British Imperial Geopolitics Collapsing, Theresa May Desperately Tries To Control Trump

March 14, 2018
President Donald Trump clearly not buying PM Theresa May's B---S---, during the Davos 2018 conference. Jan 25, 2018 (Public Domain)

British Prime Minister Theresa May has put on a "Churchillian" show over the apparent poisoning of a Russian double agent in London. She and Foreign Secretary Boris "Col. Blimp" Johnson have issued a 24-hour ultimatum to Russia and demanded NATO support for a U.K. confrontation against Russia and possible attack on Syria. Tuesday afternoon May was pursuing President Donald Trump by phone to try to rope him into attacking Russia.

Unfortunately for her, Churchill himself was an eager user of poison weapons on the battlefield, "extermination bombing" -- as he put it -- and poison gas attacks on civilians from "inferior races." Many around the world remember the history of Great Britain, and are aware of its present arming and direction of the Saudi war of genocide against Yemen.

And the U.K. itself possesses the rare chemical nerve agent May claims was used by Russians in London.

But May's desperation really comes from the fact that the geopolitical doctrine conjured by Britain over centuries is at its fag end. It is being defeated by a new policy known as the New Silk Road and named by China's President the "common destiny of humanity."

China has brought a new, productive global infrastructure-building boom into the world and along with it, an idea of great power relations based on respect and mutual development aid for other nations. President Trump has chosen repeatedly to emphasize his excellent relation of mutual respect with China's President Xi Jinping, and their collaboration may even stabilize the Korean Peninsula.

The British intelligence-spawned "Russiagate" scandals in the United States, aimed at either forcing Trump into confrontation with Russia or forcing him out of office, continue to collapse -- now with the House Intelligence Committee ending its investigations and declaring, "nothing there."

President Putin's March 1 speech declared obsolete and dead, the NATO policy of surrounding Russia with NATO strategic first-strike capability. It cannot be ignored. The U.S. Defense Department itself has now acknowledged that U.S. ABM systems will not work against Russia's strategic weapons. As President Putin said, negotiation based on mutual respect is the best policy for both countries.

May herself could be about to be replaced as Prime Minister by Jeremy Corbyn, who actually has mass support in the British public, in part for rejecting war confrontations with Russia.

Whether the British PM can get President Trump to say "Russia did it" today, or not, her problem is deeper. As Helga Zepp-LaRouche commented yesterday, the establishment May represents is {already} defeated and in a rear-guard battle -- fighting for British imperial geopolitics to the bitter end. The new paradigm of great power relations pioneered by China is pushing the long-dominant British geopolitical doctrine off the stage of history.

The United States under Trump can avoid the "Thucydides Trap" and collaborate, to the mutual benefit of all nations.

But can it revive its industry, productivity, its spacefaring greatness, its scientific prowess -- or even the life expectancy of its citizens? Can it generate credit to replace its broken-down economic infrastructure?

There, both Trump and the Congress are foundering. And that is what participating in the New Silk Road means.

Lyndon LaRouche's movement alone can do this, because it can bring completely diverse groups and leading individuals to agreement on one policy. It is represented by Lyndon LaRouche's "Four New Laws To Save the Nation" formulated in 2014, and will become the policy of candidates and activists in the coming elections. On a higher level, it is the replacement of geopolitics, and its "Establishment," with the common destiny of the human species.

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