A Bankrupt System Demands Depopulation

July 17, 2019
July 16, 2019, In a debate with MEPs, Ursula von der Leyen outlined her vision as Commission President. "CC-BY-4.0: © European Union 2019 – Source: EP"
July 16, 2019, In a debate with MEPs, Ursula von der Leyen outlined her vision as Commission President. "CC-BY-4.0: © European Union 2019 – Source: EP"

On July 16, German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen was elected by a very narrow margin to be the new president of the European Commission. As part of the process of garnering the necessary votes among the totally fractious European Parliament, she delivered a hair- raising speech promoting the British Empire’s long-standing policy of Green fascism intended to massively depopulate the planet.

Schiller Institute founder Helga Zepp-LaRouche immediately sounded the alarm over the Von der Leyen speech, and the broader policy drive behind it. In a discussion with associates, Zepp-LaRouche stated that what is underway is a really massive effort to do exactly what leading depopulation advocate and climate change fanatic Hans Joachim “John” Schellnhuber, CBE, had said in 2011, with his call for “the Great Transformation of the global economy, the decarbonization of the world, which he asserts has a carrying capacity for only 1 billion people. Or, as the mentor of green superstar child Greta Thunberg stated in an article in 2001, the carrying capacity of the world is only half a billion people!”

Zepp-LaRouche explained that the driving force behind this policy of genocide is a bankrupt British Empire which is intentionally spreading pessimism throughout the planet, especially among its youth. “We are looking at a complete onslaught by the British Empire and the oligarchy, knowing perfectly well that their system is coming to an end. And since they have been completely unwilling to change anything after the 2008 near meltdown and systemic crisis,” they have opted to fostering wars and to drastically downshift the planet’s population. Furthermore, “they know they are confronted with the rise of a New Paradigm,” centered on China’s Belt and Road Initiative, “which already has been joined by 126 nations and about 30 major international organizations, clearly representing the majority of the world, and they basically have decided that they are going for broke.”

Zepp-LaRouche went on to explain that “this is the apparatus which my recently deceased husband Lyndon LaRouche was fighting against with his entire life’s work: the British conservation movement, the eugenics movement, then the reconstruction and reorganization of these in the form of the World Wildlife Fund, the Club of Rome—all these organizations which prevented Third World development and which pushed explicitly, at least since the Club of Rome in 1972, for population reduction.”

Against this anti-scientific cult of pessimism, a wave of optimism has begun to sweep the planet, specifically around the 50th anniversary of man’s landing on the Moon—including President Donald Trump’s commitment to resume that space-faring mission—but more broadly around the Asia-centered steps being taken towards a New Paradigm based on economic development and peace. The June 28-29 G20 summit in Osaka made important progress in that direction, especially in the important meetings on the sidelines of President Trump with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, and with China’s President Xi Jinping—despite London’s feverish efforts to prevent them from happening. Now we are at the point where meat needs to be put on the bones, in order to keep up the positive momentum and bring about an actual strategic shift. On the Russia front, the Geneva arms talks start July 17, and although neither side is expecting any breakthroughs—especially since the central U.S. talking point seems to be getting China involved in arms reduction talks, which the Chinese have vetoed—at least the U.S. and Russia are sitting down to talk. On the China front, the question is: When will the personal conversation start up again between the two trade negotiating teams? Treasury Secretary Mnuchin said a second phone call since Osaka is expected shortly between the Chinese and U.S. negotiators, and if all goes well, a personal meeting will follow. However, a tense environment remains over economic issues, Taiwan, and other matters.

As Zepp-LaRouche stated in her discussion with associates: “We are at an absolute branching point We have to get people to understand that optimism is the power of Prometheus: it’s the power of creativity, it’s the power of mankind, because we can envision where man should go, and there is no limit to that.”