Fearing Progress in Asia, British Move To Explode the Mideast

May 15, 2018
Gazan protestors at Gaza-Israel barrier on May 11, 2018. (IDF Spokesperson Unit)
Gazan protestors at Gaza-Israel barrier on May 11, 2018. (IDF Spokesperson Unit)

Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu government has committed an unforgivable massacre of Palestinians in Gaza during the past day; and in doing so, has increased the danger of a new and general Mideast War which is already too close. The danger this poses to the world's peace should not be underestimated — nor the disaster it could be for the economic reconstruction and progress potentially available to the Mideast and Africa, from the Belt and Road Initiative spreading across Eurasia.

Netanyahu is not the prime mover in this escalation, even in his blatant aggression against Syria and threats of war against Iran and Lebanon. Nor is President Donald Trump, whose rash mistake on Jerusalem came as he was fighting for his political life against a campaign of impeachment and prosecution.

The prime mover for war has been British intelligence and British government elites, demanding war confrontation with Russia from Trump, while simultaneously instigating and escalating the coup attempt against him.

Again today the head of British Intelligence MI5, Andrew Parker, lectured European Union intelligence officials on the necessity to fight Russia in every way. Since March the British government has whipped up war hoaxes and anti-Russia confrontations — the Skripal poisoning case, the very dubious Douma, Syria, "chemical weapons" attack. British assets in Israel and Saudi Arabia have staged their own hoaxes against Iran while attacking Syria and conducting an ethnic cleansing war against Yemen.

So terrified are British geopoliticians by the prospect of "New Silk Road" collaboration among China, Russia, India, and Trump's United States, along with Japan, South Korea, and others, they have willingly promoted wars against it.

Immediately, the threat of general war in the Mideast can only be reversed on the basis of President Trump and President Putin meeting and collaborating on it, as both want to do. Those two presidents can stop the descent. But the danger can really be removed only by a comprehensive plan of economic development from Afghanistan to the Mediterranean and from the Caucusus to the Gulf, including creation of critical new infrastructure and using China's methods of combatting serious poverty.

This will be possible through the new paradigm of the Belt and Road Initiative if the four key great powers named earlier can cooperate in it, assisted by those other Asian nations. Exactly that level of — apparently impossible — breakthrough has been shown possible by the progress toward peace and reconstruction on the Korean Peninsula. It has resulted from the will to cooperate of Trump, China's President Xi, Putin, South Korean President Moon, and Japanese Prime Minister Abe. That possibility, including India's critical contribution, must be held up for South Asia, the Mideast, and North Africa.

For the United States, more is needed. The British attack on the Presidency is a war against cooperation with Russia and China; but also an attack against leadership, as such. It has been half a century since the United States had Presidential leadership which even partially defied British geopolitics; and that leadership was assassinated. During that half-century, Americans have increasingly let Wall Street take over from Presidents, and run Congresses; have lost the sense of productive employment, become cultural pessimists.

"I like this leader, or that one," or, "I don't like all the chaos and infighting," won't solve anything. American citizens have to become leaders and independent thinkers themselves, as once was their brag. Taking their economy and government back from Wall Street, is the purpose for which the LaRouche movement is providing them the tools.