The Coup is Not a Spectator Sport: Crazed Democrats Announce Formal Impeachment Inquiry

September 24, 2019
The Lincoln Memorial, Washington, D.C. Photo: Kevin Burkett
The Lincoln Memorial, Washington, D.C. Photo: Kevin Burkett

It’s Time for Patriots With Pitchforks.

Washington has been consumed since Wednesday, September 18th, with the latest intelligence community generated attack against the President of the United States, in the ongoing unconstitutional and seditious coup, which, if successful, ends our storied constitutional republic. At 5 p.m. Tuesday, crazed Democrats leaped off the cliff and announced, through Speaker Pelosi, that they were moving forward with a formal impeachment inquiry in the House of Representatives. They were preceded by Lyndon LaRouche’s prosecutor and 2020 Trump primary opponent William Weld calling for the President’s immediate execution for treason.

The latest round of full spectrum information war conducted against Trump and the American public, involves the claim that President Trump, in a conversation with new Ukraine President Zelensky, conditioned lethal aid to Ukraine on Zelensky investigating Hunter Biden’s obviously corrupt relationship with Burisma Holdings, an oil and gas enterprise owned by the oligarch Myloka Zlochevsky. Hunter, a coke addict with no experience in the oil and gas industry, was appointed to Burisma’s board while Papa Joe was serving as Obama’s point man on the 2014 British/American Ukraine coup and its aftermath, pocketing a cool $3 million, according to the President’s attorney Rudy Giuliani. Giuliani has also said that he has asked Ukraine for a full accounting of the Ukrainian state interference in the 2016 U.S. election on behalf of Hillary Clinton. The whistleblower complaint at the center of this faux controversy is said to involve multiple conversations by the President with foreign leaders about which the whistleblower is “concerned,” although he or she is said to have direct knowledge of absolutely none. The President has adamantly denied any quid pro quo in the specific conversation cited or that he has done anything wrong and has had the transcript of his call with Zelensky declassified and will present it in full publicly on Wednesday.

The actual backdrop to the faux scandal centers on the President firing Dan Coats as Director of National Intelligence, along with his hyperactive assistant Sue Gordon, in late July and early August and the firing of John Bolton from the NSC on September 10th, although Bolton’s firing had been mooted well before the hammer came down. Commentary on those firings noted that the President was finally free to conduct his own foreign policy. Indeed, when Speaker Pelosi announced the formal impeachment inquiry on Tuesday, she focused on the President’s Article II powers under the U.S. Constitution to conduct the foreign policy of the United States and Trump claiming he can “do anything he wants.” Bolton is reported to have had huge fights with Trump about releasing lethal aid to Ukraine with Trump arguing that other nations should play a much more significant role.

In December of 2018, the spokesmen of the international oligarchy, the British House of Lords, announced in their report, British Foreign Policy In a Shifting World Order, that under no circumstances can Donald Trump have a second term. This President having free reign in foreign affairs obviously accelerated their schedule. Facing new instability in their speculative financial system, housed in the City of London and Wall Street, the oligarchs have launched a massive brainwashing campaign internationally to convince populations to literally kill themselves by imposing austerity regimes in order to protect the earth from climate change. Trump has opposed this and other globalist population reduction schemes. In fact, the President’s speech to the United Nations on Tuesday featured a full scale defense of the nation state as the stabilizing factor in world affairs and a detailed attack on globalism as a failed order. He also refuses to start World War III or to eliminate Vladimir Putin as Russia’s leader, a war lust of the British, adopted by Hillary Clinton, and much of the Western establishment. Ukraine is at the geopolitical center of that battle. In describing it Tuesday, President Trump called it, accurately, the border state “between Russia and the UK,” although the press described this geopolitical truth as a flub by Trump.

In addition, Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz is about to release a damning report on Obama Administration’s abuse of the Constitution and sedition against the President of the United States. Attorney General Barr has also appointed a prosecutor, John Durham to investigate the 2015 origins of the Russiagate coup against the President, an investigation where the facts center on British and Ukrainian collaboration with the Democratic National Committee and the White House to defeat Trump’s insurgent 2016 presidential campaign. That is the actual foreign interference in an American election which is about to be disclosed. It is likely that this investigation will reveal full collaboration by the leaders of the House and Senate in the Russiagate hoax, including Speaker of the House Pelosi. It is politically urgent, for the Democrats, that the Horowitz and Durham facts be drowned out.

So, shortly after Trump cleaned house by firing Coats and Gordon, on August 12th, the whistleblower composed his or her complaint to the Inspector General of the Intelligence community, Michael Atkinson. Atkinson was nominated after serving in a critical role in coup central, the National Security Division of the U.S. Department of Justice from March 2016 through May 2018⁠—that is as the coup against the President was being worked frenetically at Main Justice. Despite the fact that the so-called whistleblower had no direct knowledge of the conversations he or she was concerned about and that the President is not subject to the intelligence community whistleblower statute, Atkinson certified it as “urgent” and claimed that the whistleblower statute required the new DNI, Joseph Maguire to forward it to Congress. The incoming DNI, Joseph Maguire, did an end around by Atkinson and went to DOJ’s Office of Legal Counsel for an opinion. OLC is empowered to issue binding legal opinions concerning the Constitution and statutes for the executive branch. The Justice Department told Maguire that in the circumstances, the whistleblower statute was inapplicable. Atkinson then wrote to Adam Schiff, of the House Intelligence Committee about the whistleblower’s complaint, knowing, full well, that Schiff would leak it as he has everything else about Russiagate. There proceeded a full scale campaign of further leaks of what the whistleblower’s alleged complaint purportedly involved together with the conclusive opinion in the press and by Speaker Pelosi, that the President committed an actual violation of the law by not forwarding the whistleblower’s complaint to the House and Senate Intelligence Committees.

Call your Senator or Representative and tell them if they go along with this sedition, you will organize to ensure that they are not re-elected. (202) 224-3121