BOMBSHELL: Obama/Clinton/British Spying Began in 2015, Involved All Potential Successors to US Presidency & Obama Enemies

May 7, 2019
Spook Stefan Halper, former British Secret Intelligence Service Richard Dearlove, and former head of the CIA, John Brennan.

There have been significant developments in the last days showing that investigators of the coup are broadening their focus to the appropriate target: the British imperial complex. As LaRouche PAC has repeatedly emphasized, the “why” motivating the hands and feet of the coup must also be investigated on the broadest possible strategic level, at the same time. The oligarchs were desperate to prevent the re-emergence of the United States as a revolutionary force in the world, working with Russia and China in a new paradigm of economic development and exploration of the new frontier of space, as foretold by Lyndon LaRouche and as already in germ form in the early campaign of Donald Trump and in China’s Belt and Road Initiative.

Here are the key developments:

First, Devin Nunes, wrote a letter to the intelligence services demanding to know what the relationship was of Joseph Mifsud to western intelligence services. Mifsud, who Robert Mueller’s team of legal assassins called a Russian agent, was involved in setting up Trump Campaign volunteer George Papadopoulos, and is deeply linked to British intelligence. Appearing on Fox, Nunes, who has been a key proponent of the "Russians Did It” line as Chairman and now ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, questioned whether it was the Russians at all, or whether the pretext for the FBI investigation of the Trump Campaign was a plot heavily orchestrated by British and American spooks.

Then, Andy McCarthy, the excellent legal commentator who has also ruthlessly promoted the "Russians Did It” myth, questioned that very premise in a must read dissection of how Crossfire Hurricane, FBI counterintelligence investigation of Trump, started. He uses Mueller’s report itself to demonstrate that the premise cited by the FBI is entirely false and originates in a fabrication by British intelligence hand and Australian Ambassador Alexander Downer.

“Downer’s report enabled the Obama administration to cover an investigative theory it was already pursuing with a report from a friendly foreign government, as if that report had triggered the Trump-Russia investigation. In order to pull that off, however, it was necessary to distort what Papadopoulos had told Downer.”

In concluding that the predicate for the entire investigation was fabricated, based on Mueller’s own findings, McCarthy repeatedly references the “British” side of the story, saying he is saving that until later.

On Hannity, May 6th, investigative reporter Sara Carter made the claim, based on her usually very reliable sources, that that the spying engaged in by the Obama Administration and its international partners was conducted on all individuals who were seen as political enemies by that Administration, and did not just focus on the Trump Campaign. Carter, appeared to shock Sean Hannity who has kept his partisan focus on the Russians, Hillary Clinton, and evil doers confined to the Justice Department and FBI buildings on Pennsylvania Avenue.

On Tuesday, May 7th, former CIA analyst and State Department counterterrorism expert, Larry Johnson filled all this out by dropping a very big, actual bombshell report, not to be confused with the very smelly fabricated bombshells manufactured by the main stream media over the past two years. We are not in position to confirm all of Johnson’s reporting, since it based on his unusually reliable sources, but it is coherent with the clear rumblings as to what is about to be disclosed based on the three other reports above. He writes that the CIA’s John Brennan, worked with British intelligence to conduct an intelligence dragnet of every Republican campaign and Bernie Sanders, running surveillance and developing detailed intelligence beginning in the summer of 2015.

"The information being gathered identified the key personnel in each campaign and identified the people outside the United States receiving their calls, texts and emails. This information was turned into intelligence reports that then were passed back to the United States intel community as "liaison reporting." This was not put into normal classified channels. This intelligence was put into a SAP, i.e. a Special Access Program. One person who needs to be called on the carpet and asked some hard questions is current CIA Director Gina Haspel. She was CIA Chief of Station in London at the time and was a regular attendee at the meeting of the Brit's Joint Intelligence Committee aka the JIC. I suppose it is possible she was cut out of the process, but I believe that is unlikely,” Johnson writes.

Johnson then points to a decision within Hillary’s campaign documented by Wikileaks, to tar Trump with the “Russian” brush as of December of 2015.

“Thanks to Wikileaks we have Campaign Manager John Podesta's email exchange in December 2015 with Democratic operative Brent Budowsky: “That's good, sooner it's clarified the better, and the stronger the better,” Budowski replies, later adding: “Best approach is to slaughter Donald for his bromance with Putin, but not go too far betting on Putin re Syria.”

Johnson then states that he believes the British intelligence firm Hakluyt was hired directly by the Clinton Campaign for operations against Trump. Stefan Halper, Alexander Downer, and Sir Richard Dearlove, who otherwise steered Christopher Steele, in marketing his phony dirty dossier against the President, are enmeshed in this venerable British retirement firm for MI6 spys. Downer, in turn, had a deep relationship to the Clinton Foundation. Hakluyt was the British geographer credited with the idea for founding the infamous British East India Company, central to all British imperial operations.

When you add to it, John Solomon’s determined reporting for The Hill, exposing the DNC/Ukraine operation against Paul Manafort, you are close to what LaRouchePAC has said consistently, based on the emphasis placed by Lyndon LaRouche in analyzing the Trump election and the immediate attempt to remove him. This is an international operation aimed against the growing potential to completely reshape the world, and the British imperialists and their American toadies were and are fighting for their lives. In the context of China’s emergence as a major strategic power, the British set upon a course for regime change in Russia starting with the Ukraine coup in 2014. This is the international playing field in which policy is made, and exposing this evil cabal presents an immediate and historic opportunity for a victory for humanity. This makes even more urgent LaRouchePAC’s call for Bill Binney, NSA’s former technical director, to testify to the Congress, calling into question the myth that Russia hacked the DNC and John Podesta, the foundational premise under which the coup targeting both Donald Trump and Russia has so far survived. It is clear that Hillary Clinton was the reliable pawn for continuing the very dangerous Great Game, to be elected, no matter what the cost to this nation and the world.