In Europe, A Big Step Forward For the New Silk Road: Now the United States

November 27, 2017
Photo ceremony of APEC economic leaders. With President of the United States Donald Trump, and Russian President Putin. November 10 - 11, 2017. Danang, Vietnam (

The new economic paradigm led by China's Belt and Road Initiative is an open invitation to nations to cooperate in economic development and reconstruction, in building new great projects of infrastructure, in raising human productivity through investments in new energy sciences and space exploration. It has the full collaboration of Putin's Russia, and has definitely engaged U.S. President Donald Trump, drawing the fire of spokesmen for the old geopolitical wars and the "sole superpower."

That new paradigm took a strong step forward this weekend in Bad Soden am Taunus, Germany near Frankfurt, where the Schiller Institute of Lyndon and Helga LaRouche organized its highest-impact conference yet, to bring the Belt and Road fully into Europe and to reconstruction of the Mideast and Africa. More than 200 attendees heard leading speakers from East and West Europe, China, the United States, Africa and the Mideast describe the economic and cultural potentials of the new paradigm and commit to advance it. Helga Zepp-LaRouche provided the touchstone concept from Friedrich Schiller, that patriots love their nations but love mankind more. This is especially true with so many crises of war and potential war, left boiling from the age of British geopolitics now collapsing.

The conference received a full and detailed new report from Hussein Askary and Jason Ross of the coming reconstruction of Mideast war zones, and the building of a new Egypt and Sahel region. Speakers representing Syria and Egypt backed this. Leading Syrian spokeswoman Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban was diverted at the last minute to go to Beijing, where she discussed a Chinese commitment to just this rebuilding from Syria's civil war.

Italy Member of the European Parliament Marco Zanni described, by contrast, the non-functioning of the so-called Eurozone, where propping up megabanks has destroyed nations. It has forced them to turn to China for economic revival, as epitomized by Greece and the Balkans.

Helga LaRouche then presented a resolution, adopted by the whole, that Europe should lift its 120 million officially impoverished out of poverty by cooperating with the Belt and Road Initiative of China, which has taken 700 million out of poverty in a generation!

A resolution against the Saudi "coalition's" horrifying war on Yemen, also adopted unanimously, called for immediate ceasefire; lifting of the Saudis' killer blockade of Yemen, and reconciliation talks without outside interference.

But as Helga LaRouche stressed, it is the United States which must join the new paradigm in order to bring the world safely into it, and out of the threat of even thermonuclear war. President Trump's view was presented in Bad Soden by speakers who know him, Roger Stone and George Lombardi. Trump is clearly engaged with Presidents Xi and Putin, and intends to continue that productively no matter the howls about impeachments or indictments. Ironically, without yet joining it, Trump has brought the Belt and Road Initiative right into one state, depressed West Virginia, whose economy may be completely transformed by it and show America an example.

But just as in Germany this weekend, the initiative is up to the LaRouches' political movement, which has an economic transformation policy in the form of the "Four Laws To Save the Nation" of Lyndon LaRouche. By the start of 2018 it intends to issue a newly updated special report, "The United States Joins the New Silk Road," laying out those actions, from a Glass-Steagall reinstatement to a crash program for fusion power and plasma technologies.

The President is certainly embattled in going in this direction, and the Republican Congressional leadership is worse than hopeless. But legal assassin Robert Mueller has been trying to eliminate LaRouche and his movement for more than 30 years, without success; and LaRouche is determined that Mueller will fail in bringing down Trump as well. The victory of the new paradigm depends on it.

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