Buzzfeed's Blunder Shows British Coup Against Trump Can Be Defeated

January 21, 2019
President Donald J. Trump, joined by Vice President Mike Pence, addresses his remarks at the Pentagon Thursday, January 17, 2019, announcing the Pentagon’s Missile Defense Review.(Official White House Photo by Tia Dufour)
President Donald J. Trump, joined by Vice President Mike Pence, addresses his remarks at the Pentagon Thursday, January 17, 2019, announcing the Pentagon’s Missile Defense Review.(Official White House Photo by Tia Dufour)

The Jan. 18 mistake by BuzzFeed, the notorious website which first brought us British MI6's faked-up Steele dossier against President Donald Trump, lays open the ongoing British intelligence coup attempt against the President, for defeat. The failing British elite, in chaos themselves, have spent since late 2015 targeting Trump more and more intensely, to keep him away from the White House or then to remove him, because of his intended policy of cooperation for peace and economic progress with Russian President Putin and Chinese President Xi. Now the American people can destroy this coup with a mass public demand that all the intelligence community's documents of 2016 and 2017 showing the sources of organized charges and attacks against the President, be declassified and made public. Some Congressional Democratic leaders will be exposed in the process, for having seen or been briefed on these still-secret documents, and lied about their contents.

BuzzFeed's claim that Special Counsel investigators had given it evidence that Trump ordered one of his attorneys to lie to Congress, had to be immediately repudiated by legal assassin Robert Mueller himself. But this, only after half a dozen knee-jerking Democrats in Congress had forecast Trump's immediate impeachment or resignation because of it.

Critically, EIR's Barbara Boyd has shown that BuzzFeed is an open U.S. component of British military intelligence's so-called Integrity Initiative (II). This II was created for propaganda and disinformation attacks on collaborators of Russia all over Europe, including Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn in the U.K., and most particularly, Donald Trump in the United States.

This is the third patently faked, British impeach-Trump news story in the past three months, beginning with the London Guardian's wild one, quickly shown to be a fabrication, that Paul Manafort repeatedly visited Julian Assange at the London Embassy of Ecuador in 2016.

The plain lying shows the coup planners clearly got desperate as President Trump began moving to withdraw U.S. troops from the Syria and Afghanistan wars; to London, those American troops are their Gurkhas, and must remain in the chaos the wars have created, to help divide and conquer developing countries and keep the entire world divided by geopolitics.

This desperation has further exposed the coup attempt as by British intelligence.

Trump's Syria/Afghanistan withdrawal plan also bears a relationship to his other initiative, his Jan. 17 missile defense speech which has brought up memories of Ronald Reagan's 1983 SDI speech. It is a relationship the President may not be fully aware of. A shift of American nuclear deterrence strategy from Mutually Assured Destruction to Mutually Assured Survival, cannot be done as an "add-on" to U.S. military spending and deployment dominated by the Anglophile war party which then, in 1983, was represented against Reagan by George H.W. Bush. That British-aligned war party goes back to President Harry Truman's subservience to Winston Churchill. Today, it absolutely prefers endless war in Syria and Afghanistan, and the removal of Donald Trump and his Mutually Assured Survival ideas.

Missile defense requires a technological revolution in relativistic beam and related industrial technologies. It must be a crash program, involving many hundreds of billions in investment over a number of years. It requires getting all U.S. forces out of the seven or eight limited wars they are now in, eliminating the overseas war contingency budgets and much else. It must be a complete shift in overall strategic focus, which is transparent to Russia and China in particular, and which immediately invites them to collaborate in the same transformation. And it requires a parallel crash program in space exploration, also collaborative with other major space-faring nations, and enabling a Strategic Defense of Earth against potential immensely destructive asteroid and/or meteor strikes, for which the human race currently has no defense.

An SDI like that designed during the 1970s by Lyndon LaRouche and in parallel by Dr. Edward Teller and collaborators, is hardly possible now without a big shift in economic policy, which the nation needs anyway. Look at "The Way Forward", the LaRouche Political Action Committee's new mass-circulation statement. It challenges Congress to enact LaRouche's Four Laws, beginning with Glass-Steagall bank regulation and a new national credit institution for productive infrastructure investment, and creating a fusion/plasma technology crash program and a revival of NASA space exploration. It goes on to propose a four-power agreement with China, Russia and India for a new credit system for international economic development.

These new economic and scientific policies would be the underpinnings of any Strategic Defense of Earth, or any potential shift to Mutually Assured Survival.

And for the President to take a leading role in such changes, as he may intend to, the British coup against him must be defeated for good, now.



Fool Me Once... The Strange Tale of Buzzfeed and the Integrity Initiative

On Friday night, Buzzfeed published a "bombshell" story to the effect that Donald Trump had ordered his former lawyer Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about the Trump Tower project in Moscow. The story was sourced to two anonymous FBI agents who claimed to be completely familiar with what Special Counsel Robert Mueller had on this. Saturday, the Democratic Party and its media appendages in the United States collectively went crazy, hyperventilating (while attempting outright seriousness and pomposity): "Now we are definitely in impeachment territory." They proclaimed the President's impeachment was imminent due to the Buzzfeed bombshell well over 200 times on U.S. outlets. The only problem was that the Buzzfeed bombshell was so fake that it even drew an unprecedented rebuttal from Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Mueller stated publicly on Saturday night that Buzzfeed's claims were not accurate.

There is the saying, traced to the Italians (who seem to me to have a monopoly on all the good ones), "Fool Me Once, Shame on You. Fool Me Twice, Shame On Me." Buzzfeed was chosen, somehow, by the highest levels of British intelligence and its lackies here, to fully publish the Christopher Steele dirty dossier about Donald Trump on January 10, 2017. It has been leaked to Buzzfeed by John McCain's aide David Kramer, long associated with the National Endowment for Democracy and other British associated intelligence and regime change operations in the United States. There followed a flurry of articles pumping Steele's credibility and that of the dossier by various reporters and officials who have since been linked to the Integrity Initiative, the British military's psywar and info war apparatus now working with the U.S. State Department. In its internal documents, the Integrity Initiative lists Buzzfeed as a "friendly publication" to its anti-Russian, censor or smear any other dissenters, information warfare and censorship campaign. They note that Buzzfeed allows publication of the Initiative's anonymously sourced materials. They reference planned meetings with Buzzfeed for purposes of complete integration and "strengthening" the bonds.

An early 2017 campaign by key figures in the Institute sought to bolster British agent Christopher Steele's credibility after Buzzfeed's publication of the dirty and fabricated dossier on Trump paid for by the Clinton Campaign and otherwise shopped to the American public by the Obama White House, the CIA, and the FBI. The "Vouching for Chris Steele's bonafides" campaign aimed at overcoming the stench from what was, on its face, an easily discernible sloppy British intelligence hoax. This campaign was serviced by the former British Ambassador to Russia, Sir Andrew Wood, a bigwig in the Integrity Initiative and a business associate of Christopher Steele. Wood initiated the Steele-McCain- Kramer leak. It also included Luke Harding of the Guardian, and Michael Weiss of the Daily Beast and The Interpreter. The Interpreter is the Institute of Modern Russia's journal and a font for British intelligence operations against Russia. A major piece in this campaign was authored by Howard Blum for Vanity Fair. Blum, who cut his teeth at the Village Voice and later worked for the New York Times, is a known scribe for the U.S. intelligence community and has authored defamations of Lyndon LaRouche. He has yet to be linked to the Integrity Initiative's clusters of cooperating journalists.

So, a British intelligence hit piece, which otherwise dwelled on a site famous for cat videos and other clickbait, became the "backbone" of Russiagate. It's widespread introduction to the American public was timed to go with Donald Trump's inauguration, introducing the "real" President as a Manchurian candidate who engaged in perverse sexual acts in Moscow.

On Friday, Buzzfeed, the Integrity Institute's friendly publication, tried to up the impeach Trump ante with the fake Michael Cohen story. Like the Steele Dossier, the Buzzfeed claims about Cohen, just plain smelled to anyone with minimum intelligence. If Mueller had the information Buzzfeed said he had, he would surely have included it in Michael Cohen's indictment and plea deal. It was probably thought Mueller would stay silent as the media storm accelerated, as he has, so reliably in the past.

One of the authors of the fake story, Jason Leopold, has been through exactly the same scenario used for this fake story in the past: alleged reliance on "two FBI agents with knowledge of the investigation" to report a non-existent event. Previously, Leopold relied on two FBI agents, cited anonymously, during the Valerie Plame scandal, to report that Karl Rove was to be indicted, and that, was to happen imminently. The "two FBI sources" did him no better back then. The Rove indictment never happened nor was it ever planned. Leopold was fired from Salon for plagiarism, is a convicted felon, and a former cocaine addict. Buzzfeed's Ben Smith describes Buzzfeed's practice as posting first what people are otherwise seeing on the Internet and correcting any errors through the social media mechanism of twitter complaints. The Columbia Journalism Review's discussion of Buzzfeed's journalistic ethos is headlined, "Who Cares If It's True?" Think about these widely known facts when reviewing the sanity of the Democratic Party officials who went to the ramparts Saturday over yet another piece of easily recognizable crap.