Perfidious Albion Delenda Est

March 22, 2018
File photo: US Marines practice decontamination procedures. April 2013. (US DoD)

The British Empire, threatened with its final demise, unleashed a desperate ploy this month, claiming without any evidence that Russia had used a nerve gas to attack Sergei and Yulia Skripal on British soil. London called on its trusted Western allies - and most of all, the United States — to rally behind its evil geopolitical designs, for war on Russia, and likely also China, intent on preserving their imperial division of the world into East and West. After all, the ploy had worked so often in the past. As the Lords so delight in saying: British brains and American brawn can preserve the Empire, even though the age has long passed when Britannia Ruled the Waves.

But the world has changed. Rather than dutifully following the "special relationship" with the Mother Country, President Donald Trump, on Tuesday, March 20, 2018, instead called President Vladimir Putin. The leaders of the U.S. and Russia held a dignified, extensive discussion about the necessity that these two great nations, together with China under the able leadership of Xi Jinping, can and must set about to solve the multiple existential crises facing mankind. Adults, discussing the real world, providing real leadership to a world brought to the brink of thermonuclear holocaust and global economic chaos by the misleadership of the Lords of London and their satrapies in Europe and America.

Together, Presidents Trump, Putin and Xi have already demonstrated that terrorism can be defeated, and that through economic cooperation in the spirit of the New Silk Road, the world economy can bring all peoples into a prosperous and harmonious paradigm of human development.

For once, Perfidious Albion must stand alone, and it is increasingly obvious to the whole world that they have nothing to stand on. For fifty years, Lyndon LaRouche has warned Americans that British geopolitics and monetary policies were driving the U.S. and the world towards economic destruction, while the U.S. carried out colonial wars on behalf of the Empire. The fact that President Trump has dedicated himself to restoring the American System, as championed (essentially alone) by LaRouche over this past half century, while also declaring that the great powers of Russia, China and the United States must be friends, means that the British Empire is facing is final demise.

This, of course, is the reason that British intelligence launched the Russiagate coup attempt against President Trump. That campaign is collapsing, and its perpetrators are being exposed as traitors, along with the corrupt corporate media, which is apoplectic about Trump's call to Putin. With Russiagate greatly weakened, President Trump has gained the strength to carry out his original diplomatic intentions, as the world saw on Tuesday, March 20, a day that will be remembered in history. The implementation of American System economic policies, as presented in LaRouche's four laws, is equally urgent, as the impending collapse of the financial bubble can undermine the new paradigm.

It is a time for action. The world now sees the British Empire for what it is, and the alternative in the New Silk Road, creating a shared destiny of progress and cooperation for all nations. Focus every effort on this strategic goal. Allow no diversions. Victory is at hand.

President Trump, Investigate British Subversion of the USA