countries, the United States, India, China, and Russia for destabilization, and, if necessary, war, to save their system. So, we have Hong Kong, targeting China. The horrific increase in violence there by forces trained by the British and the U.S. State Department is designed to provoke a Chinese response and to blowup further the U.S./Chinese trade deals and relationship which President Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping have attempted for the good of the world. So, we have the horrific violence created in Bolivia against a President, Evo Morales, who raised the nation out of poverty using methods which the British and their State Department allies abhor, American system methods. There too, the State Department and the National Endowment for Democracy have sponsored and nourished a violent fascist hoard who have deposed a President and left a nation open to immediate violent carnage and economic ruin.

The answer lies in the four nations targeted by the British insurrection coming together and creating a New Bretton Woods system, creating credit in long term loans at fixed exchange rates for the world’s development. The presidents of the United States, China, India, and Russia have taken furtive steps in this direction arousing perfidious Albion to a reckless war against all of them.

It is no accident that the State Department and NATO’s Atlantic Council turn out to be the focal point of the coup against Donald Trump and that Ukraine is the issue. It was after all, the very same people, led by Joe Biden, who conducted a coup in Ukraine in 2013-2014, installing a government which included neo-Nazis, right on Russia’s border, a NATO envelopment strategy which placed the world on a hair trigger for nuclear confrontation. They used the same methods as they used to trash and impoverish Russia, promoting favored oligarchs who corruptly stripped the nation bare. Hunter Biden profited from Joe Biden’s illicit scheme, a scheme far worse in its consequences for all of humanity than the millions Hunter Biden hauled out of Ukraine, pursing the family business.

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