Kesha Rogers: The Sails are Falling Off Captain Ahab Mueller's Ship; Let's Sink it Now

December 19, 2017

By Kesha Rogers, Independent Candidate for the 9th CD of Texas.

With last week’s revelation that the lead FBI case agent on the Trump/Russia investigation, Peter Strzok, shared text messages viciously hostile to Donald Trump and anyone supporting him with his FBI attorney mistress, Lisa Page, deeply disturbing aspects of the ongoing coup against the President stand now fully exposed. Even more disturbing, the two agents discussed an “insurance policy” foreclosing Donald Trump’s election. This insurance policy most certainly involved the unprecedented and then “top secret” FBI investigation being conducted against the Trump presidential campaign in 2016 based on a phony British intelligence “dossier” which was bought and paid for by the Clinton campaign. It said that Trump was a Russian pawn and claimed, falsely, that Russians “hacked” the Democratic National Committee and John Podesta.

The FBI counterintelligence investigation, led by Peter Strzok, was aimed at defeating Trump in the election, or in the electoral college vote, and was backed and supervised by Barack Obama and all of Barack Obama’s intelligence chiefs, most prominently, the Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, and John Brennan, the head of the CIA.

Over the weekend, we found out that the Special Counsel, Robert Mueller, had purloined every single email exchanged in the process of the Trump Presidential transition using extraordinarily dirty and unconstitutional methods to do so. Renowned George Washington University law professor, Jonathan Turley, wrote in The Hill newspaper of December 18th that his action was “unprecedented”, “a muscle move,” “reckless,” and in probable contravention of the Constitution’s Fourth Amendment and Sixth Amendments. It was so abusive that Turley said Mueller, et al. were acting in the spirit of J. Edgar Hoover in their actions against Trump. Mueller moved for these emails when the Director of the GSA, Richard Beckler, was hospitalized and very ill. Beckler subsequently died. It was Beckler who had told the Trump transition team that their privacy rights would be protected and that documents subject to attorney client privilege would be treated as such.

It should be clear to everyone that only one side can win the ongoing insurrection against the President which we have witnessed since the election. The question is, will you act now to now do everything in your power to defeat this witch hunt. The coup plotters will not stop until they are defeated. If those running the coup succeed, they will have done the unthinkable in the United States: used the powers of the intelligence community to overturn the will of the people. We will then return to the Obama/Clinton policies against which the people revolted in this last election, policies which economically devastated our nation and set the world on a path to World War III. The rapid fire and daily sequence of disclosures now about the criminal agents involved in the coup, in the FBI and elsewhere, presents the opportunity to end this insanity and begin the much needed reconstruction of our nation. We must seize that opportunity and seize it now.

I have called for Mueller and company to be frog marched to prison and to end what President Trump rightly calls a “witchhunt.” As a member of the LaRouche political movement, I know that Robert Mueller is an amoral monster based on his role in the unlawful and completely unjust prosecution of Lyndon LaRouche. I know what Mueller did to lead the aggressive deception of the American people concerning the 9/11 murders in our nation. Now, this man has been given the tools to lead an insurrection against an elected President and profoundly impact our national agenda. I have likened Robert Mueller to Captain Ahab in Moby Dick. If you are a Trump voter, a Bernie Sanders voter, or anyone else who voted against the Democratic and Republican establishments in 2016 because those establishments remained committed to Wall Street’s enrichment at the expense of the country, and perpetual war, and you are wondering why Trump seems stymied, please reflect on the impact of this intended coup. Turn what you might feel as disappointment into a fury against Robert Mueller and this coup. Now that the sails are falling off Captain Ahab’s ship, I am calling on everyone who has supported my campaigns for Congress and Senate in the past to call their Congressman or Senator and tell Congress to stop this coup. Investigate those involved in the coup for their heinous crimes against the nation, expose the British intelligence hand in the coup and the reasons for it, defund, in its totality, the Robert Mueller investigation. Sink Captain Ahab’s ship.