Theresa May's Anti-Russia Crusade Is Nothing but the UK's War on Trump, Chapter 2

March 27, 2018
President Donald Trump talks with British Prime Minister Theresa May during a bilateral meeting in the Oval Office, Friday, January 27, 2017. Prime Minister May was the first Head of State to officially visit the White House. (Official White House Photo)

Lyndon and Helga LaRouche have played a major part in shaping relations among nations for the better over the past 35 years: through LaRouche's concept for President Reagan's 1983 Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) and the "LaRouche Doctrine" for great-power relations that accompanied it; and through their 1989 "Eurasian Land-Bridge" campaign which contributed finally to China's Belt and Road Initiative, now developing many nations worldwide. Throughout, the enemy of those moves toward a new paradigm of development was the City of London financial empire and British geopolitics.

This previously often-concealed reality has suddenly become dramatically clear. British Prime Minister May and Foreign Minister Boris Johnson have bullied the United States and 14 European nations into an escalating confrontation with Russia which is aimed to wreck great-power collaboration for progress through the great Belt and Road projects, and which can lead fast toward world war.

Helga LaRouche emphasized, yesterday, that London has done this in reaction to the discrediting of the British intelligence-driven `Russiagate' coup attempt against President Donald Trump. She blasted the unevidenced "Russian nerve agent case" as nothing but Russiagate continued, reinvented and revived. Its success so far, after `Russiagate' against Trump had failed, is extremely dangerous, she said. Both China and Russia will react to this changed trans-Atlantic agenda.

China, through its President Xi Jinping and its party organs such as Global Times, has recognized that China's peaceful rise, facing a rampage of British geopolitical and economic warfare, may not be allowed to be easy or peaceful.

But China has unleashed a development dynamic raising productivity and living standards of many nations as well as its own, using a new concept LaRouche called "the World Land-Bridge development" 30 years ago. Its Belt and Road Initiative is now drawing in nations even in Western Europe. Its leadership will not be stopped by tariff war or investment embargo; rather, it will apply that new paradigm to stop them.

As Helga LaRouche put it, China is finally sweeping aside London's centuries of Malthusianism and zero-sum geopolitics; and replacing it with a new paradigm of mutual benefit of nations, poverty eradication, scientific progress, "a community of shared destiny." Lyndon LaRouche has insisted for 50 years on the necessity of that replacement. His movement put out the ammunition to defeat the attacks on President Trump coming from British intelligence, and the economic policy actions to bring about America's future on the "New Silk Road."

Theresa May's government's counterattack is dangerous; American and European patriots must fight it.

President Trump, Investigate British Subversion of the USA