'Democracy': Is It The General Welfare Principle Or Partisan Paralysis And Regime-Change War?

February 14, 2018
State of the Union 2018 (Official White House Photo by D. Myles Cullen)

The Senate Intelligence Committee's hearing yesterday, with the leaders of the U.S. intelligence agencies, was an anti-Russia, anti-China riot by Senators and witnesses alike. The new McCarthyite political correctness overwhelmed any discussion of the actual topic, "threats to America's national security." If there is any question as to why President Trump has failed to pursue what he intended — great power cooperation with both Russia and China against terrorism and regional wars — it was answered by the display in the Senate yesterday, which surrounds him in the White House as well.

Shouting that China and Russia threaten "democratic values," the leading officials of the United States and Europe have demonstrated their utter inability to practice "democracy" successfully. Their parties render them unable to govern — or as currently in Germany, even to form a government to attempt it. They fail to reduce poverty where China is eliminating it; cannot stop a spreading drug addiction and suicide epidemic. They watch a neo-conservative military-Wall Street complex wage regime-change wars "against authoritarians, and for democracy"; those wars cause disastrous human suffering and death and destruction of wealth, spread international terrorism and mass refugee flows. They now face another developing financial crash, paralyzed by Wall Street from acting to stop it as China's authorities have done. Instead they shout "China is going to crash" year after year, while its contribution to the world's economic growth actually continually increases.

These problems require cooperation with China and Russia to solve, as President Trump clearly seemed to intend as he took office. But although the perpetrators of "Russiagate" who started the coup against him are now thoroughly discredited, the process of forcing the President into an anti-Russia, anti-China stance continues even in his own Administration.

Twice in the past two days, op-eds in one of China's leading newspapers, Global Times have directly contrasted that nation's ability to serve the general welfare of its people — government by and for the people — to the United States' extreme partisan paralysis and pursuit of "democracy" abroad by war. The second op-ed took up an issue now central to American partisan paralysis: economic infrastructure.

As the President has repeatedly acknowledged: The United States fails to deal with its crumbling infrastructure, does not defend its citizens from repeated hurricane flooding, fatal transportation breakdowns, bridge and dam collapses, contaminated drinking water — let alone improve their lives with new infrastructure platforms, as China has rapidly built out 15,000 miles of the most modern high-speed rail lines and revolutionized its people's mobility. If the United States insists that China is its competitor, Global Times wrote, "Infrastructure construction is also a sort of competition."

And this is a competition to serve the general welfare. President Trump's infrastructure plan, pushed on him by Goldman Sachs bank, will not do it; but neither has either political party offered a workable alternative — for well over half a century of decay and breakdown.

The only workable alternative is the one that aims at the common welfare of the American people and of mankind. That alternative starts by breaking up the Wall Street banks — reinstating the Glass-Steagall Act — and issuing trillions in new productive credit through a new national bank or Reconstruction Finance Corporation, to build a new, high-technology infrastructure platform for the United States. That approach is from Lyndon LaRouche's now famous "Four Laws," which also specify restoring the "Apollo Project" level of NASA effort for space exploration, and reviving research on fusion power technologies to the level of a crash program.

The infrastructure issue will now become part of the partisan 2018 elections. Let the common aims and welfare of mankind judge that competition, as they will judge China, America and "democracy."

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