British Escalate With a Hoax in Syria; This Propaganda Could Lead to World War

April 9, 2018
Syrian White Helmets at work in Arbin City. Feb 6, 2018 (Qasioun News Agency / Screen Grab)

London media and the British-created "White Helmets" launched a crude new hoax over the past 24 hours, a "chemical weapons attack on a hospital in Douma," Syria, as war propanda aimed at U.S. President Donald Trump. Though military intelligence experts saw through the hoax, and Russian officials had predicted it precisely, today's British celebration was typified by the Sunday Telegraph headline, "Donald Trump Condemns Vladimir Putin after Syria Chemical Attack Kills Dozens." At the same time Reuters and BBC, which originated the flaming story, acknowledged they had no evidence any chemical attack had taken place, except reports and (very dubious) videos sent by the jihadi group Jaish al-Islam and the pro-terrorist "White Helmets."

Helga Zepp-LaRouche said yesterday morning that this new hoax, following immediately on the faltering British war propaganda against Russia over the Skripal poisoning case, is extremely dangerous for the world — but can be rejected.

She also noted that this propaganda is exactly in line with the open rebellion being incited against President Trump's public order for an early U.S. completion of military operations in Syria, as in the Washington Post's lead editorial and Sunday front-page lead.

"Britain does not conduct one pre-war propaganda operation [the Skripal poisoning claim] and then stop when that falters and doesn't produce full confrontation," Zepp-LaRouche said. "No, it escalates the same pre-war propaganda mobilization. If this is not immediately stopped it can have the greatest consequences, including a final world war."

She pointed to the Russian Foreign Ministry's warning: "Military intervention [i.e., a new NATO missile attack] under false & fabricated pretexts in Syria, where Russian servicemen stay at the request of the legitimate government, is absolutely unacceptable and may trigger the gravest consequences." And to Gen. Evgeny Buzhinsky (ret.), now of the Russian Center for Policy Studies (PIR Center), who on BBC accused Britain of lying, which could lead to "real war — the last war in the history of mankind."

But also to American Defense Intelligence Agency veteran Col. Pat Lang (ret.), who called these chemical attack hoaxes "news feeds from the propaganda apparatus of the rebels, much of it supported financially by the British government's foreign ministry, and delivered through MI6. What on Earth motivates the U.K. in this devilment?"

Helga Zepp-LaRouche had just spoken April 7 to a conference of the Schiller Institute and foreign press in New York, where she placed the threat of a new crash of the London-centered financial system squarely behind London's escalating war propaganda. "Why", she asked, "is there a demonization of President Putin coming from the same people who are also demonizing President Trump and President Xi Jinping? This is the same foolishness which already led to the Second World War and could easily trigger a Third World War. ... What is behind that is ... desperation because the financial powers of the City of London and their Wall Street collaborators see clearly that their system is failing...."

"Imagine," she said, "if we could mobilize the American people to exert pressure on President Trump ... and he would accept the offer of Xi Jinping to cooperate with the New Silk Road ... and also the European countries would eventually recognize — most of them are doing it already — but even the remaining ones would recognize that the cooperation with Russia, with China and the other nations who already have joined the Belt and Road Initiative — that this would be much more in their self-interest, than the present course of the British confrontation with Russia and with China."



Britain's 'White Helmets' Most Preposterous 'Chemical Attack' Story Yet, Aimed To Create World War Confrontation

Major U.S. and London media are filled Sunday morning with the most unbelievable claim yet of a mass chemical attack in Syria, as a pretext, desired by Theresa May's British government, for British, French and/or U.S. attacks on Syria, threatening world war.

When the hoked-up video of the victims and survivors of this faux attack first appeared on BBC Saturday night, one could have wondered whether Saddam Hussein had risen from the grave with his weapons of mass destruction, or even whether "Polish forces have crossed the German border" again. Military intelligence experts, not only in Russia and Syria but also in the United States, immediately proclaimed the "chemical attack" a hoax. Russia's Defense Ministry had been forecasting exactly such a false-flag operation as far back as March 17, at least.

The first "report" of this alleged atrocity — not just on the city of Douma, but, of course, on a hospital — originated with the jihadi group Jaish al-Islam, which is fighting Syrian Arab Army forces and has had control of the relevant area (and hospital) for some time. It was spread by the British-run, pro-terrorist "White Helmets" rescue organization, now renamed Syrian Civil Defense, and the curiously named Syrian American Medical Society in Washington, D.C. It alleged constantly rising numbers had been killed and 500 injured by a chemical bombing.

One video on BBC showed "rescue workers," most without masks, moving about in a hallway, passing young children to one another, hosing down others, etc. Another showed people of all ages lying in a pile, some with foam around their mouths. Reuters and the London-based Syrian Observatory ran with the story while reporting they could not confirm any chemical attack.

Russia, the target of this British stage show, had warned for weeks that desperate jihadi groups had possession of chemical agents, both in Eastern Ghouta and in the north of Syria, and were planning false flag chemical weapons events to bring on NATO attacks on Syrian and Russian military sites.

President Donald Trump is the next British target because of his desire to cooperate against terrorism with Vladimir Putin's Russia. Trump tweeted on Sunday morning: "Many dead, including women and children, in mindless CHEMICAL attack in Syria. Area of atrocity is in lockdown and encircled by Syrian Army, making it completely inaccessible to outside world. President Putin, Russia and Iran are responsible for backing Animal Assad. Big price to pay. Open area immediately for medical help and verification. Another humanitarian disaster for no reason whatsoever. SICK! Donald J. Trump".

The truly most party to the report is May's British government. Its demand for total confrontation with Russia got far less than complete support from European allies and President Trump when it accused Russia of a nerve agent murder attempt on British soil. Britain's own chemical weapons defense laboratory failed to back up Ms. Mayhem and Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson.

The Russian Defense Ministry responded to the current British pageant of marvels as follows: "Hoaxes on attacks using chlorine or other poisonous substances by Syrian government forces are continuing to emerge. Another such hoax that has supposedly taken place is the alleged chemical attack in Douma yesterday. At the same time, references have been made to the notorious NGO `White Helmets,' which has been repeatedly caught acting with terrorists, as well as other so-called humanitarian organizations based in the United Kingdom and the United States," according to Sputnik today. The Defense Ministry emphasized that it had repeatedly warned about possible provocations involving the use of chemical weapons in Syria. Their major aim is to accuse Syrian government forces of chemical weapons use and justify possible military intervention in Syria from abroad, according to the ministry's statement, wrote Sputnik this morning, under the headline, "Moscow Warns Against Foreign Attack in Syrian Areas where Russian Troops Located."