130 Criminal Banks Run ‘Climate Emergency’ Scam: LaRouche Warned This Was Coming

September 25, 2019
Maybe Greta just needs a candy bar?
Maybe Greta just needs a candy bar?

The three-ring circus which the world has been subjected to over the last few weeks, with the UN Climate Action Summit and related histrionics puffed out of all proportion by the media, is a fraud. It is a scientific fraud—the Earth is not about to boil over in 18 months, and what climate change there is, is not man-made but is due to our planet’s relationship to the Sun and the galaxy, as has been the case for millions of years. But it is also a financial fraud of the first order. It was designed and is being implemented by the world’s 130 largest banks, with total assets of $47 trillion, who are hopelessly bankrupt and would like to distract the population from the fact that their entire trans-Atlantic financial system is about to blow sky high—unless they can impose levels of austerity, looting and wars that would make Hitler blush.

Mark Carney, the Governor of the Bank of England, said as much in his key address to the UN Climate Action Summit on Sept. 23, where he unveiled a “compact” by the 130 top banks to channel all investment into speculative “green” boondoggles, while supporting the Paris Accord demand to shut down three-quarters of the world’s thousands of coal-fired power plants by 2030—a policy which would send infant mortality up and lifespans down in the developing world for lack of electricity.

This compact among bankers has been in the works for at least 18 months, they bragged—way, way before they created the “Greta” phenomenon, Extinction Rebellion, FridaysForFuture and the rest of the “climate emergency” street-action nonsense.

How desperate are the City of London and Wall Street? Desperate enough to launch a violent, eco-fascist movement, as the mailed fist behind their drastic depopulation policy. And desperate enough to threaten President Donald Trump with the death penalty, unless he agrees to go quietly and be impeached, because he is not playing ball with the bankers’ program—as was just stated by top Boston banker and former U.S. Attorney for Massachusetts William Weld, who also played an instrumental role in the frame-up and jailing of Lyndon LaRouche 30 years ago.

This blowout crisis is underway in exactly the fashion that the world-renowned economist Lyndon LaRouche warned would happen. And the only solution to the crash—and to the underlying deep, fascist pessimism the bankers would induce in the population—was also provided by LaRouche in his 2014 “Four New Laws To Save the U.S.A. Now!” which he summed up in the following points:

“1) Immediate re-enactment of the Glass-Steagall Law, instituted by U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, without modification as to principle of action.”

“2) A return to a system of top-down, thoroughly defined national banking.”

“3) The purpose of the use of a federal credit system, is to generate high productivity trends in improvements in employment, with the accompanying intention to increase the physical economic productivity and standard of living of the persons and households of the United States.”

“4) Adopt a fusion-driver crash program. The essential distinction of man from all lower forms of life, hence, in practice, is that it presents the means for the perfection of the specifically affirmative aims and needs of the human individual and social life.”

This last point, in particular, points to the urgency of international cooperation on fusion-powered space exploration and colonization. This not only will help solve our economic problems, by defining an entirely new platform of technologies and related “natural resources.” It also provides the scientific and moral basis for the kind of optimism our youth so desperately need.