The "Uni-polar World" is Disintegrating — Bring The World Together Through Man's Common Mission in Space

July 18, 2019
#Apollo50th Vice President Mike Pence attends the unveiling of Neil Armstrong’s space suit at the National Air and Space Museum in honor of the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Mission Tuesday July 16, 2019.(Official White House Photo by D. Myles Cullen)
#Apollo50th Vice President Mike Pence attends the unveiling of Neil Armstrong’s space suit at the National Air and Space Museum in honor of the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Mission Tuesday July 16, 2019.(Official White House Photo by D. Myles Cullen)

On nearly every front, the paradigm of a uni-polar world, centered on the concept of Empire, is disintegrating, while a new paradigm of sovereign nations, cooperating in the development of the productive powers of Mankind as a whole, is spreading out from Asia through the idea of the New Silk Road. Even the leaders of the dying financial Empire see the handwriting on the wall: French Finance Minster Bruno Le Maire, speaking today at a conference of leaders of the IMF, World Bank and the European Central Bank commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Bretton Woods System, said the following: "The Bretton Woods order as we know it has reached its limits.... Unless we are able to reinvent Bretton Woods, the New Silk Road might become the new world order."

True enough. But Le Maire's view that such a new paradigm is a threat to the western world is nonsense. The concept envisioned by Franklin Roosevelt at the 1944 Bretton Woods Conference, which adopted Roosevelt's "Hamiltonian" vision over that of the British Empire representative John Maynard Keynes, has been systematically subverted by the British "free trade" dogma, and the transformation of the regulated financial system by the unfettered speculation of the post-Glass Steagall era. The ongoing disintegration of Deutsche Bank is but one sign of the onrushing collapse of the "quadrillion dollar plus" bubble of derivatives and leveraged loans now hanging over the western financial empire.

The current ghost of the Bretton Woods System is finished. It can not be reformed, but rather it can only be put to rest, through a total reorganization of the world financial system, as designed by Lyndon LaRouche long ago, with the tremendous growth and development process generated by the Belt and Road as the center piece of cooperation between China, Russia, India the United States and others in an entirely new system. The current surge in cultural optimism generated by the 50th Anniversary of man's heroic landing on the Moon this coming Saturday, and the courageous declaration by President Trump and his NASA director Jim Bridenstine that a man and a woman will return to the Moon within five years, and that we will stay on the Moon, as a base for reaching Mars and beyond — this surge in optimism must be the channel through which the people of the world regain their sense of a common humanity.

Thousands of events are taking place around the world this week, honoring that great achievement 50 years ago, and inspiring people and nations to join together in what truly unites all of mankind — the "extraterrestrial imperative" that Mankind, and Mankind alone, can conceive of a universe of two trillion galaxies, and envision a future in which the human race is truly immortal, bringing dominion over ever greater reaches of the universe over the next several thousands of years. As LaRouche said in 1986: "What is the desire of the good person? What else but to discover the laws of creation less imperfectly, to the end that our knowledge, as guide to our practice, deviates less from that will of the Creator expressed in the lawful ordering of this universe. Who can be good, who does not yearn for agreement with the Creator, and, on that account, to lessen the imperfection of one's own understanding of the lawful ordering of creation?"

Yesterday, LaRouchePAC organizers rallied before the US Congress, calling for the exoneration of LaRouche, in order to place his profound ideas before those people living today, as a necessary pre-condition to meet the huge challenge of preparing mankind for the task ahead, as exemplified by the Moon-Mars mission. Great fun was had ridiculing the batty Prince Charles, who recently warned that the world can not survive if we do not eliminate carbon emissions within 18 months. One organizer asked the amused and delighted passers-by: "How many windmills does it take to fly to the Moon?" The leaders of the psychotic "Green New Deal" in the Congress (now known as the "Four Ladies of the Apocalypse") are merely puppets of the British royals and their assets, like Al Gore and George Soros, who are trying to save their bankrupt financial system through austerity, depopulation, and war.

Join the Schiller Institute on Saturday, July 20, at 1:00 PM New York time, at, for the celebration of the Moon landing, under the title: "Mankind's Future Must Determine Our Present — A Dialogue of Cultures On How to Develop the Population and the Productive Forces For Earth's Next Fifty Years."