Crush The British War Party

January 24, 2019
President Trump, joined by the Secretary of State and acting Secretary of Defense, attend the dignified transfer of remains Saturday, Jan 19, 2019, at Dover Air Force Base in Dover, DE, for four Americans killed in a suicide explosion Wednesday in Syria.
President Trump, joined by the Secretary of State and acting Secretary of Defense, attend the dignified transfer of remains Saturday, Jan 19, 2019, at Dover Air Force Base in Dover, DE, for four Americans killed in a suicide explosion Wednesday in Syria.

The Schiller Institute and LaRouche Political Action Committee have just escalated their fight against the British-led war party in the United States, after successfully exposing British intelligence as the driving force of `Russiagate' against President Donald Trump. All intelligent Americans now know it is London, the British party for war against Russia and China, which has tried to drive Trump out of office, because he believes in cooperation with those powers.

Now EIR's Barbara Boyd, who has led this exposure, has written a new pamphlet specifically targeting the British military's "Integrity Initiative" disinformation front for war, and all offices in the U.S. House and Senate are receiving it as part of national circulation.

There is found the next step which must be taken. The British role in the coup against President Trump is exposed. We must act to defeat that coup — shut up the war party in both political parties in Congress, who are outdoing each other to try to keep the United States in perpetual war in developing countries and constant confrontation with great powers. These Members of Congress think they have to take the place of the generals Trump has fired, in pushing for war!

As our leaflet now out in New York City says, "When the US President withdraws U.S. troops from Syria and Afghanistan, why do New York Liberals do NOTHING to support those moves?

"When the US President, with the diplomatic assistance of the Russian Federation, of China and of the Republic of Korea, negotiates directly with the Chairman of North Korea to de-nuclearize, and develop, the Korean peninsula, why do New York Liberals do NOTHING to support these concrete moves for Peace?

"When an American President seeks to reverse the escalating New Cold War, and improve relations with Russia — to avert world war — why do liberals join a McCarthyite/Hooverite witchhunt?"

The LaRouche Political Action Committee is guiding the next step with "The Way Forward" — also out nationally and to all offices of Congress. This statement explains Lyndon LaRouche's proposed laws "to save the nation," and the new Bretton Woods international credit system for development, which can be formed on the initiative of the United States, China, Russia and India.

We are mobilizing for the intelligence and foresight of the American people. They have to give up cheering for profanity- shouting political "warriors" on either side, or for hyped-up celebrity "experts" and stock market "winners"; to study how to bring the nation back up to a level of scientific and economic progress equal to or better than its best before, from industry and agriculture to space exploration and fusion power; to learn how cooperation with other major nations can create a more human age of mankind. LaRouchePAC's class series on the science of a New Bretton Woods international system, is for that purpose.

In one small step for mankind, NASA this week has given us a lead, by a statement which discusses collaborative travel to and exploration of the Moon with China — prohibited by a law of the Congressional war party; but that law can be changed. To make it happen, would be a giant leap for mankind against the British war party.



Washington Goes for Regime-Change in Venezuela; Formally Recognizes President of National Assembly as Head of State

Egged on by London's War Party in Washington, including Vice President Mike Pence and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, the White House today announced that it was "recognizing the President of the Venezuelan National Assembly, Juan Guaido, as the Interim President of Venezuela. In its role as the only legitimate branch of government duly elected by the Venezuelan people, the National Assembly invoked the country's constitution to declare Nicolas Maduro illegitimate, and the office of the presidency therefore vacant." Canada and a number of Ibero- American countries—including Brazil, Argentina and Colombia—quickly followed Washington's lead.

The Maduro government in Caracas responded by breaking diplomatic relations with the United States, ordering all American diplomats out of the country within 72 hours.

China, Russia, Mexico and many other countries have continued to recognize the Maduro government, which recently won reelection, refusing to engage in "interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign nation."

The British trap has now been armed for a full-scale geopolitical confrontation in the Americas, possibly including violent civil war inside Venezuela. The Venezuelan Supreme Court has backed the Executive, declaring the National Assembly's actions unconstitutional. The all-important military at this point continues to side with Maduro.

War Party loudmouths in Washington are pointing the finger at Russia and China for threatening U.S. security by refusing to join the operation to overthrow Maduro. They are denouncing Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba as Russian and Chinese "beachheads" in the Americas—part of London's effort to stop the extension of the Belt and Road Initiative to the Americas. VP Pence in a recent speech argued that the U.S. faces a "Wolf Pack of Rogue States," a comment which the Air Force Times insightfully characterized as "Pence channels his inner Bush."

Lyndon LaRouche was among the first international statesmen to harshly criticize Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, and his anointed successor Maduro, for their British-sponsored Jacobinism. But LaRouche also repeatedly insisted that regime- change operations should never be employed, including in Venezuela, as they open the Pandora's Box to London's efforts to end the Westphalian system of national sovereignty and unleash chaos. The current effort to topple the Maduro government could well do just that, in much the same way as the Bush-Obama regime- change operations in Iraq, Libya, Syria and elsewhere did.

New National Intelligence Strategy Report has Geopolitical Focus on 'Adversaries' Russia and China; China Responds

In a press conference to his staff in McClean, Va. yesterday, Director of National Intelligence (DNI) Dan Coats presented the 2019 National Intelligence Stratgy Report, which is released every four years.

This is a geopolitical tract which emphasizes the dangers posed by such "traditional adversaries" as Russia and China, as well as North Korea and Iran, reflecting a shift away from previous years' focus on combatting international terrorism. It is also said to echo the intelligence community's "unanimous" 2017 conclusion that Russia interfered in the U.S.'s 2016 presidential elections to "undermine the U.S.-led liberal democratic order."It also feels compelled to stress its commitment to becoming "more transparent," in order to regain the trust of the American people, who have no reason to trust the intelligence community for anything, given its history of skulduggery.

While documenting many other "dangers"—cyberthreats, the "democratization of space," Chinese and Russian development of anti-satellite weapons to challenge U.S. military effectiveness, etc. etc.—the report is primarily concerned that "traditional adversaries will continue attempts to gain and assert influence, taking advantage of changing conditions in the international environment—including the weakening of the post-WWII international order and dominance of Western democratic ideals, increasingly isolationist tendencies in the West, and shifts in the global economy."

In its "Strategic Environment" section, the report warns of the likely continuation of "Russian efforts to increase its influence and authority" which "may conflict with U.S. goals and priorities in multiple regions." An additional concern, is "Chinese military modernization and continued pursuit of economic and territorial predominance in the Pacific region and beyond." And Iran and the North Korea nuclear program pose additional threats, it warns.

Responding to a question about the report in her press conference today, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chungying noted that the U.S. has issued a series of similar reports recently, "which levied some groundless accusations against China and Russia. We are opposed to that. We have stressed many times that China remains committed to the path of peaceful development and firmly pursues defense policies that are defensive in nature. Just as you have seen, China is always an architect for world peace, a contributor to global development and a guardian of international order. China once again urges the U.S. to abandon the outdated Cold War mentality and zero-sum game mindset and contribute more to the mutual trust and cooperation between China and the U.S. as well as the peace and stability of the world."