Fireside Chat with Bill Binney, Larry Johnson & Barbara Boyd

May 15, 2019

Fireside Chat with Bill Binney, Larry Johnson & Barbara Boyd

With the charge of collusion with Russia dead and buried, President Trump is moving quickly on the international stage to try to establish sane relations with Russia and China, as evidenced in the recent 90-minute Trump-Putin discussion and the just-announced meetings with Putin and Xi at the June G20 Summit. But the neo-cons and war-hawks in his Administration continue to push for confrontation, still peddling the line that Russia hacked the election and that Russia and China are our mortal enemies.

On our conference call on Thursday, two former members of the intelligence community, William Binney and Larry Johnson, will join LaRouche PAC's Barbara Boyd to make clear two things:

1. There was no Russian hack.
2. The country which interfered in our election was Great Britain, not Russia.

There comes a time in the life of a nation when all of its citizens are required to take a stand. Such a time is now. What is required is that Binney, Johnson and other members of the group called Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, be given a public hearing before the American people, in the Congress and the Senate of the United States. It is well within the capacity of every American, to act to demand that these individuals be heard by the entirety of America, and immediately.