LaRouchePAC Fireside Chat - September 6, 2018

September 6, 2018

Fireside Chat with Jason Ross, September 6, 2018

Friend, As the fight for the U.S. Republic heats up against the outright sedition against President Trump of recent days, huge developments in the history of the world are taking place in China which few in the United States know anything about. China and the nations of Africa are joining together to develop that continent into a modern from of economy, ending years of debt slavery, resource stripping, and perpetual colonial warfare aimed at population control — the paradigm of imperial colonialism. This is something which the LaRouche movement has campaigned for since its founding. These plans were substantially advanced on Monday and Tuesday at the meeting of the Forum on China Africa Development (FOCAP) in China. Jason Ross is the author, with Hussein Askary, of a major special report concerning these developments and will discuss their exciting potential for all of humanity in tonight’s Fireside Chat. With these developments, victory becomes not some far off dream, but something which is present and palpable.

In addition, tonight’s call will discuss the furious escalation of the coup over the past two weeks and why the enemy is so desperate. Join us for tonight's discussion.