Mastery of LaRouche’s Method Required To Organize the Forces for Victory

November 8, 2019
Lyndon LaRouche delivers the keynote speech at a Schiller Institute conference: "A New Paradigm To Save Mankind: After 30 Years: The Need for the Principle for the SDI Today!" March 23, 2013 - Sterling, VA (EIRNS/Stuart Lewis)
Lyndon LaRouche delivers the keynote speech at a Schiller Institute conference: "A New Paradigm To Save Mankind: After 30 Years: The Need for the Principle for the SDI Today!" March 23, 2013 - Sterling, VA (EIRNS/Stuart Lewis)

A speech prepared for delivery on May 26, 2000, by statesman Lyndon LaRouche, entitled, “On the Subject of Strategic Method” (EIR, June 2, 2000) describes a method of thinking whose mastery is crucial if we are to emerge victoriously from the current political and economic mess in the United States, in which victory is also critical for the entire world. It is grounded in the method of scientific hypothesis coupled with an analysis of the cultural and economic dynamics which actually determine substantive change.

LaRouche states, “determining factor ... is the human will, in choosing, or failing to choose, appropriate kinds of voluntary, critical changes in policy, which shapes the future of nations, and of mankind as a whole. These are the decisions which have relatively decisive impact on the course of events, especially under crisis-wracked conditions similar to those prevailing, world-wide, today.” He pointed to a set of such decisions, ones which were truly evil, to demonstrate what he meant about critical decisions which have profound impacts even for generations. Those decisions were from 1975-76 by the New York Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission, known as the “1980s Project” which laid the basis for the destruction of the physical economy of the United States, its conversion into a consumer-driven post-industrial society, and, in the final iteration of that policy, something we are still experiencing today, the hoped-for triumph of globalization and abandonment of sovereign national government in favor of the type of bankers’ dictatorship proposed on Aug. 23, 2019 by Bank of England Governor Mark Carney at Jackson Hole, Wyoming. And, that plan for a bankers’ dictatorship has taken a significant step forward with the announcement that billionaire Michael Bloomberg is entering the Democratic primaries in Alabama without “having decided” yet that he is running for President.

President Donald Trump interrupted the long-term march which these fellows set into motion back then, a march toward complete abandonment of our Founders’ grand experiment in that sovereign republic known as the United States. LaRouche says: “The method of that usual gang of Wall Street bankers and law-firms was wrong, even evil, but these fellows had, at least, a vision of a succession of culturally motivated changes in the nature of U.S. and world society, which they intended to induce over a period of decades ahead.” They succeeded because citizens were preoccupied about immediate events, in a self-limited fashion, and refused to stretch their minds and vision to what future they sought to create, 50 years ahead. That smallness allowed evil to triumph.

LaRouche then asks how we can foresee and operate to influence the cultural paradigms which will in turn decide the way in which populations and other policymakers will respond to the global financial and political-economic crisis shock of the kind now rapidly approaching? And, he says, there’s really only one time when you can dramatically change things, and that is when the shock of events causes people to examine their mind-sets, the pre-existing axioms and postulates by which they order their opinions.

That is exactly the situation today as a provoked and receptive population searches for solutions to what they see occurring around them. From a strategic standpoint, as LaRouche elaborated, the only true way to eliminate the forces behind the coup against this President, is by kicking over the entire chessboard, by aligning with Russia, China, and India to create treaties, centered on a new, fixed-exchange-rate monetary system, issuing credit only for economic development and advanced scientific explorations of discovery which advance the productive capacities of all of humanity.

LaRouche points to several determinative cultural shocks which led to the decline of the United States under Barack Obama and which the Democrats now describe as “normal times.” Among them, the use of nuclear terror to create a demand for world government, as envisioned by Bertrand Russell and other spokesmen for the British oligarchy, and paraded under the names of “globalization” and “the rule of law.” There was the introduction of the rock-drug-sex counterculture in the wake of President John Kennedy’s assassination; the effort to halt technological progress through environmentalism, and the dismantling of key initiatives for NASA; the eradication of classical educational training in schools; the promotion of free trade and treaties such as NAFTA, which decimated the U.S. workforce and abandoned any protections of U.S. industries.

This decadence was described by LaRouche as a “fundamental conflict” in the geometries of axioms and postulates about the nature of human beings. What he called the Romantic view sees men and women as fundamentally evil, as beasts, with feral sensual impulses, unable to think beyond sense-perception in an immediate environment. That view is fundamental to the tolerance of empires in history, and is increasingly dominant in the U.S. today. The contrary, classical mind-set, especially in its Christian manifestation, defines human beings as essentially good, as being above the beasts, as made in the image of the Creator of the universe, and capable of creative change and discovery of the universe’s fundamental laws. That was the mind-set of the Founders which had to be dislodged and destroyed by the fundamental changes mentioned above.

President Trump has taken steps to reverse all of this, some steps strong, some tentative, but he is hampered by the cultural decadence even among his most fervent supporters. What is lacking here is the depth of intelligence and analysis which LaRouche discussed, in which he noted that the biggest problem, is the abandonment of those forms of classical education and classical drama and music which were and are deliberately designed to feed and strengthen the human mind, human creativity, and cause us to step outside our immediate circumstances and master how to change them. Huge audiences chanting “U.S.A.!” over and over again, but who have been denied this remedy, shows we are not educating the generals in depth who can actually win this war for the United States, and ultimately the world. Absent LaRouche’s method, these crowds can and will be manipulated and killed by the ability of our enemy to manipulate them through popular culture and popular opinion.