The Reality We Helped Shape Is Asserting Itself

November 20, 2017
President Donald J. Trump participates in the APEC Summit | November 11, 2017 (Official White House Photo by D. Myles Cullen)

The recently-concluded summit and raft of agreements signed between the Presidents of China and Panama, coming right on the heels of the historic Xi-Trump summit-plus, is an indication of how rapidly and profoundly the strategic situation is advancing. In less than six months, Panama went from having diplomatic relations with Taiwan and not with China, to signing 19 economic agreements with China—including Panama's full participation in the Belt and Road Initiative, as a platform for all of Ibero-America to do the same—as well as adhering to the one-China policy.

Or, consider the breakneck speed at which China-Europe freight train traffic is increasing, where this year 3,000 trains traveling on 57 lines carried more cargo than the last six years combined. The Yiwu-Madrid line alone saw a 54% jump in cargo over last year.

The stunning speed and depth of events is leaving most people, including some of the major players themselves, feeling buffeted by developments. Don't bother asking the principals why they are doing what they are doing: they don't really know. By and large, they are ignorant of the cause of the changes underway—sometimes blissfully so.

Not so Lyndon LaRouche. His forecasts have repeatedly proven themselves accurate, both regarding the onrushing disintegration of the trans-Atlantic system, as well as the emerging New Paradigm and the shift of the center of gravity of strategic progress to China and Eurasia—as he delineated in great depth already in his 2004 The Dialogue of Eurasian Civilization: Earth's Next 50 Years. He there states:

"Therefore, I emphasize an outlook which I have expressed in various earlier publications. How should we attempt to estimate, beforehand, why and how no less than those two generations ahead should judge the results of our agreement to act in concert now? The implicit basis for competent foreknowledge of the competence of our choices, lies not in the experience of the past, but the competence of our experience of the future. That is the crucial paradox with which this report challenges the sponsors of any dialogue of cultures; there lies the crucial paradox menacing any attempt to shape a functional quality of common agreement from within a dialogue of cultures. The best rule-of-thumb statement of the solution for the latter, crucial paradox, is V.I. Vernadsky's systemic definition of the Noösphere."

It has been those LaRouche forecasts, and the attendant political action that they required and inspired across the planet, that have played a critical role in shaping the reality which is now asserting itself. And it is the mastery of that LaRouche method by expanding numbers of members and supporters of the LaRouche movement internationally, that will shape the next step in the reality to be asserted—including the United States fully joining the Belt and Road Initiative, and the BRI's expansion and evolution into a fusion-powered Space Silk Road.