Chinese Ambassador Sets the Record Straight on Importance of Xi-Trump Meeting

November 17, 2017

Chinese Ambassador to the United States Cui Tiankai, obviously somewhat upset about the fake news coverage of the Xi-Trump summit in Beijing by the U.S. media, yesterday underlined the tremendous significance of the summit and the long-term implications for U.S.-China relations, speaking in Washington. Ambassador Cui was also himself instrumental in the lead-up to the summit with preparations here and in Beijing. He began by stating that President Trump was the first world leader to hold a state visit in the aftermath of the 19th Party Congress. He was also the first world leader who had sent his congratulations to the Chinese President at the conclusion of this very successful congress. Cui said, "And it was the first time for an American President to do that, and we appreciated that."

During the meetings, President Xi Jinping and President Donald Trump "held an in-depth exchange of views and reached an important consensus which set the tone and the direction for the relationship," Cui said. "The two leaders agreed to stay in close contact with each other and to provide strategic guidance for the bilateral relationship. And the two sides decided to enhance high-level exchanges and make best use of the high-level dialogues established. The two also agreed to increase mutually beneficial cooperation in various fields and manage possible differences on the basis of mutual respect. The two also agreed to promote mutual understanding and friendship between the two peoples and to promote even better cooperation at a sub-national level," he said.

"The two sides also agreed to join hands in response to global, international and regional issues, including the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue," Cui continued. Cui also underlined the importance of the many economic agreements that were signed. He stressed that $250 billion of the total agreements was "not a small number." And while many of these still remain on the level of memoranda of understanding, he explained that "such a long and impressive list is the outcome of the joint efforts of the two governments and the two business communities. As long as there is sufficient political will, (the deals) will be implemented and benefit our two peoples." He reiterated the fundamentals of China's foreign policy that it "will never seek hegemony, nor will we pursue expansionist policies."  China's foreign policy "aims at a new type of international relations featuring mutual respect, fairness, justice and win-win cooperation." "China is ready to make greater contributions to world peace and development," Cui said, "and through consultation and collaboration with others, help improve and enhance global governance. We seek global partnerships, and we are ready to expand convergence of interests with other countries." Ambassador Cui was speaking at a gala dinner of the U.S.-China Policy Foundation, which awarded him with an Outstanding Achievement Award.