Concerning the Coup Against Trump: Some Plain Facts

September 27, 2019
President Donald J. Trump boards Air Force One Thursday, Sept. 25, 2019, en route to Joint Base Andrews, Md. (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)
President Donald J. Trump boards Air Force One Thursday, Sept. 25, 2019, en route to Joint Base Andrews, Md. (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)

The following are notes from Barbara Boyd's presentation from the LaRouchePAC Fireside Chat, broadcast on Thursaday Sept. 26, 2017. You can listen to the presentation on YouTube.

Representative Devin Nunes opened today’s House Intelligence Committee circus where the Acting Director of National Intelligence, Joseph Maguire, testified, by saying, “Welcome to today’s ‘information warfare’ operation against the President.” That was a very accurate characterization, because that is what we are experiencing, the tools of military full spectrum information warfare have been turned against the population of the United States in the continued effort to overturn the result of the 2016 election. I will talk a bit more about this information warfare later. But, as a result of this, we are now in the process of impeaching the President. It’s our job to make this backfire and to recruit Americans to the perspective of Lyndon LaRouche, which is the route out of this mess.

Tonight, I will paint in broad strokes what is now emerging and then we can discuss what we need to do about it, because it is, I assert, the responsibility of everyone on this call to ensure that this Republic survives. Think about the alternatives to Donald Trump and where they stand, think about the sedition which we have experienced over the last three years, and tell me that now is not the time where Lyn reaches down from where he resides and helps us to help this President by getting significant individuals in the United States to think like LaRouche. It is only that kind of thinking and the political programs which flow from it, not reactions to the daily news cycle, which will heal the divisive wounds now being inflicted on this population. What is upon us is a declaration by the Democratic House of Representatives that nothing in this nation will get done until the election in 2020, that is, unless the Democrats are forced by the population to back off. That includes Project Artemis and anything big or essential to the country. It is possibly the most seditious moment we have ever encountered in our storied history.

So, the facts, and their background:

Fact (1). The financial system, centered in the City of London and, to a lesser extent, Wall Street is fatally flawed as Lyndon LaRouche demonstrated repeatedly in his triple curve function. To maintain power the international oligarchy which benefits from this system, has decided to promulgate an outright myth, centered on global warming, to induce populations, like lemmings, to kill themselves by denying themselves the means to reproduce themselves. This is not new. Their plans, in the form of an alternative to the U.S. dollar in the form of a world-wide digital currency, controlled in its issuance by the world’s central banks, are the same as the various SDR basket of currency proposals made by the IMF for a very long time. When LaRouche proposed an International Development Bank in answer to the fatal 1971 takedown of the Bretton Woods system, the City of London answered him directly with their SDR program. They told LaRouche then, we have ample means, in addition, to corrupt Third World leaders, to prevent the massive physical development of the earth and exploration of space you propose, even though we know that your proposals will work. We are seeing now, internationally, simple new iterations of that fundamental fight.

Lyn told us already how to counter them. If they seek to attack the dollar, the President needs to raise interest rates here as Lyndon LaRouche outlined in his two tier credit system. We also need such a two tier system mechanism here to ensure that low interest long term credit is available for productive physical investment, as in infrastructure and space, and that speculative finance is dried out by making extensions of credit to it hugely expensive. That is what is implied by Glass Steagall and the National Bank or similar mechanism. When they talk about green and sustainable development, hit them back with Lyn’s crash program development of fusion power and space exploration, adopt the policies favoring advanced hard goods production and high technology and scientific training. Whatever brainwashing the banks have been able to do in the developing sector, there is no true market for sustainable development in the U.S. For the most part, the insane Greta is seen for what she is, an actress in a bad movie in which the Catholic priest, who was obtained to do the exorcism, has seemingly fled the scene. The public laughs at her and searches, again for yet another exorcist, while John Kerry and similar oafs pretend to take her seriously.

Fact (2). Donald Trump’s UN Speech launched a thorough attack on globalization and in favor of nation states and national sovereignty. Globalization is the means for implementing the intended new, criminal, central banker’s dictatorship. The President highlighted the essential role of the nation state in any true advance of human civilization. The President’s speech occurred in this strategic context I just outlined. Yes, he said some stupid things in addition but this was his major theme and has been his major theme. He also accurately characterized Ukraine as the buffer state between Russia the UK, which is both accurate and somewhat hilarious.

Fact (3). Over the course of the summer, the President fired the Director of National Intelligence, Dan Coats, and his hyper active assistant Sue Gordon along with John Bolton. The alarm about this was heralded by Politico on September 18-19, with stories saying the President was freeing himself to run his own foreign policy, that he was an administration of One when it came to foreign affairs. Fundamentally, the President differs with official Washington on war and peace. They have tried to get him into a war, endlessly, the last being with Iran and he has resisted.

Fact (4). Now, with it becoming clear to the population that Joe Biden’s brain is made of Swiss cheese and that after Biden, the field of Democrats are not going to cut it, the present impeachment scam was cooked up. Remember, the oligarchy’s spokesman, the British House of Lords, have already instructed their assets in the United States that under no circumstances can Donald Trump have a second term. This scandal involves Ukraine. It involves a lot of the spies who were at the White House under John Bolton’s tutelage at the National Security Council. Both issues have huge boomerang potentials as has been pointed out by many, but it’s up to us to make sure that the boomerang results in truly draining the swamp. Pulling the Ukraine string on this can and will result in felling all the trees in this proverbial forest but only if we focus and do our job. Specifically, Trump’s reference to Ukraine having access to the CrowdStrike server or a copy of it is what caused the intelligence community’s collective head to explode. The New York Times of today instructs us that the whistleblower in this case is, indeed, a CIA agent and apparently active concerning Ukraine. He is, in other words, a witting participant in the coup and has been for a long time. Bill Binney said tonight he is a hearsay blower who is not a true whistleblower and is perverting the protections under the whistleblower law.

Fact (5). Before going to the specifics of what is before us, I want to exploit some ironies and add some reflections. The President said that the ridiculous graft of Joe Biden’s son in Ukraine and what he had heard about the firing of the prosecutor on that case, would be interesting for the Ukrainians to explore. He also asked for help on the vast Ukrainian end of the criminal state actions, led by the UK, against his presidential campaign. In the conversation at issue, with the President of Ukraine, President Trump almost quotes our dossier directly: the President says, that the coup against him started with Ukraine. Now, I ask you, who else says this? The House suggests that the President is using his office for his own political benefit. Yet, the same House has been engaged, for three years, on the taxpayers’ dime, trying to reverse the results of the 2016 elections through knowingly bogus investigations of the President. The same House, in the name of the Constitution says they are entitled to transcripts of the President’s conversations with foreign leaders, conversations which are privileged under Article II of the Constitution. What foreign leader is going to speak with Trump if everything said is going to be leaked?

Fact (6). The case at hand. Rudy Giuliani, the President’s lawyer, by his account, was approached by a very prominent investigator and was told details about the Ukrainian involvement in the coup against Trump. Again, we have covered this extensively in our dossiers. It involves the Chalupas: Alexandra, who worked for Hillary and the DNC, Irene, a long time operative of the State Department’s propaganda bureaus, and Andrea, Alexandra’s sister who works primarily on digital operations for the most vile anti-Russian and extremist portions of the Ukrainian diaspora. They worked with the U.S. Ambassador and the Ukrainian embassy to develop the smears on Paul Manafort which led to the opening of his criminal case. That case, originally, involved a forged document, called the black ledger, allegedly showing cash payments received by Manafort from the deposed Yanukovych government. Nellie Ohr, in developing her profile for Russiagate, working for Fusion GPS, relied heavily on Ukrainian intelligence sources. As enticing, when the roll call for the people involved in the illegal foreign attack on Trump’s presidential campaign is made, you find a complete overlap with the main actors in the 2014 Ukraine regime change operation: Christopher Steele, Sir Richard Dearlove, Stefan Halper, George Soros, very prominently, Dmitri Alperovitch, Victoria Nuland, Jon Winer, Andrew McCabe, James Comey, John McCain, David Kramer, Fusion GPS, Nellie Ohr, various London based former Russian oligarchs, Bill Browder, ---the whole crew and the list could go on. Now, who has said this previously about this overlap? The LaRouche movement and only the LaRouche movement. We said it when we saw the Womens’ March in January of 2017 and wrote an EIR pamphlet about it; we said it way back in May of 2017 when we wrote the longer piece called The Insurrection Against the President, Or, Who Really is George Soros, Anyway?

On top of that, there is a lot of information out there pointing to a Ukrainian role in the coverup of the DNC leak business through a hacking group called Shantai Boltoi, or Humpty Dumpty, which played a significant role in the coup. Again, President Trump seems to be saying, in the call with the Ukraine President that is at the heart of this uproar, that the actual DNC server information, the thing which the DNC told the FBI it could not have, was somehow copied to a Ukrainian oligarch. In the conversation, Zelensky, the new President of Ukraine seems to know exactly what the President is talking about.

This is what Giuliani says he and the President are investigating. You can add to that, the reference to full spectrum information warfare made by Representative Nunes this morning. Ukraine was the first battleground to employ a whole of country approach to information warfare: that is, denying a population any information which does not fit narratives, geared to profiles of things they will react to, and pounding them with those narratives over and over again in order, in the words of these brainwashers, to control the psyche of the target. As we have covered previously, NDAA’s signed by Obama resulted in the former ban on these propaganda activities being conducted against the U.S. population being lifted. That Ukrainian warfare method has been turned on the population of the United States as the result of Donald Trump’s election.

So, when you pull the Ukraine thread, you are endangering much of the crown jewels of the present Anglo-American intelligence community. This is why Nancy Pelosi wrapped herself in the flag and said that she is the official representative of the intelligence community in the Congress, when she announced her apparently sudden decision to support impeachment. That is why she said, so directly, that the reason for impeachment was that this President thinks he can conduct his own foreign policy under Article II of the Constitution. Of course, Article II says the President conducts Foreign Policy with limited interventions by the Congress, something Pelosi and her friends have sought persistently to change.

Rudy Giuliani says that in the course of this investigation of Ukraine, he learned about Hunter Biden’s graft while Joe Biden served as the Obama Administration’s point man on, guess what, the Ukraine regime change operation and its aftermath. He has also portrayed this knowledge as messing up what he truly wants to investigate: the Ukrainian role in the coup against Trump.

As the result of Giuliani very public statements about his efforts to peel this onion, Senator Chris Murphy told the new President Zelensky, not to cooperate with Giuliani lest aid to Ukraine cease. According to the whistleblower’s complaint, this threat was apparently echoed by members of the State Department. Previously, three Democratic Senators had threatened the Ukrainian government for alleged failures to cooperate with Robert Mueller’s witch hunt against the President. And we want to claim that an American President cannot explore this issue? That seems to be what is actually being said.

Fact (7). So, we had a President temporarily free to conduct his own foreign policy and we have a DOJ Inspector General’s report, about to drop, about the illegal surveillance conducted against the Presidential campaign of Donald Trump based on the bogus dossier of a British agent Christopher Steele. For the actual enemies of the United States, it is imperative that Attorney General Barr, Inspector Horowitz, and, as significantly, U.S. Attorney John Durham be drowned out ahead of the release of the Horowitz report. It also is imperative that Durham be exposed to massive political heat in order to discredit Giuliani’s investigation. According to the DOJ, Durham has spoken with 4 former Ukrainian officials about what Giuliani found and is evaluating the information. In short, this impeachment push is a huge and massive operation to convince the population that snow is black, ahead of what is about to be revealed about massive operations in 2016-2017 to conduct a coup against the incoming president of the United States.

Fact (8). John Solomon, who has been reporting all of this, said the following on Hannity Tuesday: “Here’s the most important thing: Joe Biden has staked out a very specific story now and with impeachment proceedings, that story is fair game to investigate. He says when he fired the Ukraine general prosecutor … he did so solely because he believed that prosecutor was corrupt and not because that prosecutor was investigating his son’s company and making plans to interview Hunter Biden at the very moment he was fired. That’s his story, that has to hold up.” Solomon says that he has over 450 pages of documents which he is beginning to release which show this story is a lie, the Hunter Biden case was open when Joe Biden got the prosecutor fired and official documents tell a very different story than the one put out there by Joe Biden.

Fact (9). Michael T. Atkinson, Inspector General for the DNI, who is handling the CIA whistleblower complaint against the President, previously worked for coup central at the Justice Department, the National Security Division. This is where the 2016-2017 coup operations against the Trump Campaign were launched, during the time he worked there. This entire division of the DOJ was removed from the jurisdiction of DOJ Inspector General Horowitz by former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates. Yet, it is at the center of the FISA abuse which Inspector General Horowitz is now investigating.

Fact (10). The “Whistleblower” is a client of lawyers associated with Compass Inc., which put out widespread ads on billboards and in leaflets in Washington, D.C., that they would represent intelligence community leakers (whistleblowers) against Trump for purposes of impeachment and financially support them while doing so. As Bill Binney noted, the complaint is almost entirely hearsay. It is composed of second hand gossip and news clips and strung together by lawyers. The Inspector General Atkinson is forced to admit that there is some evidence that the man identified by the New York Times as a CIA officer, is politically biased.

So, what do we do about this? The Congress, over the next two weeks, will return to their Districts. I propose that we use those two weeks to organize the population against the insurrection which the House of Representatives is presently attempting. I propose that this attack is so obvious that we will get a huge response. But, that response, also has to be conditioned on LaRouche’s Four Laws. The international system is about to blow. Whether the U.S. has a president Trump, clearly disposed to humanity’s survival is, right now, a life and death issue. We can, successfully, turn the flank here. I also propose a rapid growth of LaRouche’s Committees of Correspondence over the next two weeks is the means to do so.