Expose The Big Lie Of "Russiagate": NSA and CIA Experts Will Show Congress All The "Secret Intelligence' Was False

May 20, 2019
  President Donald J. Trump participates in a walking tour of Cameron LNG Export Terminal Tuesday, May 14, 2019, in Hackberry, La. (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)
President Donald J. Trump participates in a walking tour of Cameron LNG Export Terminal Tuesday, May 14, 2019, in Hackberry, La. (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)

With manipulation of "secret intelligence" putting the United States under threat of an Iran war despite President Donald Trump's intentions, it is time to expose, finally and thoroughly, the British-originated faked intelligence which for three years has driven the "Russiagate" attempted coup against the President.

In a joint interview with LaRouchePAC TV May 18, very senior experts from the National Security Agency (NSA) and CIA said they were ready to tell Congressional committees exactly how the intelligence which launched the sordid "Russiagate" affair was manufactured, and by whom; and prepared to tell President Trump what he can do immediately to complete the exposé.

The results could also shock some Democrats and Republicans in Congress into more productive political action than crying for war and confrontation with Russia and China.

William Binney, who was the NSA's Technical Director until 2002 and designed the software for its surveillance capacities, has determined by testing methods and can prove that the Democratic National Committee (DNC) correspondence provided to WikiLeaks in 2016 was not hacked by Russia. Binney told LPAC TV: "[t]he DNC data that was posted by WikiLeaks ... clearly showed evidence of a property called a FAT format file. That's the file allocation table format, ... software used to read data to a storage device, either a thumb drive or a CD-ROM." He said the property found on the files received and disclosed by WikiLeaks was so conclusive, that the chances that the files were NOT transferred to a storage device by someone with physical access to the DNC server, were essentially zero. In addition, Binney's team found that the speeds at which the files were extracted from the DNC server cannot be achieved, or even approximated, by a hack over the Internet. The team tested this from locations in Eastern and Central Europe. "That said to us, that it wasn't a hack from Russia, it was an inside job, or somebody close in, that downloaded the data to a storage device and then took it physically."

It is known that the DNC server in question has never been examined by the FBI, or any agency except the private computer security firm CrowdStrike, headed by anti-Russian activists.

LaRouchePAC's lead investigator on this matter, Barbara Boyd, who cohosted the broadcast, asked Binney if there were one question President Trump could ask the NSA, to show him that the DNC files were, or were not hacked from Russia. "I would ask them for the trace routes of the packets from the DNC to Russia," Binney said, explaining that the NSA traces packets of data from "every device in the world" traversing the Internet. "I would ask them, very simply, `Where are the trace route packets, showing the packets going to the Russians?' And then again, where are the trace route programs showing the packets going from the Russians to WikiLeaks?"

Binney stated that the NSA never, through the entire "Russiagate" furor, expressed more than "moderate confidence" in the Russian hack story. "That tells me that they have nothing" and were just accepting CIA and FBI assessments, he concluded.

Veteran CIA and State Department counter-terror analyst Larry Johnson said of the President, "The first thing he needs to do is identify all of the [Trump/Russiagate] intelligence that was collected and disseminated within the U.S. government, within classified channels -- most of it was probably top secret, some of it was likely special access program -- and identify who originated that intelligence? ... Did it originate with the British? Or did it originate with an NSA collection directive; or did it come from a CIA directive? And then identify the individuals that were involved with working on those reports, putting them out, and who their chain of command and supervisors were? He needs to demand that the FBI identify all human assets and informants, that were working on political campaigns -- not just against Trump, but against other campaigns. And to ask for the declassification of all what are called the FD 1023 reports: the reports where the FBI meets with the confidential human source and writes up what they talked about and what directions they were given for future action."

The issue of what Bill Binney would tell President Trump is not theoretical: The President ordered then-CIA Director Mike Pompeo to meet with Binney "to get the facts" on precisely this question. That meeting occurred in October 2017, and Pompeo failed to follow through in any way, even after asking Binney if he were prepared to meet with FBI and NSA officials. Pompeo essentially buried this crucial matter, and neither Binney nor Johnson has ever been called to testify in any of the endless Congressional hearings on "Russiagate."

Senators from the Intelligence, Judiciary and Foreign Relations Committees have been asked in writing to call Binney, immediately, for this crucial testimony; they have not responded thus far. That situation has to be changed by citizens who want to save, not only the Presidency, but the nation from wars and ruinous great-power confrontations driven by false intelligence.