Trump Tweet on British Opens Spring Offensive Against the Coup

March 20, 2019
Trump's retweet from March 17, 2019. (twitter/@realdonaldtrump)
Trump's retweet from March 17, 2019. (twitter/@realdonaldtrump)

by Barbara Boyd - [email protected]

March 20, 2019 - It has become entirely clear over the past 24 hours that the President and his defenders are on an all out offensive ahead of the release of the Mueller report, which many state is coming very soon. The President opened this campaign by attacking John McCain as part of the Russiagate fraud against him and went on to attack the British instigators and sustainers of the coup. On March 18, the President retweeted a tweet by William Craddick of Disobedient Media. Disobedient Media is one of the few outfits other than LaRouchePAC, and the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, with the guts to question the foundational premise of the coup, that the Russians hacked the DNC and Clinton Campaign Chair John Podesta. Craddick had tweeted, "Russiagate was designed in part to help the UK counter Russian influence by baiting the United States into taking a hard line against them. Leaves us all with a more dangerous world as a consequence. Just another episode of the great game."

The British Foreign Office responded directly to the President's retweet, stating to the Independent, "This claim is completely false." The Independent, which went into a full froth about the tweet, is owned by former Russian oligarch Alexander Lebedev. The Independent didn't just trot out the Foreign Office —they enlisted a higher power to condemn the American president for the tweet, in the form of Conservative MP Nicolas Soames. Soames declared the President delusional. Soames is the grandson of Winston Churchill and the former consigliere for Prince Charles, beginning his career in that respect with slanders against Princess Diana. He went on to work for Sir James Goldsmith and has compared those supporting Brexit as "growling Alsatians who must be kicked hard in the balls." We have documented that the British campaign against Trump has two purposes: eliminating Donald Trump and the threat he represents to British strategic and imperial policies and inducing a war fever in the U.S. population concerning Russia and China.

Depositions of Christopher Steele and John McCain's aide, David Kramer were unsealed last week, in part, by the U.S. District Court in the Southern District of Florida in Alexsej Gubarev's suit against Buzzfeed. They reveal how Steele orchestrated the publication of the entire ugly and fake Steele Dossier by Buzzfeed. It will be recalled that this filthy operation resulted in coverage of the inauguration of the 45th President of the United States being dominated by the British intelligence fabricated headline, disseminated world-wide, that Putin had caught Trump in perverse sexual acts in Moscow, when Trump, Steele alleged, paid prostitutes to pee on a bed formerly slept in by Barack and Michele Obama. As we have previously reported, Steele's 17 memos were so obviously fake that despite repeated efforts to launder them to media, even most media held off on publication. Most also believed that Hillary Clinton was going to win the election. The FBI, CIA, State Department, and Obama White House, however, pursued an "insurance policy" for that result in the form of an unprecedented intervention into the election with the collaboration of MI-6, GCHQ in the form of all out surveillance and black ops against the Trump campaign.

In November of 2016, Sir Andrew Wood, one of Sir Richard Dearlove's spies working with Steele, set up a meeting with John McCain to arrange to leak the entire dossier to the media, Republican Congressmen, and the FBI and Obama National Security Council. The two latter groups, of course already had it. McCain providing the dossier to the FBI was supposed to be the "news hook" to get the dirty dossier published. Steele tasked Kramer not only to give the dossier to John McCain for delivery to James Comey, but also to contact pre-selected reporters from the Guardian, Mother Jones, McClatchey, the Washington Post, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Carl Bernstein of CNN, and Ken Bensinger of Buzzfeed. Chuck Ross of Buzzfeed does an adequate job tracing Steele's use of the media and the Justice Department in his article in the Daily Caller published March 18th.

What Ross does not do, however, is pinpoint the entirely British intelligence origins of Christopher Steele's full spectrum information warfare operation against Trump the candidate and the Trump presidency, utilizing an extant network of Russian haters who all knew one another. Many, like Steele, were veterans of orchestrating the 2014 US/British coup against Yanukovych in Ukraine. Others were prior contacts of Steele. Ken Bensinger, Buzzfeed's reporter, for example, wrote a book on the FIFA scandal which used Christopher Steele as a major source. David Kramer is a full blown Chatham House devotee, being caught in the early summer via the hack of Kyle Parker's emails at the State Department, conspiring with various British operatives against the Trump Campaign. Kramer has held the British designated chairs in the American government including the public diplomacy posts in the State Department. His career appears to have been sponsored by Paula Dobriansky who suffers from a similar full infection with the British imperial disease. Both Kramer and Dobriansky were signatories to PNAC and Kramer is also close to Kurt Volcker, presently involved as the U.S. Special Representative to Ukraine. Steele's deposition also revealed, once again, the dossier's entirely fraudulent character. Steele claimed that he used a 2009 report he found on CNN's iReport website to verify his source reports about Gubarev, and said he wasn't aware that submissions to that site are posted by members of the public and are never checked for accuracy. Thus, the man sold as a superspy to the public, used the equivalent of an internet chatroom for verification. Even Fusion GPS warned Steele that his reports about Gubarev were false, to no avail.

Congressmen Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows are also going after Mueller lead prosecutor Andrew Weissman and Zainab Ahmad, who prosecuted Michael Flynn. They note that former Deputy Associate Attorney General Bruce Ohr told Congress that he told Weissman and Ahmad about his meeting with the British spy Christopher Steele, alerting the two prosecutors that Steele was "desperate" to prevent Donald Trump from becoming president before the special counsel was appointed. In addition to that red flag, Steele's cash for trash effort was funded in the U.S. by the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton Campaign. Yet the Justice Department used Steele as its primary source in its counterintelligence investigation against Trump, including FISA applications to spy on the Trump campaign. Jordan and Meadows have asked Attorney General William Barr to investigate whether the two prosecutors' shared Steele's bias against the President. Conservative allies of the President have also caused court records detailing Weissman's despicable conduct in the Enron case to be unsealed.

On March 19th, both Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity claimed that there are new and devastating revelations about to hit about how the coup was conducted against the President including depositions, declassification of key documents, and other materials. They say that these revelations will stun and shock the American public. Congressman Meadows, who appeared on Hannity, said some of these shocks will involve individuals currently sitting as Ambassadors who were involved, full bore, in the coup against the President.