Trump in Asia — The New Paradigm Can Emerge This Week

November 8, 2017
President Donald J. Trump and First Lady Melania Trump visit South Korea | November 7, 2017 (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)

Despite the best (i.e. worst) efforts of the neocon Republicans, the Obama/Hillary Democrats, and the British and Obama intelligence networks, to sabotage President Trump's historic visit to Asia, the diplomatic tour is thus far promising to see the United States engaging — and perhaps joining — in the new paradigm for mankind as defined by China's Belt and Road Initiative.

Not only did the "Legal Assassin" Robert Mueller indict a former Trump campaign manager (for issues having nothing to do with Trump or Russia) just before the scheduled Asia tour, but he is now leaking that he has enough evidence to indict Gen. Michael Flynn, which could take place just as Trump is meeting with Xi Jinping, or when he meets with Vladimir Putin on the sidelines of the APEC meeting in Vietnam over the weekend. It is certain that the corporate media will attempt to bury the reality of Trump's agreements in Asia behind a barrage of British fake news about Russiagate.

But reality is overwhelming the British fairy tales. Trump was in South Korea yesterday, where he has expressed optimism that a solution to the North Korean crisis is coming into focus, as a direct result of China, which, he said, is "trying very hard to solve the problem," as well as similar support from Russia. This must have caused hysteria in the Mueller camp back home.

Also, in China, the new U.S. Ambassador Terry Branstad told Xinhua that there is tremendous excitement on both sides of the Pacific about Trump's visit, and deep feelings that "this could be very historic and significant." He said that there is an intention to "advance economic cooperation and prosperity in both America as well as in China."

Meanwhile, both political parties in the United States are in a state of disintegration — something Lyndon LaRouche has long welcomed, and promoted, as necessary to allow the population to break out of the straitjacket of party politics, and to address the truth directly. As long ago as 2004, LaRouche wrote, in the essay Toward a Second Treaty of Westphalia: The Coming Eurasian World":

"In an existential crisis, such as the present world situation, which has those or similar attributes of a threatened general breakdown of the system, the danger comes chiefly from the leadership which fails to break with the pre-established policy-shaping trends, the failure to break in the way President Franklin Roosevelt did in his 1932 election campaign, and in the turnabout in U.S. policy which he introduced beginning his first hours in the Administration.... The great leader for a time of crisis is one whose selection breaks the rules, those rotten rules which are the relevant expression of the relevant, essential corruption."

This is potentially the case with Donald Trump, who is certainly breaking the "rotten rules" of the two Wall Street controlled political parties, attacking the corrupt leadership of the Republican Party equally with the leftover Obama/Hillary crowd in the Democratic Party, while also willing to work with the few honest elements of each. As Helga Zepp-LaRouche said: If Trump fully joins the New Silk Road, he could go down as one of the greatest of American Presidents.

Helga LaRouche today drew attention to the irony in the crisis within the Democratic Party. Here are the people who are screaming against "dictatorship" in Russia and China, who rant that Xi Jinping is the new Stalin who denies the people their rights, who is chosen only by the elites. This ignores, of course, the fact that both Putin and Xi Jinping enjoy massive support from the overwhelming majority of their populations. And, now, the world knows (in part due to the Donna Brazile book released this week) that the oh-so-democratic Democratic Party elite had chosen their presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton of Wall Street, over a year before the Democratic Party primaries and convention, in which "the people" are supposed to elect their candidate. And, they sabotaged the campaigns of each of her opponents. So much for what Lyndon LaRouche calls the "two potty system."

We are experiencing a pregnant moment in history, a phase change, in which the old order is disintegrating, but the new paradigm has not yet been established. It can be one of a new global era of peace and development, or it can collapse into depression and war. It can be a community of shared future, as Xi Jinping describes it, or a New Dark Age. To a great extent, it depends on every individual, each of whom, in a time of drastic change, has a power to move history, if they choose to act on the basis of their true humanity.

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