London Would Be a Lot Happier, If Only Reality Didn't Exist

April 10, 2019
NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine tours the NASA exhibit at the Space Symposium, Tuesday, April 9, 2019, at Broadmoor Hall in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Photo credit: (NASA/Aubrey Gemignani)
NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine tours the NASA exhibit at the Space Symposium, Tuesday, April 9, 2019, at Broadmoor Hall in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Photo credit: (NASA/Aubrey Gemignani)

The reality is that the spirit of JFK's Apollo Project is once again stirring in the land, with the Trump administration's announcement last week of the country's accelerated drive to return to the Moon, on our way to Mars. NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine delivered an enthusiastic keynote address to the Colorado Springs Space Symposium on April 9, where he stated: "This time we will go to the Moon to stay. And another thing that is unique is that, when we go to the Moon, we will go with a coalition of international partners."

The reality is also that the Second Belt and Road Forum, to be held in late April in Beijing, is taking shape as a major inflection point in the battle for economic development. There are now 124 countries and 29 international organizations that have signed cooperation agreements with China around the Belt and Road Initiative, China's Politburo member Yang Jiechi announced a few days ago. "Support for the BRI is the mainstream view of the international community," he noted.

And the reality, even more so, is that both of these revolutionary strategic initiatives are among the principal policies championed over decades by Lyndon LaRouche, and which are now taking shape on the world stage.

Nor has that point been lost on the British Empire, which has always tried to convince the world, philosophically and politically, that when a man dies, his power to affect change in the universe vanishes with his physical being. They are not amused—actually, they are terrified—by the growth of the power of LaRouche's ideas, which they rightly consider an existential threat to their system.

What does the British Empire have to offer instead? Insanity. A disintegrating world financial system. A totally dysfunctional European Union (if the Brexit crisis continues much longer, the EU itself will vanish and there will be nothing for the U.K. to exit from). Regime-change destabilizations and wars, from Venezuela to Iran to Libya. The continuing lie that Russia interfered in the U.S. elections, intended to escalate into a direct confrontation with that nuclear superpower. The unending drive to destroy the Trump Presidency, undeterred by mere facts or truth. And of course the cultural depravity of a New Opium War being waged against the American population, along with the pornography and other counter-culture that go with it.

Helga Zepp-LaRouche earlier today summarized the strategic situation in the following terms:

"We have the most incredible potential for the world to move very rapidly in the direction of Lyndon LaRouche's life's dream— namely to create a completely different order, a New Paradigm, a new set of international relations based on science, on a vision for the future of humanity. This is clearly the dominant, underlying dynamic on the planet."

She continued: "But it is also clear that we are in the most fierce battle, because the British Empire clearly realizes that, if they do not resort to their usual tricks of war and subversion and coups and whatnot, that they soon may be completely, historically irrelevant. So they are as dangerous as a wounded beast."

Zepp-LaRouche added that it was crucial to help free President Trump from these British pressures, coming both from abroad and from within his own administration, including Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and National Security Advisor John Bolton, who have recently spearheaded the drive for confrontation and even war with China, Russia, Venezuela, Iran and others.

Zepp-LaRouche concluded: "This all comes together with the absolute need to escalate on the exoneration campaign for Lyndon LaRouche. The best and probably only way to stop the war machine is the exoneration of LaRouche, because it would target and bring out into the open the crimes committed by the same apparatus which prosecuted LaRouche, covered up 9/11, and is now running the Russiagate operation to overthrow Trump. Russiagate has been completely discredited, and that must come out in the open and be acknowledged.

"This period will be one of unbelievable changes. There will be earthquakes in Europe with the upcoming European election, which could change the landscape entirely. You have the pending clouds of what will happen with Brexit. You have a completely changed dynamic in many areas of the world."

Zepp-LaRouche encouraged her associates: "Live up to the memory and the spirit of Lyndon LaRouche, and fulfill the mission of creating a new paradigm in the world, where all the people on this planet can have a life of security and peace."