The Age Of Reason Is In The Stars: LaRouche Made Four ‘Laws’ to Get There

September 12, 2019
LaRouchePAC organizing in Princeton, NJ. September 11, 2019 (Daniel Burke/LaRouchePAC)
LaRouchePAC organizing in Princeton, NJ. September 11, 2019 (Daniel Burke/LaRouchePAC)

Activists and supporters of the LaRouche movement are visiting colleges and universities all over the world this week — scores of them in the United States alone — to inspire the most thoughtful young people with the happy promise of humanity’s future in space, and to mobilize them to help bring it into being. These are Days of Action, Sept. 10 and Sept. 12, as evoked in Helga Zepp-LaRouche’s global leaflet, “International Call to Youth: The Age of Reason Is in the Stars!”

This mobilization is in symbiosis — driving, and being driven by — the American space agency NASA’s Moon-to-Mars “Project Artemis”, potentially its first true national mission since “Project Apollo” of President John F. Kennedy. And much more: China’s first-ever exploration of the far side of the Moon; India’s ambitious, lately blooming space program launching Moon, Mars, and other planetary missions and collaborating with both Japan and Russia. A true age of space travel by the human race, and age of reason in human affairs, could now be beginning.

Fittingly, President Trump dismissed his war-hawk National Security Advisor during these days of action — for as one commentator noted, “This was great news above all for youth” who are the ones sent to fight the endless and fruitless regime-change wars.

A crash program, another “Apollo Project” for space exploration can’t be carried out without the four economic laws proposed by Lyndon LaRouche in 2014. They “start” with re-enactment of the Glass-Steagall Act to protect commercial banking and savings from Wall Street speculation; and the creation of national banking institutions on Alexander Hamilton’s model.

But LaRouche proved already in 1972 that there are no limits to growth in his book of that title. Mankind in space, above all, is unlimited.

First we have to decide to claim this human “extraterrestrial imperative” and become a spacefaring people among spacefaring nations; then we must revolutionize our power sources and industry, LaRouche’s fourth law, and Hamiltonian credit institutions alone can provide the credit for that revolution, his third law.

Put differently: If millions of young people convince the nation to undertake new and extraordinary missions in space, at least thousands of their parents and grandparents will figure out the means to send them there. “Hamiltonian” credit policy can do it, and they will want to use it.

A national bank for infrastructure and manufacturing will not grant NASA its budget — ending regime-change wars will make that much simpler. But such a bank will participate in private banks’ lending to the literally tens of thousands of contractors pulling their oars, making this productive credit flow far more easily. And in doing so, it will effectively be “lending” NASA part of its future budgets to pay those contractors.

The Sept. 12 Day of Action will be more widespread, internationally, than the first. The cooperation of at least four or more spacefaring nations — America, Russia, India, and China foremost — is essential for this great mission. In the midst of it, those nations will have to create a new international credit and monetary system to foster technological progress and development everywhere — a new Bretton Woods system.

That’s the mission of the Days of Action. See also the petition and pamphlet, “We Commit to the Moon-Mars Mission”.