The Challenge of War is its Challenge to the Mind

October 25, 2019
President Donald J. Trump welcomes Andrea Brownlee, owner of Brownlee Trucking, to the stage to deliver remarks at the 9th Annual Shale Insight Conference Wednesday, Oct. 23, 2019, at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh. (WH Photo)
President Donald J. Trump welcomes Andrea Brownlee, owner of Brownlee Trucking, to the stage to deliver remarks at the 9th Annual Shale Insight Conference Wednesday, Oct. 23, 2019, at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh. (WH Photo)

On Oct. 17, after his great victory for peace in Syria, President Trump tweeted out a message which said, “This is a great day for civilization. I am proud of the United States for sticking by me in following a necessary, but somewhat unconventional, path.”

That was true in itself, while at the same time, it also points towards a more general truth. Over the past three years, the patriotic American people who elected Donald Trump, have fought painfully forward against the repeated efforts of British imperial forces, along with British-linked virtual traitors in America, to illegally and unconstitutionally remove him from office. Those adversaries have still not yet given up in their vile attempt to reverse the 2016 election (just as Establishment forces in Britain have been determined to reverse the results of the 2016 Brexit referendum there). Through peaks and troughs, the battle has raged. So far, each of their successive attempts has eventually been beaten back. Phase One of the coup culminated in an effort to corrupt the Electoral College to overthrow the election. It was defeated. Phase Two culminated in the Mueller investigation—which was also defeated. Now, in Phase Three, we face the impeachment caper. Every day, a new “smoking gun” is discovered to supposedly guarantee the impeachment of the President.

Like the President’s victory in Syria, the defeat of Phase Two of the coup has required a somewhat unconventional path—the “Mueller Dossier” campaign of the Lyndon LaRouche political movement. This has given the defense of the President and the Constitution a “cutting edge” which was instrumental in its victory, regardless of the relatively small number of citizens directly involved in it. In Autumn of 2017, that movement put a dossier into mass-circulation which forced its readers to face the fact that it was a foreign power—not Moscow, but the British Empire—which had intervened in the U.S. elections, and after failing to defeat Trump in those elections, had used captive elements of the US government conjointly with foreign intelligence services to try to force him out of office illegally.

The way these shocking facts were proven was also unconventional—by showing, chapter and verse, that the identical British and British-steered institutions and even identical individuals, like Robert Mueller, were used to frame Lyndon LaRouche in 1988-89, and Donald Trump today!

The unconventional mass intervention along these lines gave a huge factitious advantage to everyone who stepped in to defend the President and the Constitution. Namely, if the coup-plotters tried to refute the “Mueller Dossier” charges, they would find themselves inadvertently publicizing those very charges and thus bringing the late Lyndon LaRouche’s personal identity and ideas back into the limelight where Americans could use them. If they kept silent, the charges would be widely accepted—as they have been! What changes we have seen!

Now Phase Two has petered out after Bob Mueller’s pathetic Congressional testimony—but after a few weeks, Phase Three suddenly popped up with renewed virulence—the drive for impeachment. At the same time, a whole new dynamic has entered the equation. It is clear to everyone on the inside that the parasitic world financial system is moving swiftly towards the abyss—even if they all agree that “outsiders” should not be allowed to suspect this just yet. Don’t speak of another 2007-09 collapse. History does not repeat itself—while additionally it is clear that the resources used to cover over that earlier phase of collapse no longer exist, after years of quantitative easing and zero and even negative interest rates.

From the top, this Phase Three owes its suddenness and its surprising virulence—if you consider that none of the previous charges against the President could be substantiated—to the masters in London, who cannot tolerate the thought that when their system blows out, the United States will be headed by a figure who will probably not behave himself and act on their orders as George W. Bush and Barack Obama did earlier. While meanwhile, down below, on the level of the dirty intelligence operatives and suchlike, their high dudgeon stems from their hope that when the Horowitz and Barr-Durham reports finally appear and incriminate them, that those reports can be written off, as somehow the products of a President desperately trying to avoid impeachment. (A part which he refuses to play.)

London apparently hopes that the impeachment charade can impede the President, or take his eyes off the ball of the financial collapse, at a coming crucial moment. They succeeded in intimidating Bill Clinton out of his proposals for a “new world financial architecture” by means of an equally worthless impeachment-charade earlier

Thus at the present moment, we, the loyal Americans, are called to a complicated sort of war on two fronts, which will combine, intertwine and then separate again, forcing us to be ever on the alert in our decidedly “unconventional” tactics. While continuing to creatively use the LaRouche case in the battle, we can now bring in massive evidence regarding Obama’s corrupt operation with neo-Nazis in Ukraine, which the adversary has thrown into the impeachment fight, and which was one of Lyndon LaRouche’s key preoccupations at the end of his life. At the same time, the financial crisis can only be undone through an approach coherent with Lyndon LaRouche’s principles of economics. And now, unlike in 2007-09, we have a President able to take that step.

What allows this to happen now, is the massive changes which have occurred in China and Russia as well as the United States. All three nations have been involved in the revolutionary progress seen in Syria, where China has volunteered to come in and lead postwar reconstruction efforts as part of its “Belt and Road.” Russia’s historic conference on Africa just concluded, featured almost every one of Africa’s heads of state and government. The ability at last to achieve a concert of the major powers, for peace on earth, for peaceful exploration of space, and for the new world credit system designed by LaRouche after Franklin Roosevelt’s precedent, is a sure support to our efforts and a visible guarantee that they can be effective, as we enter this super-complex battlefield.